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I’m a huge, huge Twilight fan and as such, I am continuously on the hunt for great Twihard sites. There are so many sites that are dedicated to the fans of the series that sometimes it’s hard to sort through the good from the bad. And so, I’ve created a list of my favorite Twilight sites, and maybe they’ll soon appear on your favorites list too! has everything you need for news on the movies, interviews with the stars, fun icons that you can use on Twilighters or any other site, and tons more!

The Twilight Saga is a site that I continuously turn to for research and to get my latest fill of Bella, Jacob, and Edward. Not only does this site keep you updated on all the latest Twilight news, it also has media pages for checking out pictures and videos, and it has Q&As with both Stephenie Meyer and Catherine Hardwicke, director of the first movie. Enter this site, and be prepared to stay for hours!

Twilight Lexicon is another place for fans to congregate and find out all kinds of goodies about different topics such as the cars and different props that were used in the movies, and find out information such as conventions that are coming to a town near you!

ROBsessed is a site that, as you would guess, will be most enjoyed by those that are obsessed with Robert Pattinson. While I can’t count myself among that group, I do still enjoy him and like keeping up to date with the different Rob news currently happening – and once in awhile they even throw in some stuff about the other stars too.

New Moon The Movie is actually considered the “Official” Twilight site so I felt compelled to include it. I think it’s weird though, that the official site isn’t even named Twilight and it’s actually not the best site I’ve come across. There is lots of news and media stuff and when the movie’s are weeks away, they are chockfull of new stuff. In between movies too, you can visit the “Official” store to get all your Twi-gear.


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  5. i love 2 seeit as times it gives i just love there couple of edward and bella u guys just killing yaar

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