True Blood, Season 2 Episode 10

P1Sookie is walking down the long hallway at the Hotel Carmilla, after Godric’s death, and she stops at a door that is slightly ajar, then enters the room. Inside, Eric is sitting silent, with bloody tears on his face and shirtless chest, his head down. Eric states that Godric is gone, and Sookie tells him she’s sorry, then kisses his face gently. Eric takes her hand before she can pull away and pulls her down to kiss her mouth. He lays her down, and his fangs come out. Sookie touches them with her fingertips, then turns her head to the side, inviting him to bite. As Eric snaps down to bite, Sookie opens her eyes, in a car beside Jason who looks over and asks “What’re you dreaming about?” Instead of telling him “Ooh, soft core porn with my boyfriend’s enemy,” she turns and looks behind her in the van, at Bill’s travel coffin. Anubis Airlines is shuttling them home to Bon Temps, and it’s daytime. Jason tells Sookie that coming back to Bon Temps reminds him of coming home from an All-State football game, because nothing is the way he left it. Sookie agrees, even though she’s never left before. Oh you guys have no idea. An alarm is going off, as they get closer to town, and their town sign vandalized with spray painted dick pictures.

Charming. Jason, surprised, looks around; stores have been broken into, one guy is smashing his face against a wooden beam, an old fat chick is chasing a younger guy around screaming “Lemme into them drawers!” –a frightening sight indeed. Suddenly the driver slams on the breaks, and two people crash into the windshield. The driver says they ran right in front of the car, and stops; Sookie, Jason, and the driver get out. The people they hit are bloody, and giggling, with black eyes. Jason asks what the hell is wrong with their eyes, but they laugh, and the woman tears her shirt off, hollering that they have to find Sam. They take off, leaving Sookie and Jason looking at each other, stunned. Cue the theme song! I dunno who you think you are, but before the song is through, you’ll be wiggling in your chair, and ready to watch True Blood. Outside Sookie’s house, Maryann, Carl, and Eggs are building a giant statue out of meat, produce, flowers, and wood. Maryann asks Eggs what he thinks, and he tells her she’s outdone herself. Yeah, she’s gone above and beyond usual psychotic behavior. Carl offers her a dead bird, and Maryann is overjoyed, and begins adding feathers to the big nasty rotting statue.

P3Maryann declares the big gross stinky thing she’s building, needs more meat. Carl suggests five more pounds of ground chuck, but Maryann tells him she wants to aim higher. They decide on vital organs, and Eggs asks if she wants them to go kill something, so it’s extra fresh. But Maryann tells him no, since they’ll be sacrificing something living later. Sam Merlotte, the living sacrifice, is at the moment, crouched in Andy Bellefleur’s hotel room under the window, when Andy arrives with a grocery bag. Sam jumps back, and looks at Andy cautiously. Andy tells he’s just hungover, and gives Sam a bag full of his clothes, and stuff. Sam thanks him for getting his stuff, and Andy goes on to tell him that the station was deserted, all the cells were wide open, remarking with sarcasm “…and they think I’m a bad cop.” He tells Sam that the town square looks like New York city or something; he tells Sam about the nut banging his head on the post, graffiti everywhere, and people pissing on the sidewalk; “The whole town is going down the crapper.”

Sam tells Andy he has no idea how they’re going to deal with a maenad, and Andy asks, “a mae- what?” Andy looks at him incredulously, and asks Andy if he remembers any of what they talked about last night, but Andy spent the night drunk and the day sleeping off his bender. Andy recalls learning that Maryann Forrester was behind all the wacky shit happening, and Sam reminds him, also the dead bodies, including the one in Andy’s car. Sam sits down and explains to Andy slowly, and firmly, that Maryann is a supernatural creature with powers and she won’t leave until she gets him. Andy asks why Maryann wants Sam, and Sam explains that she wants to cut his heart out while a bunch of naked people watch, for Dionysus, or Satan, or some god who has horns. Woo, sounds like one hell of a weekend. Will there be games and prizes? Andy grumbles that people thought he was crazy because he said he was a pig. Sam tells him that he did see a pig, but he doesn’t say she was Daphne, –almost said it though, –he just tells him that the pig was doing some of Maryann’s dirty work.

