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THE WALKING DEAD Pulls a Bait-and-Switch

They didn’t lie, exactly. It *was* Rick Grimes’ final episode of THE WALKING DEAD. But it isn’t the end of Rick Grimes. They faked us all out. WE were all expecting him to die, weren’t we? Then they went and had him survive, so that he can return in a series of original movies. It looks like these movies will be airing on AMC, though, instead of going to theaters, which is what I would have expected.

So how do you feel about this? Are you happy that Rick is still alive, flying away onboard that magical helicopter like Arthur being taken to Avalon to heal from his wounds, to return one day when the ratings are most in need? Or do you feel hoodwinked? I have to admit that to me it feels like a case of the latter, but perhaps the diehard faithful will feel differently about it. I also have to wonder how much money the network threw at Andrew Lincoln to get him to agree to it. Not a paltry sum, I bet.

Will you be tuning in to these new THE WALKING DEAD movies when they air? Or are you done with the dead after this latest stunt?

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TheCheezman • November 13, 2018

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