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Romance is part of every season, but it seems like everyone is coming down with the sickness; the whole cast of True Blood is… is… TWITTERPATED! And, no, for those of you who’re thinking that has something to do with ‘Twitter’ there’s something seriously wrong with you, queue Bambi on your Netflix. Anyway, love is in the air, along with blood splatter and body parts, right now in this season of True Blood. Who do we start with first? Hmm, well, we all knew Eric had a thing for Sookie Stackhouse, it’s just that now he’s fantasizing about her, when he’s got a naked Eastern European woman dancing around in front of him. Seems like his thing for Sookie is amping up, while Bill’s thing for Sookie well.. it’s not exactly erect, at least not from Sookie’s perspective. His rejection will definitely cause problems later.

Next, there’s Jessica Hamby, and Tommy Mickens. Quick background, since these are kinda supporting cast members: Tommy Mickens is Sam’s long lost baby brother; Jessica Hamby’s is Bill’s progeny, that he was forced to create by the Magister (Magnus) after he killed Longshadow to protect Sookie (Fun fact: Longshadow was killed by Eric in the book version). Phew. Anyway, Hoyt Fortenberry and Jessica broke up at the end of  Season 2 after Jessica bit Maxine Fortenberry, because she was being all kinds of rude (a result of being brain-fucked by Maryann). Jessica kinda went wild after that, and finding own she’ll be a virgin for life, but seems to have calmed down a little, now that she knows how troublesome dead bodies can be. Tommy has been cutting eyes at Jessica lately since they work together at Merlotte’s, and in the wake of her split with Hoyt, Jessica is definitely responding. Though it’s sad to see Hoyt and Jessica split up, it’s nice to see Jessica with another “supe” her own age.

Also in a romantic way, are Lafayette Reynolds and Jesus Something-Or-Other, –Jesus is an orderly at the nuthouse where Lafayette keeps his psychotic, cranky mother. Jesus and Lafayette met when Lafayette took  Tara Thornton to visit his mother; a precautionary statement about letting grief take control of your life. In the last episode, Jesus came to visit Lafayette at work, –the cautious Lafayette almost ran him off, but Jesus, persistently, stayed in the game. The two shared a dimly lit pool game right there in Merlotte’s bar. So sweet!

Tara isn’t exactly dealing with romance, so much as an insane vampire who is absolutely head-over-heels in need of a fang-proof psychiatrist. Franklin Mott has attached himself to her, and desperately wants her to be his ‘vampire bride’. Short tempered and a lunatic, sure, but I think it’s kind of sweet. At least, it will be up until he tears Tara apart. Cross your fingers, maybe this relationship really can work! It’s nothing Dr. Phil can’t handle.

Arlene Fowler and Terry Bellefleur  are moving in together, and marriage might be in the air, unless of course, Terry ever finds out that Arlene is actually pregnant with the spawn of Rene Lenier/Drew Marshall, known serial killer. That might throw a wrench into their plans, but who knows; Terry is fairly level-headed… at least, when he’s not hallucinating or having flashbacks. And you might be wondering why there’s nothing here about Sookie and Alcide Herveaux… well, that’s because there’s really nothing going on there. That almost kiss? Bullshiiiiiiit, Alcide is too hung up on that fire crotch, Back Alley Sally, formally known as Debbie Pelt.

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