Three More Vampire Criminals & Killers


Bela Kiss; The Vampire that Got Away – Experts speculate the reason for Bela Kiss’s insanity, and mass murder, was perhaps his wife’s betrayal. He married a much younger woman, and lived in Czinkota, Hungary, –but she disappeared after she was discovered having an affair with a neighbor. Soon, women were reported missing in nearby Budapest, and police began looking for a man named “Hoffman”, but the connection to Kiss was never made. Bela Kiss was drafted into the war in 1914, and he never returned home; most thought him dead. His house and effects were taken by the government, among them were large metal drums thought to hold fuel. When they were open, women were found stuffed inside. Altogether, twenty-four barrels were confiscated, and opened, revealing their grisly contents. During autopsies, the examiner found puncture wounds in the victims’ necks, and that the bodies were drained of blood. Although sightings and women began to disappear once more in Budapest, the police never caught him.

magsolisMagdalena Solis: The Blood Goddess – In Mexico, 1963, a group of con men, and the prostitute Magdalena Solis single-handedly turned an entire village into a blood cult of vampiric murderers. The brothers Santos and Cayetano Hernandez, con men, managed to convince the village of Yerba Buena that Incan gods living in the mountain nearby were willing to trade fabulous wealth for loyalty and sexual favors. The gullible and poor peasants were convinced, and the brothers Hernandez used them for three months, until the villagers began to grumble. Magdalena Solis and her brother, Eleazor, –also her pimp, –were recruited to pose as gods. Magdalena and Eleazor appeared to the delusional pious villagers in flashes of smoke from fires in the temples that the villagers made from caves in the mountain nearby. The sexual favors continued, though soon, the suspicious raised their voices. Magdalena called them non-believers, and the con men declared they must be sacrificed to the gods. Several men and women were beaten to death, and the villagers rejoiced in drinking their blood. Magdalena and her cult were eventually caught when a policeman was found dismembered among other gruesome dead bodies. Magdalena and her cohorts, along with twelve of their most devout followers were sentenced to thirty years in prison, –in 1963. Where are they now?

200px-John_CrutchleyJohn Crutchley: Vampire Rapist – Crutchley was a successful electronic engineer, and moved frequently around the country to work in several respected companies. Women began to disappear around him in 1977, when he was thirty-one years old. Despite numerous appearances, Crutchley went on living and working; some of his electronic work was for major weapons manufacturing companies in Washington, D.C.. Soon women in that area began to disappear as well. After another move, the trail of missing bodies soon caught up with Crutchley; at least according to popular reports. Despite being accredited with multiple murders and disappearances, –John Crutchley was only ever convicted of one kidnapping, rape, and assault. A woman found crawling naked on the highway, in shackles, told her rescuer the address where Crutchley lived, and claimed he’d extracted he blood with needles, raped her, and video-taped the process. The evidence in the case was constantly fluctuating; the first search found a stack of credit cards, and an erased videotape; the next search turned up neither of those items, but a stack of index cards, recording names of women Crutchley had slept with. His wife was apparently in on his sexual deviation, and described the surviving victim’s rape as “gentle.” No evidence ever linked Crutchley to any murders, only limited and circumstantial evidence connected him to the last kidnapping, and when arrested, he was found in possession of several highly classified government weapon-related documents. After his release his 1996, he was shortly arrested again after he tested positive for marijuana. He claimed another inmate blew the smoke in his face, despite prosecution’s claims he had previously confessed to smoking it himself. He died while serving a life sentence at 55 years old. Did he do it?

By annimi

Ashley writes for,, and other sites in the Darksites Network. She's involved in several seedy and disreputable activities, smokes too much, and spends her late nights procrastinating for work on her first novel.


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