Top 10 Scariest Vampires

More often than not vampires are romantic beings that steal our hearts and make us wish for nights of lusty passion. Once feared creatures of the night, these dark immortals are now the stars of hundreds upon hundreds of romance novels, and while that’s all well and good, we need to bring some of that fear back. So forget for a moment about those vampires that sweep you off your feet and instead picture the vampires with uncontrollable bloodlust, vampires that lurk among dark alleys and cemeteries waiting for the moment to pounce, vampires that make you scream in terror and beg for mercy – scary vampires.

Here is my personal list of the 10 scariest vampires, leave a comment below letting me know what vamps you find terrifying.

(In no particular order)

1.  Akasha

The vampire queen from Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles is one terrifying vampire. Scarier in the novel than the film, Akasha’s power was so great it made her damn near invincible. With all of that power she destroyed nearly all of the other vampires in the world and had planned to then kill off the majority of the men on the planet. She was definitely the last chick you wanted to piss off.

2. Skinner Sweet

Skinner is from American Vampire, the award-winning comic book series written by Scott Snyder and Stephen King (the beginning) and illustrated by Rafael Albuquerque. Skinner Sweet is one badass and scary as all hell vampire. He’s cold-hearted, ruthless and ready to destroy anyone who gets in his way – and he does it with a smile on his face.

3. Dracula

I can’t leave out Bram Stoker’s Dracula! Dracula is the ultimate predator. He lures you in with his charm and class and you don’t know just how scary and lethal he is until it’s too late. Add in a whole slew of incredible powers and abilities and you’ve got yourself one terrifying vampire.

4. The vampires in 30 Days of Night

If these bloodthirsty monsters don’t scare you then there’s something off with you. They are vicious and horrible beasts that are ridiculously difficult to kill, and even if you DO manage to kill them they are easily resurrected.

5. Grandpa Munster

His personality may not be scary but look at him. Seriously, look at him! That is a terrifying face! I wouldn’t want to hang around him, he’s creepy as fuck.

6. The Master

The Master from Buffy is an ancient vampire with unmatched vampiric strength who leveled an entire town trying to open the Hellmouth so he could take over the world. All around scary, from his appearance to his personality, he is not a vampire you want to mess with… he even killed Buffy.

7. Jerry

Jerry from Fright Night is also a scary vamp, and he’s scary in the original film and the remake. Sick, sadistic and twisted, Jerry is most definitely not someone you want living next door to you.

8. Kurt Barlow

Barlow from Stephen King’s horror novel Salem’s Lot is another horrifying vampire. The book has been adapted multiple times, but I think out of all the films the Barlow pictured above is the scariest looking one.

9. Nikolaos

Nikolaos is an ancient master vampire from Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake series. Over a thousand years old, Nikolaos was turned into a vampire when she was around 12-years-old, making her look like a sweet and adorable child. In truth, Nikolaos is an incredibly cruel and sadistic vampire who not only feeds on blood, but people’s fear as well, which makes her very good at being scary.

10. The vampires in I Am Legend

Richard Matheson’s novel I Am Legend may have inspired many zombie films, but this book and the actual film adaptations are about a disease that turns virtually everyone into a vampiric monster. I don’t know about you, but a world of uncontrollable vampires is horrifying.

Now it’s your turn! What vampires scare you?

– Moonlight

By Moonlight

Moonlight (aka Amanda) loves to write about, read about and learn about everything pertaining to vampires. You will most likely find her huddled over a book of vampire folklore with coffee in hand. Touch her coffee and she may bite you (and not in the fun way).


  1. Some big ones are missing imho : Martin (from Romero’s movie), Nosferatu (from Murnau’s and herzog’s movies), Valek (from Carpenter’s movie), Jesse Hooker (from Bigelow’s movie).

  2. I recently had a discussion on this topic with Taliesin over at his blog. The vampires that tend to scare me most are the recently deceased tormenting their love ones.

    1. Andy, Deathdream

    2. Mina, John Badham’s Dracula


    3. Virginia Morgan, The Last Man On Earth

    4. Catherine, The Living Dead Girl

    5. Gorcha (Boris Karloff!), Black Sabbath

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  7. Mhm, personally I’d move Nikolaos up, because I always found her creepy. And I think Guillermo del Toro’s vampires (“Blade II” or “The Stain” – they’re both mostly the same breed anyway) should definitely be on the list. They’re the most “monstrous” at least. Yikes:)

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  11. The “Twilight” vampires: They live forever in attractive, youthful forms, with super-human abilities, and all they can do is complain about it. Contemplating a life with that mindset scares me more than these ten combined.

    (note that none of the ten vampires listed here whine about what they are!)

  12. Definitely missing Dio Brando. I mean, he attached his severed head to the body of his arch-enemy. Plus he can freeze time. Horrifying.

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  14. decent.. i like how you put skinner sweet.. that’s taste but what about dracula in blade trinity.. he’s 6000 years old.. if i saw a man that was clearly 6000 years old in front of me i’d close my eyes and cry.. “i was there when they crucified him..” .. like come on.. hah

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  16. Amy from Fright Night (original 80s version) after her major transformation D; Oooh Jesus wept!!

    For me, vampires in general have been both scary and fun since my dad got his first cable for American TV in the early 80s (I’m European) but nothing has honestly scared me so much to the bones as to when I was around 10 years of age…I was flipping through the daily newspaper and when I got to the entertainment pages I saw that they were promoting the movie…with the biggest damn picture of her in her mouth-open-wide attack position with the scariest eyes in history!!…ready to jump out of the picture and devour me! That was so shocking to me that my mother actually saw my face turn white.
    Now why would anyone be so sadistic to put a huge picture of her like that??

    That FU##ING bitch has caused me so many horrible nightmares that lasted over 10 years of my life! I finally dared to see the movie when I was around 25…yeah I know…that’s how much it scared me.
    I’m 33 now and maybe once or twice a year she comes back in my dreams and scares the shit out of me like a little girl, though I have done the phobia treatment to myself…I’ve printed out tons of pictures of her and spammed my room with them so I see her everyday.

    My list is not Top 10…there never was…I only have a Top 1 and she takes it 100%

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