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They said the V-word!

If you’ve watched the original DARK SHADOWS series–and I’m going to assume that the majority of you have–then you know that it was a long time before anybody ever said the word “vampire” on the show. Barnabas Collins had been around for months, nine months or so, in fact, and it couldn’t have been more obvious that that’s what he was. Sleeping in a coffin, immortal, turning into a bat, drinking blood, can’t go out in the sunlight, superhuman strength. Yep, that’s a vampire, alright. We, the viewers, knew the town of Collinsport had a vampire on the loose, but the residents sure took their own sweet time in naming it, even the characters who knew what Barnabas was.

Trivia time! When did they finally use the V-word? And which character was the one to first say it? Take a break here, if you need to, before continuing for the answers.

It was in episode number 410, entitled “Nightfall” although you never saw any episode’s title onscreen. And it was Angelique herself who uttered the word. She’d know better than anyone what Barnabas was, since she was the one who turned him into a vampire in the first place.

Why did it take the writers so long to use the word “vampire” in the series? Enquiring minds want to know.

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TheCheezman • November 24, 2017

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