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That’s THE WALKING DEAD, the GAME. Surely you didn’t think I was talking about the TV show, did you, Shirley? Telltale Games has cancelled plans for THE WALKING DEAD: THE FINAL SEASON. Two episodes in, and they pulled the plug. That’s too bad for fans of the game. (It IS a game, right?)

Can I just say that it’s obnoxious to the non-gamer people of the world, this calling of a video game installment a “season” as if it were a TV program?

Look, I’ve admitted it before. I don’t “game.” If you come to this site looking for gaming news of the anything but cursory variety, you’re going to be disappointed. I can report the headlines but that’s about it. I’ve never played THE WALKING DEAD. I didn’t know that video games came in “seasons” now. I had to google it to find out whether you played the game online or on Xbox or Playstation 17 or Gamesquare or whatever the hell it’s called. Gaming isn’t my thing. Even if the gaming companies started to send me free access to their products—which has happened a time or two—or free hardware (I mean, I wouldn’t turn down a Gamesquare), I still wouldn’t have time to put into hour after hour of gameplay. So, if you were one of the people who did play and enjoy THE WALKING DEAD, I can regretfully inform you that the game has been discontinued. That’s the best I can do, that and offer you a little tea and sympathy. Provided you bring the tea.

TheCheezman • October 2, 2018

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