The Vampire Diaries Season Opener- What Did You Think?

The Vampire Diaries is back! Read our rundown of the Season 5 premiere now and react to the craziness of college, the sinister actions of Silas and more!

Last night, our favorite show returned with new Vampire possibilities, and we want to know what you thought of it. Did you like it? What about the direction these characters are taking? Is there anything you would have liked to have seen happen last night or this season? The reviews are in, but the reviews we want to hear are from you, let us know what you thought.

By Veritas

Veritas is a faerie child, switched at birth and left with wonderful parents in a small shack deep in the hills of West Virginia. He believes in magick and hopes to inspire readers lured into the enchanted path. Occasionally, he'll post contributions from other authors so drop us an email if you're interested.

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