True Blood Season 1 Episode 7

Hitting the Ground

This episode left me feeling a little less than satisfied, and even slightly disappointed in Allen Ball. Everything started out good; Sookie splatters Lorena, they all pile into Alcide’s cargo truck, and head off into the sunset. Except Bill almost kills Sookie. This isn’t the anti-climax, though. Everything is pretty exciting, up until Sookie takes a stroll through her subconscious. The hippies and flower children fluttering around just didn’t do it for me. And what’s this crap about stealing Sookie’s ‘light’? That just sounds… lame, and hastily thrown together, like one of the filler episodes of Buffy. The real action is really going on with Eric, who’s busy trying to make big steps in politics.

After threatening the Queen’s human, Hadley, who also happens to be Sookie’s cousin, Eric is filled in on exactly what Sookie is. Except we never get to hear it. After a big to-do, the King of Mississippi, and the Queen of Louisiana, go back to Fangtasia to pay the Magister a visit. And he’s been pretty busy doing all kinds of sadistic shit to poor Pam. Before the Magnus can pierce her eyelids, Russell Edgington shows up to force the Magister to marry him and Queen Sophie-Ann. The Magister continuously references a higher vampire authority, but Russell doesn’t believe that there’s any such higher power. Then he freaks out and kills the Magister; which is almost definitely going to come back to bite him in the ass later.

Before joining Tara at the hospital, Jason is trying to find out more about his mystery woman, Crystal, but first, he has to buy some meth, because the only person able to discuss it with him is a meth-head from Hot Shot, who’s currently locked up in a Bon Temps holding cell. But then Tara calls, and Jason has to drop everything; Sookie’s in a coma, and the doctors have determined that she has no ‘blood type’ to speak of. She’s rejecting the transfusion, which she desperately needs after Bill almost kills her. Bill, drained, was unable to stop himself from attacking and feeding heavily from Sookie, thus, she ends up in the hospital, after a quick detour during which Tara throws him out of the truck in the middle of the day. And interestingly enough, Bill manages to walk in the daylight with scarcely any burning.

While Sookie is seizing out, Sam is having his own problems, trying to bust his little brother out of a dog fighting ring. After a short, angry confrontation with his weird family, Sam takes off with Tommy, who chooses Sam over his family. It doesn’t look like Mr. and Mrs. Mickens are going to be together very long after this either. All in all, it was a great episode, but the appearance of Claudine was anti-climactic, and her warnings about Bill and the other vampires came off as childish and flaky. I’m really looking forward to the next episode, which looks a bit more intense.

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