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The Wedding of the Dead

I meet the coolest people. Michael Sellers is an online buddy of mine. We “met” through our mutual love of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan, and I subsequently learned that he and I both hail from the same neck of the woods, the lovely state of Alabama. And now I have discovered that the two of us share a passion for Dracula as well. Michael is the writer and director of VLAD, which starred Brad Dourif and Billy Zane, among others. I have not seen this film, but I will remedy that post haste.

Michael was writing on social media about this sequence in the film, a dramatic recreation of a “Wedding of the Dead” wherein a young woman who had died tragically was betrothed post mortem. For his film, Michael used the actual priest who had performed the real ceremony, with people who had attended the real ceremony serving as the extras, and shot it in the actual place where the real ceremony had taken place. You really can’t get any more “authentic” than that.

Check out these photographs of the “blessed event.”

TheCheezman • September 24, 2018

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