‘The Vampire Diaries’ & WB TV Group Team Up To Introduce the Sarah Jones Memorial Scholarship

In honor of late camera assistant Sarah Jones, Warner Bros. Television Group and the Vampire Diaries production team have joined with the…

Sarah Jones was a camera assistant who worked on the set of The Vampire Diaries, among other shows for the CW, which is part of the Warner Bros. Television Group, –basically, CW is just a new name for the WB station. Sarah Jones was killed after being struck by a freight train on the set of Midnight Rider in February of 2014. So the production team of The Vampire Diaries, including Julie Plec, and the WB TV Group, the International Cinematographers Guild (ICG), and SIM  Digital have all joined forces to create the “Sarah Jones Opportunity” for aspiring filmmakers in the Georgia area, the chance to become more active in the filmmaking and television industry.

The scholarship gives a 20 week paid internship/camera training work experience at an Atlanta based WB production, and also gives membership eligibility for the ICG Local 600. The first person to receive the scholarship was Chelsea Craig, and has already completed her training, and has joined the ICG. I think that Sarah would have wanted her passing to be meaningful, and that so many people will now be able to aspire to their dreams because of her, how well she was loved by those around her, and the work she did in life. 

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