The Vampire Masquerade Ball is Coming Up… Get Your Fangs Ready!

Why is all the fun stuff always happening so far way? Portland, Oregon is currently hosting the Vampire Masquerade Ball, and here I am, in frigging Missouri, leagues, nay, lightyears, away from anything remotely interesting! Now that I’ve had my pout, I can safely go on and describe the event! The flyers for the Ball are not only beautiful, but they’re also promising a ton of fabulous activities, as of March 26th; soak it up, I’m so jealous of anyone anywhere near Portland I could just scream. There will be dancing, costumes, catered food, an enforced formal dress code (I can’t help it, if I hear ‘dress’ and ‘enforced’ together, I get a bit excited), live performers, the quality aesthetic of a real ballroom, and of course, –the Vampire Waltz taking place at midnight. Could there possibly be a more romantic setting for any fiend? No, there isn’t, short of maybe the pool table in Sam Merlotte’s bar.

All the info is available on the Masquerade’s website, and the Suburban Vampire also has plenty of details as well:

“Dancing is only one of the many entertainments the VMB offers. The venue is divided between two floors with captivating live performances and local DJs spinning gothic/industrial in the grand ballroom; while in the lower ballroom nearly 30 regional vendors will be selling their wares. Additionally, a lavish, professionally catered buffet of savory cheeses, meats, and baked goods awaits, as well as a delectable dessert selection and fountains of chocolate. The event photographer, Domestic Bliss Photography, will also be located in the lower ballroom.

Consider the Vampire’s Masquerade Ball an opportunity to dress in your finest evening, club or historic dress! Over the years the observed guest attire has included every genre from the gothic scene including old-school goth, steampunk, Edwardian, Victorian, Cyberpunk, all the way to black tie and regal ballgowns. To further clarify, the VMB being a formal event should not be confused with a “costume party” or re-enactment, and street clothes are not permitted. Guests are encouraged, but not required, to arrive masked. If you have any questions about dress code please email Lady Raven.

Please note that the Ball is reserved for guests twenty-one years of age or older. Bars in both the upper and lower ballrooms will be open and offering special cocktails for the evening as well as a full assortment of liquor.”

As if the liquor really matters; personally, I’d be too busy drooling over the apparel of my fellow vampires to get properly plowed. And liquor, I hear, can seriously hinder one’s ability to waltz, –not that I’d know since my opportunities to waltz while inebriated have been pretty slim. The party sounds like a ton of fun, and if you’re thinking of flying to Portland, just to go to the ball, have at it, –you can buy the tickets online, in advance, –and they’re cheaper that way too! Tickets aren’t exactly expensive, even at the door they’re only $35, so the chief expense will probably be on ball gowns, tuxedos, and plane tickets. Don your fangs, vampire ladies, and your frilly masques, because this is going to be one hell of a party. Do you know anyone going? Are you going? Do you have pictures of what you’ll wear?! We want to see them!

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stop complaining compaired to me u’re all a hop skip and a jump away from the ball… i’m litterally in the middle of the atlantic ocean any vampire event is atleast a full day away and over $700 damn sometimes i wish i lived on a continente lolol

well i hope for all of u going u have a great time

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