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The Worst Draculas

According to this one drip, that is. I came across his listing while web-surfing. I can’t give much credence to what he has to say, considering he rips on DRACULA UNTOLD, and especially because he accuses star Luke Evans of “cultural appropriation” because Evans’s Dracula wears armor that has a dragon on it. The dragon looks Asian, thus “cultural appropriation.” Because, you know, it’s not like any other cultures ever used dragons in their artwork. And it’s not like the name Dracula actually means “son of the dragon” or anything like that. Geeze. The guy may not be serious, but if he was trying to make a joke it fell flat. Really flat.

Another of the Draculas he takes to task is Johnathan Rhys-Meyers from the NBC series DRACULA. Now that one won’t go down as one of the great screen iterations of the character, no, and Rhys-Meyers is both too diminutive and lacks the acting chops to deliver the needed gravitas any Dracula should possess, but he isn’t terrible, and I rather enjoyed the series.

I was going to link to the guy’s list, but now I can’t find it. It seems to have disappeared. Probably for the best, since he is a drip without sufficient taste to gauge quality where Dracula performances are concerned. No reason to publicly shame him.

Luke Evans’s turn at Dracula is underrated. Too bad Universal dropped the ball with the movie, editing it to the point of hobbling it, excising the subplot which gave it its heart, and screwing up the ending by trying to mimic Marvel. It could have been so much more.

TheCheezman • March 8, 2020

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