‘True Blood’ May Be Getting Big ‘Law & Order’ Star

I’ve got more True Blood season 5 casting news! Woot! If reports are correct, we just might be getting a very well-known actor on the show. An actor who starred in well over 200 episodes of Law & Order: SVU – Chris Meloni!

Chris Meloni recently left Law & Order: SVU after being on the hit show for 13 seasons, which means he’s now free to take on other roles, like True Blood. Nothing is official yet, but apparently he is “in talks” for a “major” role in season 5. Hmm…

TVLine reported that Meloni is “being courted” for a part in True Blood’s fifth season. However, nothing has been confirmed yet other than that he’s circling a part that’s considered a major role. Sources say he’s in talks to play an “incredibly powerful vampire.” That doesn’t really help you figure out who he is playing though, since all vampires on the show are powerful.

Any theories on who he would play if he did join? What powerful vampires are introduced in the fifth book?

What do you guys think about Chris Meloni joining True Blood? I can see him doing well on the show, something about his look just seems right for True Blood.  On a related note, what are your thoughts on True Blood adding well-known actors to the show? Some people prefer all new and unknown actors, while others like seeing already famous folks on the show. Personally, I like a mixture of both.

If you haven’t already, make sure to check out older posts on True Blood’s season 5 casting. So far we’ve got the lovely Lucy Griffiths, who will play the role of Eric’s vampire “sister” Nora; Italian actress Valentina Cervi who will play an ancient (and possibly insane) vampire and Dale Dickey who will play Marcus’ mother Annie.

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