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THE WALKING DEAD Goes To The Theater

If you’ve ever wanted to watch an episode of THE WALKING DEAD on the big screen, you’re going to get your chance. Fathom Events will be offering SURVIVAL SUNDAY: THE WALKING DEAD AND FEAR THE WALKING DEAD, taking place on April 15. That’s a Tuesday, I believe. It will feature a commercial-free broadcast of the crossover between the two television series, which will comprise both the season eight finale of THE WALKING DEAD and the premiere of the fourth season of FEAR THE WALKING DEAD. There will also be special bonus content, but details as to the nature of this extraneous material has yet to be released.

Okay, yes, I was wondering if you were paying attention. Yes, April 15th is, in fact, a Sunday.

As fans and actors alike continue to raise holy hell about them killing off Carl–Chandler Riggs himself has made a series of online digs at the expense of the show–and with ratings significantly down and many media vultures predicting that the show will “never recover” from this disastrous “mistake,” will the Fathom event provide the boost needed to right the ship? Or will it serve as its apogee? If I were a betting man, I’d go with the former.

Will you be attending the Fathom double-feature on April 15th?

TheCheezman • March 25, 2018

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