The Winners of the Blue Bloods Book Contest!

Finally! It’s been forever, but we’ve got our winners! There are three winners, the first place winner’s piece about which Blue Bloods character she most identifies with, is presented below.

1st Place: Georgia

2nd Place: Vivian

3rd Place: Stan

Congratulations to all our winners, and we hope they enjoy their fabulous prizes; a box set of the first three books in the Blue Bloods series, and the latest book in the series, autographed by the author, Melissa de la Cruz.

The Blue Bloods Character I Feel I Identify Most With

By Georgia

I feel that author Melissa De La Cruz constructs many relatable characters in her novels. In the “Blue Bloods” series specifically, there is one character I find I can relate to in many, many ways: Schuyler Van Alen. Schuyler is an abomination to the Blue Bloods society, and an outsider to the Red Bloods society. She has no proper place to which she belongs, being that she is of half-Blue Blood and half-Red Blood origin. I feel this is just one out of the many ways I can relate to Schuyler. I feel that in my life, I have no place I “should be”. With my friends and acquaintances, I feel as if I am always being judged and criticized for my looks or the way I do things. I do dress in dark, raggy, and layered clothing, as does Schuyler, which is another way I can relate to her.

In all of the four books that are currently out right now of the “Blue Bloods” series, there is one person that has always been there for Schuyler and always will be: Oliver Hazard-Perry. He is Schuyler’s best friend and most loyal Conduit. I would say that Bliss Llewellyn is also Schuyler’s best friend, but for the reason being that Oliver has been Schuyler’s friends longer, and helped her to escape the clutches of the Conclave, I will use him as the better example. Like Schuyler with Oliver, I have one best friend in my life that I feel will always be there for me and help me when I need it. Even though in the series Schuyler and Oliver have known each other for years, my friend and I have only known each other for two years now, and still I feel the same connection as Schuyler and Oliver do- minus the minor love connection between the two.

Another boy in Schuyler’s life is Jack Force. It seems in the “Blue Bloods” series that it always comes down between Oliver and Jack for Schuyler. In my life I feel I also have choices that many times come between two people I am close to. Like Schuyler, as I have interpreted it, she knows that Jack is the one she truly wants to choose, but she can’t hurt Oliver because of all he has done for her. This is a common feeling for me, not wanting to hurt one person’s feelings, but wanting to choose the other person most. Still in the end, Schuyler must make a decision that may affect her in the future, much like how her heritage can affect her in the future also.

Schuyler came into this world as a confusion; half-Blue Blood and half-Red Blood, an abomination. She recently, at the age of fifteen, learned that she was a Blue Blood, and not only that, but the daughter of the Archangel Gabrielle. She has big shoes to fill in this series, and doesn’t know what will happen next. This is yet another way I can relate to Schuyler. I do not know much of my family’s history, and am often confused as to what will occur next in my life. As can be inferred, Schuyler and I are alike in many ways. I do like being identified with Schuyler Van Alen, because even though she seems unconfident and keeps to herself, she is strong and courageous on the inside.

By annimi

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