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The World’s Worst Psychopaths – generally is. Interesting, I mean. Not that they cover everything in the history of the world that is interesting. No website could do that. But usually what they publish is interesting, if what I have seen is any proper indication. There is much they have published that I have never seen, thus I can only conjecture on whether or not it is interesting. Anyway, as far as clickbait sites go, it isn’t too annoying. This one promised to chronicle “10 Of History’s Biggest And Most Famous Psychopaths.” Are there any names on the list that you would be interested in? I checked it for you, so you don’t have to.

Ivan the Terrible. He merits mention here because he reportedly idolized Vlad Dracula, aka “the Impaler.” He even stole some of Drac’s tactics. Ivan was alleged to have been insane. Elizabeth Bathory made the list, as well she should have, even though there are those who maintain that she was innocent of that whole bathing-in-the-blood-of-virgins thing. And yes, Dracula himself made the list. Was he a psychopath, or simply psychotic? Were the reports of his atrocities exaggerated by his political enemies to the point of fabrication? We’ll never really know, but any such list as this would be incomplete without him.

The clickbait article is wrong, however. It says his name birth name was “Dracul.” Nope, that was his father. Have I written about this before? It strikes me as familiar.

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TheCheezman • June 12, 2018

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