P5Andy tells Sam if all this is true, then they need to “kill that bitch!” but Sam reminds him, duh, that Maryann is immortal. Sam’s phone rings, and he answers, “Hey Arlene.” Arlene is crouched in the bar, with her back to the camera, begging Sam to come and save her, because there’s a mob of people who have Terry and they’re coming for her next. Sam tells her he already knows that she’s all caught up in Maryann’s weirdness, but Arlene tells him she knows, but Maryann is after them now, and she’s crazy, –like Hannibal Lecter crazy, and she’s worried about her kids. At Bill’s house, the driver is helping Bill out of his travel coffin, and Jason is leaving a message at the sheriff’s office about hitting the people they hit with the van in the town square. Sookie urges Jason to ask what the heck is going on in town, and Jason goes on to ask if someone could call back and let him know if they’ve been attacked by terrorists or what, but the answering machine beeps and he hangs up.

Jason explains to Sookie that the sherriff’s office answering machine was all that picked up, and Sookie tells Bill that there is something seriously wrong in Bon Temps. Upstairs, Maxine Fortenberry leans out of a room, looking all kinda trashy, with her hair all messed up, and her eyes black. She says, “Well, if it ain’t the vamper and his vamper lover.” Jason stares, and remarks that there’s those fuckin eyes again. Sookie’s eyes get big, while Jessica and Hoyt coming running out, trying to catch a cackling Maxine. Jessica calls down to Bill, “Thank god you’re home, she’s gone totally batshit!” Bill starts to ask her what the devil, –but Jessica cuts him off, and swears she didn’t do anything. Hoyt explains that at first, he thought it was just a bad reaction to one of her diet pills, but then he saw that the whole town has eyes like hers. Bill asks how long she’s been that way, and Jessica tells him since last night. Hoyt tries to keep his mama pinned on the stairs, while Maxine says she’ll be that way for as long as it takes for “Him” to get his offering. Jason stares and says simply, “That sounds fuckin’ fucked up.” No doubt, my articulate friend, fuckin fucked up indeed.

P7Hoyt tells Bill that Maxine has been going on about Sam Merlotte and how they’re gonna offer him to God, and Maxine snarls “why don’t you offer yourself up to me, Jason Stackhouse?” Jason looks about ready to hurl, and Maxine snatches him, calling him a “dirty little monkey.” Gross! Bill and Hoyt restrain her, and Bill hollers, asking if she ever calms down. Hoyt tells him that the Wii gets her to focus, but he wouldn’t call it calm. In front of the screen for the Wii, Maxine shrieks and cusses while fighting in the game. Bill stares at her as she waves the controller around, and backs away to ask Hoyt what Maxine has been talking about. Hoyt confirms that she’s been saying God is coming, so they need to catch Sam and take him to “Maryann’s.” Sookie asks where that is and Hoyt guiltily tells her it’s her house; Sookie looks full on pissed off. Maxine cackles and growls that they’re going to rip Sam open and serve him up like barbeque.

Sookie asks Hoyt if anyone has been attacked by something with claws, and he tells Sookie about the dead woman in Andy’s car, and Daphne’s scars, and her murder. Jason declares that he’s going to Merlotte’s to find out what’s going on, but Bill warns him that if it’s the same creature they’d ran into before, he doesn’t want to go anywhere near it. Jason tells Bill that he’s not going to let monsters destroy his town. Sookie tells Jason that this is one of those times where he needs to use his brain, but Jason tells her he’s been training for this kind of situation. Sookie tries to stop him again, but Bill reassures her of Jason’s ability to take care of himself. Sookie hugs him, and tells him to be careful, drive straight to Merlotte’s and stay out of the woods. Jason promises to be careful, kisses her forehead, and leaves. Sookie asks where Tara has been, and Hoyt tells her that she’s been partying hard at “Maryann’s.” Sookie sighs in exasperation and Hoyt apologizes, because it’s just sort of caught on. They take off, and leave Hoyt and Jessica with Maxine.

