True Blood Actors Chat About Their Character’s Deaths

As every True Blood fan can confirm, Season 4 was big, bloody and packed full of character deaths. We lost loads of beloved characters this season, and a few not-so-beloved characters. Some deaths made it very clear that that character won’t be coming back, others left us wondering if they are really truly dead. The death toll has not only fans talking, but also the actors themselves. Check out what the actors had to say about their character being killed off:

Rutina Wesley (Tara): “I don’t know what they have in store for next season. I haven’t seen any scripts, so I have no idea what’s going to happen. I’m either at death’s door, or I’m gone. That’s scary for an actor, but if my time has come, then my time has come — and what a way to go, saving your best friend’s life. It’s pretty cool that everyone’s going to be going, ‘Is she, or isn’t she?’ I’m excited and terrified all at the same time. I could be a ghost, I could die — it’s in the hands of our wonderful writers and the creative mind of Alan Ball.”

Brit Morgan (Debbie): “Joe and I were really curious after our first episode back this season, so we both went up to Alan and said, ‘Can you give us any more information?’ And he told me right off the bat how it would happen in the kitchen, just like in the books, and how Debbie just couldn’t handle Alcide’s feelings for Sookie. It’s always heartbreaking to leave a show, but I’ve known since day one that his character was meant to go out this way. She’s such a classic flameout.”


Jessica Tuck (Nan): “I was supposed to be in the first couple episodes, and I last for four years — so I am forever grateful for the time I’ve had on the show. Plus, the one good thing about being shown the True Death is that when you squirt with blood, you’re not the one who gets covered with it — it’s everyone that’s in your way. Stephen Moyer drove a stake through my heart, but I then got him back by just covering him in gooey blood.”

Kevin Alejandro (Jesus): “They were really cool about it, like ‘This is nothing you did. Happy relationships are just boring.'”

Pretty cool how professional they all are about having their characters knocked off. They seem much calmer about it than me (I was pretty upset when they killed Jesus off).  But from the sounds of it, Tara just might be coming back. While her character tends to annoy me, I don’t want her to die just yet. I think Sookie has lost enough and dealt with enough that the writers need to back off her just a tiny bit.  A character can only handle so much and when you kill off every single person in their life it just stops being entertaining or believable.

What did you guys think of the deaths this season? Any of them make you really happy or super depressed?

– Moonlight

By Moonlight

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  1. Really sorry to see Jesus go, but they’ll probably bring him back to help Lafayette with his magic, in much the same way that Godric still pops in once in a while to advise Eric. (Godric, by the way, is one of the best characters that True Blood ever had, IMO.)

    Good riddance to Nan Flanagan (aka Clueless B*tch). I kind of felt sorry for Debbie but from a writer’s point-of-view her storyline seemed done. Tara was a great character in Season 1 but has become whiny and petulant ever since. If they do bring her back, I hope they give her a new perspective on everything that’s happened to her.

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  3. Hope tara lives i got a real good idea how bout let sookie heal tara with her powers like sookie is sitting cryin but the a huge blue light shines from her hads and heals tara

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