Top Vampire Myths

Well it’s safe to assume that anything that’s built solely on myths will have many sub-myths of its own. And this case is never more true than when talking about our favorite neck-biters! Here are some of the most common vampires myths debunked!

Vampires sleep in coffins.
This myth actually depends on who you talk to. In some interpretations, such as the Twilight series, vampires don’t sleep at all. But even for those vampires that do, they’ll sleep wherever they think it’s safe.

Garlic wards off vampires.
This may work for new vampires but those who have been around awhile probably won’t be repelled enough to stalk their prey!

Crosses will ward off vampires.
Crosses on the other hand, will have no effect on any vampire young or old.

Driving a stake through their heart will kill vampires.
This varies depending on the interpretation as well. However, it’s generally opinion that driving a stake through the heart won’t even injure, let alone kill, a vampire.

Vampires will burst into flames when in sunlight.
This myth comes from the fact that, if exposed to sunlight, neural responses will fire off in the vampire’s brain. However, they won’t burst into flame and it most likely won’t even hurt them. It is common belief however that when they walk into sunlight, vampires become blind.

Holy water burns vampire flesh.
This is a myth that is actually believed to be true. Water of any kind will harm a vampire. And drowning a vampire is one way to kill one.

Vampires prey on virgin women.
Vampires want blood – they don’t usually care if it comes from a man or woman. And they certainly don’t care if it comes from a virgin or not.

Vampires can fly.
This comes from the association of vampires with bats. But although they have amazing leaping and bounding skills, vampires are not able to fly.

You cannot see a vampire’s reflection in a mirror.
Vampires show up just like humans do in a mirror. However, most vampires don’t like to see their own reflection and so, generally avoid mirrors.


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  2. I have to say it depends on the myth or legend or even author. :) If you are going by Twilight or Vampire Diaries and such then all of this is accurate. But if you are going by actual folklore then no, not correct. :)


    You say vampires can’t fly, but some can. The vampire species the Langsuir can fly, so can the Aswang.
    Articles on each:

    As for holy objects, there are countless vampire species in folklore that can’t stand to be near holy objects. As for modern fiction, Laurell K. Hamilton’s vampires will burn if they touch a cross, while in Anne Rice’s novels nothing happens if they touch a cross.

    Then the whole reflection thing, that also depends on the myth. Some vampires have a reflection some don’t. You can read more on the theory of vampires vs. mirrors here…

    And driving a stake through their heart may kill them depending on the species and the kind of wood used. Once again, it depends on the myth.

    What I am saying is it totally depends on the source, the myth, the author, the legend. There isn’t really a wrong or right. No definitive. :)

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  4. In the vampire series Moonlight, which is currently being run Down Under, which I’m finding boring, staking a vampire only paralises it. It’s one I’m happy to believe.

    1. I think that is in a book too but I can’t remember which one… gah! Now it’s driving me crazy. Anyone know what book it is in? Or is it not a book I am thinking of…damn memory.

  5. Almost all of this information is false if you refer to Bram Stoker’s Dracula from 1897. But, who cares about that…Twilight…rocks?

  6. i think this is a great fact sheet on Vampires. It Holds great Information. One missed out is that Vampires can not shape shift into fog bats ext they were once human and do NOT hold any shape shifting powers unless chosen!! WOOPWOOP!!

  7. the myth that vampires prey on virgin women was created to make humans hate vampires. this encourages vampire hunters. Hunters would go to a town and say, Hire us and we will protect your virgin daughters from the evil vamps” vampire hunters would make lots of money doing this.

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