Think You’ve Got What it Takes to Write a Vampire Novel?

There are lots of people who think that they have better ideas of what a vampire should be than Stephenie Meyer, Laurell K. Hamilton, or even Anne Rice. But do you really? Do you really think that you could write a vampire novel better or more popular than these best-selling authors? You just might, and if you think you do, you might want to consider writing your own vampire novel. But there’s one thing about vampire fans. They are very specific about what they like, and what they will accept as “open interpretation.” Go too far off the mark, and they might just end up saying that boys who sparkle don’t like girls. So what does it take to write a vampire novel? Well, a good imagination for starters. Along with these few tips you might want to keep in mind.

First, read several books in the genre (which, if you’re interested, you’ve probably already done.) Pick and choose the vampire elements that you like the most. Include these in your vampire novel, but elaborate on them to really make them your own. For instance, you may not want to write a book where vampires sparkle in the sun. But you might want to do something different other than the old folklore of they can’t be in any sunlight whatsoever.

Next, think hard about your main character. Make sure that you not only make them interesting, but believable. Readers like a character that they can relate to and that they feel they understand. Figure out what qualities you want your character to have, and again, use your imagination to elaborate on them.

Start actually writing the novel by first writing a short story of your novel. This will get your main ideas out, and give you new ideas to build on. Then write a draft of your story. Don’t go back and change things or analyze things while you’re writing, although keep notes of these things. First just get the story out of your head. There’s lots of time for corrections later.

Finally, go through and make corrections and changes. Make sure that your novel has tons of spooky, vampire atmosphere and that the language is appropriate. If you’re writing about Victorian vampires for instance, you don’t want them speaking in modern-day slang.

Lastly, choose a catchy and hot title for your book. Titles can often jump out at a reader when they’re standing in front of rows and rows of vampire books. A bad title could make sure that your book never gets read.

Even if you’re not serious about ever getting published, trying your hand at writing your own vampire novel could be a lot of fun. And then whenever you’re making fun of Twilight and a fanatic sneers, “Yeah, you think you could do better?”, you could reply, “As a matter of fact, I have!”

– Kate


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    1. I know I have what it takes to write a Vampire Novel because I just finished doing so. I just need a literary agent to help me get things moving.

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  3. So very cool to read about the most famous vampire authors. There are a couple here than I haven’t read and will pick those up from Amazon today. As you can tell, I love vampire stories.

    I’ll give you one that I just finished and loved. Try Annie’s Gift by Holden Herbert. It is a new book about a woman coming to grips with her new-found powers as a psychic vampire. It is fast paced and keeps you turning the pages, is sexy, sad and has a great sense of humor.

    I got mine at Amazon

  4. Awesome advice.

    I must confess I am writing my own vampire novel. It is a proyect that has been cooking for 10 years. Today, I am 27. I am wiser, more prepared and more mature. I suppose that is why I feel this is the right time to write!

  5. I have always loved stories on Vampires and other creatures I do have an idea for a vampire novel that I will be putting down on paper. I haven’t read anything close to my idea yet. Hopefully I will be the first.

  6. I’ve actually just finished my short story for Extended Project, and it’s a story about a girl who becomes a vampire (Not as lame as it sounds). It’s called “Diary of a Pixie” (Main character’s called Pixie) I’m just worried people will think I bastardized the Vampire Diaries title D;

  7. i am writing a vampire book adnhave been for about a year it has come a long way and the things u said here are very true imglad that someone got the word out lol though i must admitt i stole someof joss whedons charecters but the bok is just for me so i shouldn’t have an issue with it

  8. Writing a novel is easy, getting a publisher to notice, that is the hard part. For now I’ve given up on looking for a publisher (mind you, that could change at a whim) and have been focusing on my own website to showcase my writing, including my novel. The way I see it I would rather it be read for free than not at all and if an interested publisher ever comes my way then yay for me.

    A very useful tool for the aspiring writer is it’s a great site to showcase your work and it also allows you to embed your work into your own web pages. It’s also a great way to ‘meet’ other writers. You can also set the security level and copyright of your work.

    Another useful site is which is Kevin Spacey’s production company where members can post their works to be read and critiqued by other members. It is also a good way to gain exposure as a writer.

    Both sites are free to join and all works are copyright protected.

  9. Hey there!

    I just wanted to let you know that I’ve just published my first novel, Cat the Vamp, under the name Christina Martine. It’s available on and just to name a few sites. On amazon, I have a few reviews already, so check them out for more info. You can also browse through my book on there! You can order the novel off my publisher’s website. ( You can even order it into Chapters or any other book store near you if you find that easier!

    I appreciate all your support! Feel free to give me feedback on the book. My website will be up and running soon.

    Spread the word! If you know anyone who likes vampires, this book is dark, modern, fresh and nothing like you’ve ever read!

    *If you’re getting sick of vampires that sparkle, Cat the Vamp is for you! It deals with real vampirism, psi-vamps, and blood addiction.

    Beware! There are some drug references and sex!

    Have a fantastic day!


    1. Dear Christina,

      I myself am writing a novel though it is not about vampires. I am fascinated by vampires nd love reading vampire novels, your book sounds very good I think I will have to read it soon.

      But I do have a question to ask you…

      You managed to get your book recognised & published, but how did you go about it? and was your book fully written when you went to publishers?
      I would love to get my book publoshed in a few years time.

      Would love to know what you think,,


  10. wow u hav a finished piece? i wanna read it! also ive been getting good reviews for mine (i only reached page 40) so imma try to finish it. Mostly th reason y iv been slacking is that i din really hav a good plot to it i just started caz i was bored :p

  11. Ah, but to say that I began writing an adult Vampire novel in 2003 and that I actually dreamed the story seems like I am trying to take away the imaginative writing of Stephanie Meyer but I am not. My story is an adult novel of a Vampire romance. However, I have decided not to bother continuing the novel after the Twilight series came out as I felt there was no way for me to compete with Mrs. Meyer. Should the novel remain in my drawer collecting dust? All I know is that I cannot get it out of my mind. I am not getting any younger. I am in my early 60’s. Still my dream book lingers in my thoughts. So sad to watch it withering away in my desk. One day perhaps, one day, I will continue my story. I will probably never get it published thus it would just remain in my dreams.

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