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THE WALKING DEAD: Winter Is Coming

Make that “winter is here.”

I remain fatigued with THE WALKING DEAD. Innovations and surprise bloodshed this season haven’t been enough to shake my sense of ennui where the show is concerned. I still feel that it has jumped the shark. Not that this matters, as it has already been renewed for another season and will probably be on the air longer than GUNSMOKE and THE SIMPSONS combined. No, it doesn’t matter that the show just scored its lowest ratings *ever*. This latter fact means that many viewers feel the same way about the shark-jumping as I do but it has relatively nothing to do with the continuance of the show.

As played-out as the show seems, however, I will concede that *visually* it is as fresh as a newborn Walker. After nine seasons of “seasonal” sunny weather, we’re finally getting to see some zombies in the snow. The imagery is striking. Here’s the thing, though: if zombies freeze solid in the cold, how do you explain DEAD SNOW, the 2009 Norwegian zombie flick that featured undead Nazis. *Those* zombies had no problem getting around in the ice and snow. Maybe it’s just that the zombies from down south aren’t used to the cold?

TheCheezman • April 7, 2019

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