P9Hoyt asks Jessica if maybe he should go with them, but Jessica doesn’t want to be left alone with Maxine. Good god, I should think not. At Merlotte’s, Sam and Andy look around the silent bar for Arlene. Andy says it looks empty, but Sam tells him there are people there, that he can smell them. They hear something weird, and Arlene comes out of the back, thanking them for coming so fast. Sam asks if she’s okay, and Arlene starts to tweak, saying she is now, because soon, “He’ll be getting what’s His!” Arlene raises a knife, and begins chanting, while several other black-eyed psychos come out of hiding in the bar, surrounding Sam and Andy. A big redneck grabs Sam, and Andy fires his gun into the ceiling, but this only excites the chanting, crazed mob more. Terry grabs Andy’s gun, and fires it into the bar, while the deranged Arlene tells him not to shoot the expensive liquor, and aim instead for the bottom shelf.

Terry fires wildly all over the bar, and accidentally shoots some guy in the arm. They all giggle, while the woman beside him begins poking the wound as if it were a science project. Gross. While they crack up about Terry shooting a guy, Sam gets away, dragging Andy behind him. The mob chases them, and Sam dives over the kitchen order window, dragging Andy behind him; Andy is almost pulled from the window but manages to kick them away. Andy grabs a bottle of booze off the prep table, and they duck into the walk in fridge, using an ice pick jammed into the handle to lock the door from the inside. The mob chants and shouts in the kitchen, until  Terry takes charge and informs them mission accomplished. He sends the loopy Jane Bodehouse to call Maryann to come pick up Sam, but Jane ends up calling a number carved into the wall by the payphone, one with the prelude, “For a good time, call…” I’ve never called one of those, have you? I’m going to make it a point to do it at some point. I need a good time.

P11Inside the cooler, Andy and Sam declare, after some deliberation, that they are indeed, fucked. At Lafayette’s house, a black-eyed, vicious Tara whines to Lettie Mae to untie her. Lettie Mae tells Lafayette that tying her up isn’t helping, but Lafayette enters the living room, and tells her it’s for Tara’s own good, and theirs too. Lettie Mae holds Tara head, and asks her to tells her what she needs. Tara headbutts her in the face, and cackles maniacally. Lafayette enters, carrying a baseball bat, and holds Tara’s face, telling her she’s stronger than whatever has this hold on her, to get out of there, but Tara spits in his face, and continues laughing. Lettie Mae tells Lafayette that they need Miss Jeanette, but Lafayette says Tara needs some Thorazine and a padded cell. Lettie Mae sits in front of Tara and repeats Psalm 103:02-4 of David ” Praise the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits – who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases, and redeems your life from [sic] destruction (the pit…)”

Lafayette finishes the verse, and tells Lettie Mae that despite his agreement with Jesus to see other people, they still talk from time to time. Lettie Mae tells Lafayette that he’s been good to her, and tries to take the blame for her ending up this way, but Lafayette declares he shares some, for kicking Tara out on her birthday. Lettie Mae holds a rag on Tara upturned face, and Tara opens her black eyes, and tells her mother that he’s coming, he’s on his way, and he’s going to kill them all; Tara punctuates her deranged billing for the god with an evil little cackle. Sookie and Bill pull up to her house, and see the big rotting statue of disgusting mess that Maryann has built. Bill is the first to ask what it is, but Sookie wrinkles her nose, and says whatever the hell it is, it reeks. The flies buzzing around the nasty statue are a definite hint. The door to the house is wide open, and the inside is dimly lit by candles, but filth and rubble, plants and sticks and everything else is thrown all over. It looks like wood chipper blew up in there.

