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The White Lady of Sao Paolo

The “woman in white” is a fairly ubiquitous figure in ghost lore. There are a lot of them, showing up in ghost stories from all over the world. Intriguingly many of the stories contain similarities, as if they all spring from the same unconscious source, a true Myth with a capital M, in other words. Some might consider La Llorona a “woman in white,” in which case she would probably be the scariest, but another contender for that honor would be the “Mulher de Branco” of Brazil.

According to legend, the White Lady was a beautiful young woman forced by her father to marry a man she did not love. Her husband mistreated her and, when he suspected that she’d had an affair with one of his slaves, had the slave killed and his body cooked, then forced his horrified bride to consume it. Today it is said that young men on the prowl on the streets of Sao Paolo will encounter a beautiful woman dressed in white, who will lead them away. They are never seen again. What becomes of them? Is the Lady in White merely seeking the companionship and love she was denied in life? Or did her experiences in life create a force malevolent to men, and do those poor souls who vanish with her end up devoured, as the Lady was forced to consume the flesh of another?

TheCheezman • September 30, 2019

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