Top 10 Songs From ‘The Vampire Diaries’

10 top ‘Vampire Diaries’ song moments

It’s often a song added to a show or movie that secures the emotion of the moment, and ‘The Vampie Diaries’ series expresses this perfectly. Someone pulled together ten of their of their favorite TVD songs over the years so I thought I should share them with you to let you decide… do you think any song is missing from the list that should be there? Do you think they got the order right?


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  1. the list left me cold. i’m not the biggest pop culture pop music gal so the mark of a good song is one that I feel compelled to look up. a drop in the ocean was incredible & I looked that one up…it should’ve been the top. there are a few I added to my Spotify that didn’t make the list that were far superior to what was listed.

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