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THE WALKING DEAD: Where Do We Go From Here?

They were touting it as constituting as much a “series finale” as a season finale. Turns out it wasn’t. I still wonder why they would have gone that route anyway, publicity-wise? Could it be the show’s producers, being aware of the fan grousing (How could they not be?) and the declining ratings, decided to play into it? Whatever the case, the season eight finale did not put an end to the grousing. Far from it. The idea of a mutiny, Maggie revolting against Rick and Michonne next season, didn’t, and doesn’t, sit well with a lot of fans. We know this ’cause of the bitching taking place on social media. Sadly, the question of whether or not THE WALKING DEAD has jumped the shark remains open for debate, not settled by the season finale. If anything, the finale only adds fuel to the fire.

We have been promised that next season will be radically different. In what way? Is the rumored time-jump going to occur? If so, what will take place off-camera? What stuff of importance will we not get to see? There’s always flashbacks, I suppose, but if they’re going to do that, why time-jump in the first place?

Did anybody catch the THE WALKING DEAD Season Finale-slash-FEAR THE WALKING DEAD Season Premiere at the movie theater? I didn’t, but I know someone who did, and she said that it was awesome.

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TheCheezman • April 18, 2018

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