The World’s First Vampire?

Dating back 6,000 years ago is what is believed to be the first recorded vampire – the edimmu of Mesopotamia (also known as the ekimmu). This angry and violent victim of an improper burial not only drank the blood of those that passed by, but would also suck them dry of their life force as well, making them not only one of the first bloodsuckers, but also the first psychic vampires.

The edimmu’s anger was mainly directed toward those that had not followed its funeral rites correctly – if someone died and you didn’t give them the burial they deserved, then you were screwed. But it didn’t just stop at those people, it pretty much preyed upon anything that was living. The edimmu caused family disasters, disease and it even inspired criminal activities in otherwise law-abiding people who didn’t even know the creature when it was alive. Its wrath was extreme, bringing all kinds of awful things and death to their victims and destroying entire households. However, the myth varies quite a bit, some sources claim that the edimmu never physically attacked their victims, that they simply possessed them. It’s also said that an improper burial wasn’t the only way an edimmu was born, that sometimes a very violent death could do the trick.

Descriptions of the edimmu vary from legend to legend. Sometimes they were portrayed as winged demons, sometimes walking corpses, sometimes as moving shadows, or even as rushing wind.

There are few ways to protect oneself against this creature, probably because the Babylonians and Sumerians believed that prevention was better than a cure, and so they avoided the places in which an edimmu would dwell. But, archaeologists have unearthed a number of “spirit bowls,” which were said to offer protection against the vengeful dead. These small bowls were made of clay and inscribed with powerful incantations or spells.

The legend of the edimmu didn’t die out all those thousands of years ago, nowadays it is said that the edimmu hide among the homeless in big cities, bringing with them a life of disease and pain. Living in dilapidated modern buildings is quite fitting for an undead being whose final resting place was a desolate unvisited grave.

– Moonlight

By Moonlight

Moonlight (aka Amanda) loves to write about, read about and learn about everything pertaining to vampires. You will most likely find her huddled over a book of vampire folklore with coffee in hand. Touch her coffee and she may bite you (and not in the fun way).


    1. hi!my name is nidup wangmo.i have hurted about vampires n i have also watched a movies of vampires n now days i’m reli getting intrest in know about vampires…n i promise i will now about it….

    2. There are five that live in romania, but I will not say where because they always move around within a tight knit community. The world is a big place but its also a small world..

    3. hey there people vampires are infact real because i too lived with a vampire intil vampire hunter came and killed them all. all i have to say vampire hunts beware because when i find you i will drink your blood

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  7. i believe in vampires i love vampires i want to be a vampire quiero ser un vampiro y beber sangre jaja

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  13. i am the bhoomiyar vampires i need to live freely i cant stay in my house like i am a prisoner let me live…………………..indian vampire need help… me

  14. Quietly i bilieve in vampires..Our security guard is afraid of i want to be a vampire .And suck his blood..And my dreams come true….

        1. Where is your proof that can definately counter centuries maybe more of people not only believeing in them,but writing about and documenting cases of them??Just because your science can not prove something to exist doers not mean it does not.

  15. It is amusing, how many of you are here, posting your quaint little comments about loving vampires, about being vampires, and about belonging to vampires. yet more then half of you can not ever spell properly; you can not form common English sentences, with proper grammar and spelling. no, not a one of you are vampires or belong to vampires. you may love us; you may seek us out. you are not one of us.

    1. I take a direrent approach then that,because thats like saying a white man with anice tan is not a member of the white race,if he ended up among a large group of whites who are very pale skinned.

      I simply let them prove whether they are are are not one of us ,that’s far more logical and FAR MORE MATURE then saying: Oh you can’t spell you have proor gammer so you are not one of us,because what if the person reads and write in English as a second language?

      Plus it shows lack of tact,rspect and maturity to attack a person and proclaim they are not one of use based on grammer and spelling.

    2. Wow. One of you. Are you a self proclaimed vampire? Because I knew a guy who thought he was a vampire. He is now locked up in an insane asylum for trying to suck peoples blood. He calls himself “The Darkness”, but he is clearly insane. Vampires as construed in film and movies DO NOT EXIST. They never did and never will. If you think you are a vampire, you need psychological and medical help. Vampires are FICTION and only exist in imaginations, books, movies and tv . That’s it, nothing about “them” are real. These people who think they are vampires are clearly sick. And if you drink blood, have fun with that, there are so many diseases out there that that is just plain stupidity and or naivete. You can never believe everything you see on tv, even the news lies. And seriously, if there are vampires out there, I dare them to show themselves to me. That is, if you have the balls.

      1. hey now you can never say there not real or that they are but i believe in them and i believe many of us have meet them the thing is they and will never stand out its a predators nature to hide

        1. They’re* met* it’s* heard of a comma or capitalization? This pretty much shows why you’re dumb enough to believe this crock.

  16. i believe vamps are real and from the time i watched twillight and vampire diaries, aem lyk how wish i turn up to be one……………….its pretty cool being on

  17. hi people who love vampires I think this getting out of hand, how many of you have seen Vampires? Is it bcause you are watching it on movies, If any of you have this disease in your blood you will hurt someone and if you do not drink blood of human or animal blood there is no way you can survive it. it good for you to not have it. guys
    Vampires are real

  18. i like vampire and i beliave vampire because i see the vampire.he is a darinda.he drunk the blud.haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.mar jayenge duniya wale duniya yeh hamari hai yeh vampire ka nara hai. samje choro

  19. I have seen many movies about vampire ,,, I think its existing in this world
    and it’s believed that Dracula was the first vampire came in this world …. If u watched van helsing … its about Dracula … but I wonder they sleep all day except night and avoid the sun that makes burning .. how or why this can be make them in death ….

  20. i also like vampire because they run faster and they jump they never die someone before they kill . But i dont like drink the blood . they drink the blood .

  21. I don’t understand this how people wish to be something they barely understand. You speak only on what you have heard it takes more than that. You don’t want this because it takes over like poison and there is no control over it. You say you want to live forever think again. Live as long as your suppose to do the things your suppose to. Don’t try to this because you’ll regret it forever. It’s shame these movies and novels have come out they destroyed the real existence of what they were. I stand only from what I have seen. Now, I am not a vampire nor do I wish to be one because of things I’ve seen.This is like religion or anything else there will always be two parts trying to prove what they believe in is real. In the end you never really know until it’s too late to do anything about it or say anything about it.

  22. Hey any one want’s to be a vamp, take 2 red and black candls, put red ones in sout and north, black in east and west, sit in the middle and light them, take your blood in a droper(4 drops) then pray to the evil then drop your blood in each of them putting the flame out. This must be done in a dark room, then in the first full moon you will be a vampire

  23. They keep a check on the human population, you know like the carnivorous keeps a check on hervivorous otherwise we are all exhausted of the vegetations, more over what goes around comes around i mean karma, have a bad karma and you will have to pay for it in the lifetime, nature keeps a balance on everything in the universe you will never know how. there is hundred percent possibility vampires exist and you may not be alive to tell you have met one, so goodluck.

  24. i think that there kinda like an animal that requiers blood every second and that they do have one feeling witch is love because dracula had over 9 wives and he is probably over1000 years old

  25. seriously people can we like dont dwell on the past but the present.just be thankful we are not living and being intact with vampires.thanks to evolution.but if theres vampire out there.dont do anything stupid coz im your worst nightmare.

  26. i like vampires n i wish 2 meet them if they exist…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    they r horrable bt thn i wish 2 meet them!!!!!!!!!

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