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Tis the Season

Halloween season is now in full swing and I’m loving it. It’s the one time of year when it’s okay for all the normal people to join us Horror lovers in our celebration of all things spooky. There’s Halloween everywhere for the eye to behold. Appleby’s is offering special $1 “Vampire Cocktails.” Each one comes with a cherry and a set of vampire fangs. I’m a non-drinker, but I’ll have to help myself to one of these nonetheless.

Cold Stone Creamery is offering “Boo Batter” as the basis for its all-black Halloween ice cream, available in pumpkin-orange waffle cones.

You can get yourself a skull cake pan and make skull cookies or pizza skulls.

I’ve never heard of Carvel ice cream shops before (there aren’t any in my geographic area) but I’m loving their “Slime Shake.” It takes me back to my childhood and official GHOSTBUSTERS 2 Slimer Shakes that were available in the summer of 1989 from Hardees.

Also check out Carvel’s “Lil Screamers.” How cute.

Even at the movie theater, you can now get special “Strawberry Zombie Infusion” and “Bewitched Orange Elixir” flavors of Fanta at the soda machine. I love it.

TheCheezman • October 11, 2019

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