P13Inside, animals, presumably rats, squeal, and Sookie takes Bill’s hand for strength as she looks around at her Gran’s trashed home. At the foot of the stairs, Sookie sees the photo she gave Tara of her with Sookie, and Gran, as children. It’s hanging out of a broken frame. Sookie calls for Tara up the stairs, when her phone rings; Sookie answers it, and it’s Lafayette, asking when she’ll be back. Sookie tells him she’s at her house, and asks about Tara. Lafayette tells her she needs to leave the house now, but Sookie asks again about Tara, and Lafayette tells her he isn’t nearly as worried about Tara as he is Sookie, still in that house. Lafayette tells her to get out, to run, just as Bill sets eyes on the bull mask, sitting above the fireplace. Sookie takes Bill’s hand, and runs for the door, but Maryann is waiting for them, and she asks what they’re doing in her house. Sookie, fully pissed off, tells Maryann that this is not her house; Maryann says it is now, and walks toward Sookie, who backs away, beside Bill a brick wall, who “strongly suggests” Maryann leaves immediately.

Maryann declares Bill “quite the specimen,” but remarks that nothing will stop him from leaving her one day. Sookie tells Maryann that she doesn’t scare her, and Maryann snatches her up by the throat, with vampire speed, and pins her on the wall. When Maryann touches her, she sees her first encounter with Maryann; running through the woods, and being attacked by a creature with a bull’s head. Bill tears Maryann away from Sookie, and tells her to leave, then sinks his teeth into an enthusiastic Maryann, who encourages him to “ravage” her. Gross, Bill, don’t, ew. Bill starts gagging and foaming at the mouth, Sookie holds him while he barfs up Maryann’s black blood, while Maryann laughs her ass off. Maryann approaches Sookie, with her hands on the side of her face, and asks, “What are you?” but a fed up, cranky Sookie, says “None of your business!” and puts her hand on Maryann’s face, then shoves her away; electrical blue and violet light surrounds Sookie’s hand.

P15The light dies away, while everyone looks kind of shocked, then Sookie remembers Bill, gathers him up, and drags him back to the car, while Maryann continues laughing, now tickled pink with Sookie, still asking ‘what are you?’ as they leave. In the cooler, Sam and Andy sit looking, unfortunately, still pretty well fucked, –only now they’re colder. Andy shares his booze, and asks Sam if he’s glad Andy didn’t take his advice and stop drinking, holds up the bottle and says, this could save our lives. Sam tells Andy that if he’d have left town when he wanted to, nobody’d be in this situation. Andy tells him not to beat himself up, that he’s been real good to Bon Temps, even if he is a sometimes nudist. Sam should go ahead and let Andy know why he’s a “sometimes nudist” before things get awkward. Sam tells him people are going to start dying soon, but Andy points out that people already are dying, Nancy, aka Miss Jeanette, and Daphne, –but he can’t remember her name. Sam tells him it was Landry, if that was even her real name.

And tells Sam that he heard him and Daphne were close, that he’s sorry. Sam tells him thanks. Prepare for Andy’s drunken speech; he tells Sam that when he was a kid, he had a nanny, named Annie, –Annie the Nanny. Then goes on, and tells Sam she used to say that in the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man was king. He says that he reckons she said that because she believed Andy was one of the blind. Andy says he thinks that Sam is the one-eyed man, and Andy admits that he envies that. Sam tells Andy honestly, that he has no idea what he’s talking about, –er, join the club. Andy says he doesn’t know what he’s talking about either. Note to Andy, do not start waxing philosophical when your blood alcohol level is five times the legal amount. Jason rolls up outside Merlotte’s in his big truck, arms himself with a nail gun and a chainsaw, and sneaks into Merlotte’s bar. Inside, no single evening of drunken fornication can prepare him for what he’s about to see.

