Thoughts on True Blood’s ‘Gone, Gone, Gone’

And the bloody vampire domination continues in the latest episode of True Blood, “Gone, Gone, Gone.” This past Sunday’s episode was just as crazy as the others and with only two episodes left in the fifth season, things are just going to get crazier.

Episode description for “Gone, Gone, Gone:”

“With vampire attacks are on the rise, Bill starts a public relations campaign to gain public favor. Nora, on the other hand, is having a hard time selling Lilith’s gospel to Eric. Jason’s discovery of a mysterious scroll could reveal details about his family history. The new sheriff of Area 5 presses Pam and Tara to obey a new directive. Sam and Luna search for Emma. Russell seeks out his destiny.”

This episode was actually pretty uneventful. It felt like filler for upcoming episodes. Nothing of great importance was revealed other than Russell going off the deep end (shock shock) and the faerie contract involving Sookie. But besides that, well, it was a boring episode. It’s a little surprising considering how few episodes are left. This season of True Blood is quite a disappointment so far, here’s hoping the final two episodes can make up for it all.

Here are a few things I liked and didn’t like in this episode:


  • Sookie staking a vamp with chop sticks. Ahahaha!
  • Sam and Lafayette standing up for Jessica.
  • Sam and Luna getting into the Authority’s compound. Super stealth!
  • Hoyt leaving. I can’t stand the guy and I hope his character never returns.
  • Faeries!


  • Molly dying! I loved Molly SO much! I hate that they killed her off.
  • Lilith destroying Godric’s spirit.
  • The whole Russell/Steve romance. They are too annoying for words.
  • Eric joining the dark side. I seriously hope he is faking it.
  • Russell’s random accent change. Oook?

What did you think of the episode? Are you looking forward to the final two of the season?

– Moonlight

By Moonlight

Moonlight (aka Amanda) loves to write about, read about and learn about everything pertaining to vampires. You will most likely find her huddled over a book of vampire folklore with coffee in hand. Touch her coffee and she may bite you (and not in the fun way).


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