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transmainHey readers, remember back when I did the post on Transylmania, the spoof movie that pokes fun at the current vampire craze (and is now in theaters)? No… ok, well here it is. Read it and come back. Anyway, one of the actors in the flick, Patrick Cavanaugh, recently did an interview with discussing the new hilarious movie. Check it out…

How does Transylmania compare to other spoofs?
I think some people when they hear the word ‘spoof’ they think of like Scary Movie or Epic Movie where they’re spoofing specific pop culture references or movies that are current or TV shows where as this is more of a spoof in the vain of like a Young Frankenstein where it’s kind of spoofing a genre as opposed to something very specific.

There’s actually one instance where Transylmania takes a direct jab at a current movie. Have you seen the trailer that mocks the Twilight voiceover and fonts?
Oh! Does it? I never even realized that! I don’t think it was by chance that we are releasing a couple weeks after the Twilight movie just came out. It definitely was a smart time for us to release our movie and, I mean, I think that’s why we ended up getting the extra funding to put into the theaters, to be honest, was this big craze of all the vampire TV shows and with Twilight being so astronomically huge for the movie industry right now. We definitely hit the lottery when it comes to that situation.

How do you get your vampire fix?
True Blood is my vampire fix actually. I love it. It’s so over the top and I think Alan Ball is a genius. He’s such a good writer to go from something like Six Feet Under and have such critical success with that and then transition over to something – it’s very much a soap opera with vampires, a late night sexy soap opera.

What’s your character in Transylmania like?

Well, Pete is a total stoner kid and is paired up with Wang – Paul Kim plays Wang – and they just like to get into trouble. They like to drink and get high and not go to class and just enjoy – and go explore what they think is culture which is basically drinking and getting high some more. They definitely get into some wacky situations and try to make the best of them when they do.

The characters Pete and Wang actually comes from the Dorm Daze movies, right?
Yeah, they did! Pete was a very small role in the very first Dorm Daze and then transitioned in the second one when he kind of became a pothead with Wang and Scott and David Hillenbrand liked the characters a lot and there were a couple other characters that transitioned from Dorm Daze into Transylmania. They decided to take a couple of us and spin off and do what they call a bigger movie this time and kind of make it a little more epic for us and I was sure glad I was in the mix for that because I had a blast shooting Transylmania.

For the rest of the interview go here.

And check out the trailer.

– Moonlight

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