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Not to be confused with a PLOT hole, which the series has managed to mostly avoid throughout its lengthy run, but the show did take a noticeable hit this past week, when the season eight midseason premier bowed to the lowest numbers ever for a midseason return. It would seem that viewers, mourning the death of the character Carl, which we all knew was coming, didn’t particularly want to see it happen. Relatively speaking, of course, as the show was still the biggest ratings winner of the day. Hell, the show’s own after-show, TALKING DEAD, came in number TWO!

It is for exactly such reasons that I expect THE WALKING DEAD to quickly shake off this ratings downturn and re-attain sky-high ratings as it has in the past, Mt. Everest-high ratings. The train that is this phenomenon has a lot of miles left in it.

As for that midseason premiere itself, they stretched the heartstrings to the point of breaking, didn’t they? Though I still would have liked to see Carl return as a Walker, the way they wrote him out of the show, letting him choose the time and place of his exit–again, relatively speaking–allowing him to head into the sunset with his head held high, made the shock of his death easier to swallow.

TheCheezman • March 12, 2018

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