Top Future Vampire Women

With vampire books and films and t.v. series swarming the media, one thing we can perhaps look forward to is some famous beauties finally getting around to sporting fangs. Offered for consideration–four such that have been mentioned more than once on the web and who could potentially be quite fetching licking some fresh blood from their lips. Here then are some lovely we can all hope might join the ranks of Susan Sarandon, Mercedes McNabb, Julie Benz, Ingrid Pitt, Jennifer Beals and Lara Parker…

#1 Rachel Hurd Wood

The star of such period pieces as “Perfume: Story of a Murderer” and “An American Haunting”, Rachel Hurd Wood has shown her acting chops in more ways than one. But most often it has been as an ingenue. Peter Pan’s Wendy. Dorian Gray’s Sybil. Little wonder since she’s been good at it, and casting directors ofttimes like to keep actors in a particular niche. Yet anyone who’s watched her body of work realizes there’s potential for more than screaming in terror or looking worried. More, she has the kind of ethereal beauty which seems from another age–little wonder nearly all her film roles have been in period pieces. Wood herself (Hugh Laurie of HOUSE fame’s niece) has mentioned how much she’d like to break out and play other roles. How about a vampire? One can easily see her as Lucy in a new version of “Dracula” or the title character in a big-budget “Carmilla.”

#2 Angelina Jolie

When you think about it, the idea of Angelina Jolie as a vampire seems a no-brainer. One is tempted to ask–Why hasn’t anyone cast her before now? Those eyes! That mouth! The panther-esque way she can move (and has in many a part). A few years ago rumors emerged of her as the lead in an as-yet-unproduced werewolf movie. Trapped in development hell, or just another rumor like Johnny Depp taking over as Doctor Who? Either way, if Dacre Stoker’s semi official sequal to his ancestor’s novel does find its way to the big screen, Jolie seems an obvious fit for the female antagonist, Countess Erzebet Bathory. And honestly, who doesn’t want to see her in white tie, tails and a long cape?

# 3 Anne Hathaway

The brutal fact is that anyone who looks like Anne Hathaway can have something of a movie career. Rather than simply resting on her looks or remaining in some kind of pigeon-hole she has been seeking out different kinds of roles. Anyone remember when she was (literally) a Disney Princess? That was before “Brokeback Mountain” or “Rachel Getting Married” or one of the most subtly interesting roles in recent film history–the White Queen in Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland.” Since Burton is prepping a cinematic version of the gothic soap opera “Dark Shadows” with Johnny Depp, it might behoove him to consider casting Hathaway yet again (and we can all hope to see her sporting fangs sooner or later).

#4 P!nk

Ever since Lestat and “The Lost Boys” rock stars have had something of the air of the undead about them. Finding vampirically-themed music videos is almost too easy. One artist who has not (yet) gone that route is P!nk, nee Alicia Moore. Combining glamor and edginess, P!nk’s persona makes it seem difficult to imagine that if she played a vampire it wouldn’t prove awesome. She is one of those rare women who can seem terrifying and sexy in equal measure at the exact same time, or switch back and forth with what sure looks like ease. Perhaps if the film “Suck” proves successful, the pressure to cast her in some ultimate rock-n-roll vampire flick will start to grow. We can hope!

D.MacDowell Blue blogs at  He graduated from the National Shakespeare Conservatory and is now working on a web series called “End Of The Line” which he likes to describe as “Dexter Meets Twilight“.

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