‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4 Coming Oct. 13 To AMC

Get an early look at the new season before it premieres on AMC  Sun., Oct. 13 at 9pm.

Coming this Sunday…. Zombies, zombies and an occasional human, or as we’ve come to know them… ‘zombie food.’ It seems like its been forever since these guys were kicking ass and being eaten, but only 3 more days until their return. I can’t wait. I love the show, but every season I have to wonder if my favorite will be the next to go rabid. Who do you hope will make it thru another season alive?

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  1. Um….no offense…but why is this being talked about on this website? Isn’t this “vampires.com”?? Don’t get me wrong, I love the show (actually I’m somewhat obsessed with it), but The Walking Dead is about ZOMBIES……not VAMPIRES. Wrong monster…lol.

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