The ‘Waiting Sucks’ True Blood Videos are Finally Here!

Can I just get everyone involved in a quick ‘OMGOMGOMG’?! Great, thanks. Now that’s out of my system, we can get on with the actual videos, –I almost hate to tell you what happens in them, because that kind of ruins it, doesn’t it? I wonder if there are going to be more ‘Drops of True Blood’ too? God I hope so. In the first clip, we see Eric wandering around shirtless, and clueless. Which means, with any luck, that things will unfold from there like they do in the book! And that there will be some seriously adorable romance this season! Eee!

You can find a really awesome video of the True Blood cast panel at PaleyFest here, and in the first few seconds, Stephen is persuaded to say “Sookie”… in his charming Bill Compton way. I think I may have squealed a little. Hearing him talk in an English accent is bizarre, though. The next video features Sam and his new friend ‘Luna’, a girl with some serious baggage, apparently. The kind of baggage that can turn into a vicious wolf, who stalks her, endangering the life of anyone she gets close to. Aww. Well, hopefully, her psycho-ex doesn’t go all berserk on Sam and kill him.

The last video was shown at PaleyFest, and is by far, the best clip of the bunch, because it shows more than a minute of the actual show. Unfortunately, it’s also a bootleg, –so it’s a little blurry. Steve Newlin worshiping Bible-bangers are protesting outside Fangtasia, when Pam, Hoyt, and Jessica exit the bar, there’s big trouble. But Jessica can’t get involved because she’d probably kill everyone, and then there’d be even more trouble! Enjoy the last clip, and stay tuned for more!

By annimi

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