The Vampire Dictionary

You can study about vampires all you want. But if you don’t know some basic terminology, you may not understand exactly what you’re studying. Okay, well that may not be entirely true. In fact, the terms that vampires, and their followers, use are pretty self-explanatory. But it’s always fun to check out the terms and delve deeper into the world of the dark! Here are some of the very most fun vampir-iffic terms!

Blood Fetish – This is the desire for blood, whether it’s drinking it or bathing in it, and is mostly used in a sexual context.

Blood Lust – This is sometimes known as “the lust” and refers to a vampire that cannot withstand their longing for blood. Vampires who are mid-lust find it impossible to control themselves and will often show signs of animal behavior such as showing their fangs, growling, and of course, biting!

Embrace – This is the act of making one a vampire.

Embracee – Naturally, this is the person that is being changed into a vampire.

Folkloric Vampire – This kind of vampire has usually been dead for some time and comes back from the dead as an animated corpse. These vampires usually do so to drain the blood from humans or animals.

Fictional Vampire – These vampires don’t usually have the same challenges that folkloric vampires do. Fictional vampires often do not feed solely on blood and this term can be used to refer to other creepy creatures as well such as ghouls, ghosts, and goblins!

Living Vampires – These vampires aren’t usually actually vampires but instead, humans that like to act like vampires. They will usually dress up in formal or black clothes and may act out vampire acts such as sleeping in coffins. There are many clubs that serve to the living vampire crowd, some of which even serve blood!

Psychic Vampire – These vampires don’t feed off the blood of humans but rather, the emotions of humans. Instead of draining the human of their blood, the psychic vampire drains them of their energy.

Sire – This is the vampire that embraces a human to make them a vampire. Sires are also sometimes called “parent vampires.”

Vampire – A male corpse that raises from the dead to drain humans of their emotions, blood, or energy.

Vampiress – A female vampire.


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