True Blood Season 1 Episode 6

I Got a Right to Sing the Blues

Ain’t that the truth? Pretty much everyone sings the blues in this episode, aside from a few supporting cast members. Sookie gets stuck in Russell Edgington’s castle, along with Bill, and Tara, –and Eric, though he doesn’t reveal just how dire his situation is. Lorena also seems to be having troubles, of the insane, psycho-emotional type. Even Talbot has been getting spurned lately. And back in Bon temps, Jason Stackhouse is learning yet another, hard lesson in love, –but then, so is Lafayette. Not to mention Sam’s problems with his new relatives.

Eric refuses to do anything for Sookie, though she does bring up all his previous comments about how much he cares about her; he does reveal in a roundabout way that he has some kind of master plan, though he doesn’t mention whether or not she’s going to benefit from it. Eric’s got the ball rolling in the art of manipulation, but meanwhile, Russell’s ordered Lorena to kill what she loves most: Bill; while Russell plays with his new toy: Sookie. In a not-so-friendly game of quid pro quo, Edgington learns about Sookie’s talents, and Sookie learns that she’s being investigated and researched by Bill.

In the other end of King Russell’s mansion, lies Tara and Franklin, and they’re not exactly having an ideal honeymoon. Tara, desperate to escape, tricks Franklin Mott into giving her his blood, after he spills the beans on Sookie being in the same house. Tara, in a telepathic one-way conversation, tells Sookie she’s going to get them out. The next morning, Tara flattens Franklin’s head with a spiked mace, and manages to free Sookie. Despite Bill’s betrayal, and Tara’s adamant pleas for Sookie to forget him, Sookie of course, takes off to rescue Bill, who’s been undergoing both physical and emotional torture at the hands of Lorena, who also let some nasty white trash were’s feed on him. Sookie tries to free Bill, when he finally comes around, but ends up pinned and bitten by Lorena.

Meanwhile, back in Louisiana, things aren’t going well for anyone. Sam Merlotte and Tommy Mickens are beginning to bond, but the other Mickens’ don’t approve. After a short conversation (that gave plenty of clues as to what the Mickens’ do for money) with Mama Mickens, Tommy ends up missing work. Sam takes off to find them, after a short inquiry of ‘Sheriff Andy Bellefleur’  about dog-fighting. And Lafayette’s promising new romance? Well, it started out well, there was kissing, and flirting, and even an invitation to Lafayette’s sexy house. Then the rednecks Lafayette and Eric dealt with the night before show up, and though Jesus helps fight them off, he can’t help but overhear the shouting about Lafayette dealing V.

After that Jesus took off, and left Lafayette plenty pissed off. But there is some good news; apparently, Jessica and Arlene might be getting a chance to make up and be friends. If Arlene ever gets off her high horse. The episode ends with Lorena gnawing on Sookie’s neck, and Tara finding Alcide on Edgington’s property, –hopefully, they’re coming up with a plan to save Bill and Sookie. Phew, it was good, tres intense. And the trailer for the next episode is tingle-worthy. In the next episode, Burning House of Love, things definitely heat up. Eric’s plan for revenge looks like it’s coming to fruition, while Bill apparently, almost kills Sookie so he breaks it off with her, plus, we may finally find out what exactly Sookie is. Oh and apparently, Bill is at some point, able to walk in the daylight. Dun dun dunnn.

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