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The Walking (And Sexually Active) Dead

If all else fails, throw in some kink. Kink sells.

Ratings for THE WALKING DEAD are at their lowest point in the history of the series, so what do the producers decide to do? Have Negan bang Alpha. Why not? Only she’s still wearing her rotting flesh mask at the time. Nothing sexier than rotting flesh, right? Ed Gein would likely have enjoyed the scene, but it seems not many other folks did. Even with the ones who are still watching the show, it didn’t go over well, insomuch as the social media reaction is a gauge. Will this bit of icky titillation help with those ratings? I doubt it.

Perhaps the most telling indicator that the fetid bloom has fallen off the rose where THE WALKING DEAD is concerned, though, has nothing to do with desperate sexy moves or dwindling ratings. Universal Studios Hollywood is closing their THE WALKING DEAD attraction in early March. Sayonara, zombies. This is a sign, as sure as anything is, that the public’s love affair en masse with THE WALKING DEAD is dimming, has already dimmed.

Oh, and if you missed it, now that most people don’t care anymore, Robert Kirkman has revealed what caused the zombie uprising in the first place. “Space spore” he posted on Twitter. Which is the same thing that caused the dead to walk in NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, as I recall. This isn’t surprising. As everything about THE WALKING DEAD is—admit it, now—a rip-off of Romero, why shouldn’t the cause of the zombie apocalypse be a rip-off, too?

TheCheezman • March 3, 2020

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