True Blood Anthology cover chosen

For those of you who love everything, and anything to do with True Blood, –like the rest of us, –then you’ll practically pee with excitement when you hear about the awesome new anthology coming out! Just a few of the topics and articles the book is going to cover, for example, are Bill’s gradual loss of overall ‘hotness’, –and in contrast, Eric’s gradual journey into Sookie’s good graces, a comparison between Sookie’s mindreading and our own need to share everything via Facebook/Twitter, and the ultimate question: why the show is different from the books.

The only problem is, they couldn’t figure out what to use for the book cover! gives more details on the choice of book covers:

“Smart Pop Books is working on a True Blood anthology called A Taste of True Blood: The Fangbanger’s Guide. However, they don’t yet have a cover chosen for this anthology, and they need your help! There are two covers available in a poll that you can vote on, and the winner will be the book’s cover. Both covers offer different imagery to interest the common reader, with the first using a very True Blood-esque font that reminds one of the opening credits of True Blood, and the second makes use of a TruBlood bottle and takes advantage of the red color theme True Blood has.”

Click here to see the covers, and to find out which one they decided to choose. Tell us what you think about the cover, –like it? Hate it? Let us know!

By annimi

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