True Blood Couple Raise Money for Orphans with Signed Script Auction

If you’re a collector of all things True Blood, and want your money to go to a good cause, –bid on the Season 3 script for Episode 3.12 ‘Evil is Going On’. It’s signed by Anna Paquin, Alan Ball, and of course, Stephen Moyer. Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer have been auctioning off loads of True Blood goodies, signed and sent off to collectors, in order to raise money for four children who were left orphaned, after their mother was killed in a car accident along with their ten year old sister, outside a convenience store. Their father lost his life to a heart attack only a short time before the fatal car accident that claimed the other parent and sibling. The real-life and on-screen couple are raising money for the four children, and are dedicated to bringing the kids a better quality of life through donations.

Zap2It has more information on the auction:

“True Blood” golden couple, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, are auctioning off a signed show script to help four kids who have been orphaned by recent and tragic events.

According to the fan site, Simply Moyer, the proceeds from the auction of the script will go to help the four Darnell family kids who lost their father to a heart attack last year, as well as their mother and 10-year-old sister who were killed in a car accident soon after.

You can bid on the Season 3 finale script titled, “Evil is Going On,” signed by the couple, as well as creator and executive producer Alan Ball, on eBay.

Also, you can donate to the kids directly on their Facebook page.

Spread the word! Let’s help the stars raise as much as they can for these kids!

It’s amazing to me how, sometimes, even celebrities can actually do something nice for people. Without tying themselves for life to some big charity, Paquin and Moyer have managed to help real people, in the U.S., not some big charity foundation where you have to fill out an application before you can be found eligible for assistance. If you want to donate, or bid on the signed script, follow the links above! Besides, the script isn’t a replica, –it’s actually been used by the cast or crew at some point! There are real fingerprints, and maybe even a doughnut smudge or two in there somewhere.

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