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THE WALKING DEAD Season Premiere and Zombie Fatigue

Other than sounding like a decent name for an alternative band, zombie fatigue is a real thing. It’s a malady that I have myself contracted. Not zombies in general, though. THE WALKING DEAD zombies. I’ve lost interest. I don’t know if the show has jumped the shark—and I’ve accepted the fact that it will never, ever go off the air. Kinda like WILL AND GRACE and AMERICAN IDOL. No, I never watched either of those programs, but I am aware that they exist, and the fact that it is not possible, it would seem, to NOT have them on network television.

Despite my fatigue, THE WALKING DEAD just celebrated its ninth season premiere, so I reckon I ought to at least acknowledge the fact. It also gives me a chance to pay tribute to actor Scott Wilson, who played Hershel, who passed away this past week at the too young age of 76. (Condolences and respect to his family.) And to report that the THE WALKING DEAD video game is going to be finished after all, so, in true zombie fashion, it didn’t stay dead.

As for the season premiere itself, what did you all think? Am I the only one for whom the show has lost its luster?

TheCheezman • October 14, 2018

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