P17A girl is thrusting some guy’s face into her crotch, people are climbing all over the tables, licking mustard off a girl’s legs, and doing all kinda freaky shit. In an attempt to disrupt the party, Jason cranks up his chainsaw, but the crowd only cheers him on, and continues their various weird drunken deeds. Jason chainsaws through the stereo, but still, no luck. Exasperated, he holds up his nail gun, and heads out to floor. Some fat guy grabs him, so Jason nails his shirt to the bar, then heads over to where Terry and Arlene are grinding all nasty up against each other, in some sad, disgusting mockery of what’s known as “dancing.” Jason grabs Arlene and threatens to use the nail gun on her, but Arlene only laughs, while other people in the crowd get excited; one woman tells Jason, “yeah! Nail her!” Despite Terry’s inebriation, his care for Arlene gives him a small chance to see more clearly. He calls a time out and asks Jason for his demands. Jason says they all need to leave the bar, and so Terry commands them to “retreat” but promises to unfuck the situation at a later date. They follow Terry’s orders, and leave.

Terry asks for Arlene when he gets to the door, but Jason gets him all the way outside first, then hands over Arlene, who gibbers happily to Terry while Jason locks the door. On the road, Sookie is driving to Lafayette’s, while Bill hangs his head out the car window and barfs. Sookie tells Bill she’s going to call Eric, and Bill hollers that he won’t go to Eric, even though he’s puking and drooling all over the place. He asks Sookie what happened back there, and Sookie admits she doesn’t know, but she does tell him that she knows it was Maryann who attacked her in the woods. Bill growls angrily that he’ll kill Maryann, but Sookie asks him how. Bill admits he doesn’t know, and suggests that Tara might know something, since she’s been under Maryann’s influence. He asks for Sookie’s wrist so he can heal, and she offers it warily; seems like a dangerous thing to do while driving, but all right. At Merlotte’s Jason informs Andy and Sam that they can come out, he got rid of “all them saucer eyed motherfuckers.”

P19Sam and Andy are crouched by the door, and not quite ready to open it for anybody, which includes Jason Stackhouse, since the last time they walked into a trap. Andy calls bullshit, but Jason says he swears on his Gran’s grave. That convinces them and they crack the door to check Jason’s eyes. Once satisfied, they leave the cooler. Jason tells them he locked all the doors, and explains he got them out by threatening to “shoot a bunch of nails into Arlene’s brain, but if we’re gonna get out of here, we’ll need an even bigger divergence.” Uh huh… As soon as Jason finishes his ridiculous sentence, a beer keg crashes through the window, and the mob comes pouring back in. With the three men surround on all sides, Terry comes out of the mob, sits his gun on the prep table, and sits down. He lights a cigarette and says, “Sam Merlotte. There’s no escaping, Sam Merlotte. The ‘God who Comes’ always gets what he comes for. And as for you, Jason Stackhouse, –not cool.”

Jason tells them ain’t no normal god ever gonna come near them, and Mike Spencer says that god won’t be happy with him, “I bet he’ll eat ya.” Jason mocks their retarded laughing, but they only hoot louder. Sam tells Jason and Andy to save themselves, but Andy promises they’ll get him out of there. Sam, his mind made up, asks Andy, ‘then what?’, and tells him Maryann won’t ever let up, and he has to end this. Andy tells him no, but Sam backs up to the mob, and they grab him; think of forced crowd surfing. They cheer, and carry him off. At Lafayette’s, Tara is slightly rocking back and forth, and chanting in a monotone voice. Lafayette slaps her and tells her to snap out of it, but she just keeps chanting and rocking. Lafayette comments that this has got to be the “worst motherfuckin intervention in history.” Someone knocks, and Lafayette answers, thinking it’s Sookie, but it’s one of his customers, wanting V. Lafayette tells her she needs to leave, but she argues, –however, Bill and Sookie just pulled up. Bill rushes to the door, and with his fangs out, tells her she needs to leave now. The girl takes off, and Bill gives Lafayette a nasty look, until Lafayette explains that Eric is the one making him push V.

P21Sookie runs up, and asks where Tara is, while Bill continues staring down Lafayette; they eventually go inside, when Lafayette remembers that he has to invite Bill in, and they find Tara looking all evil, quiet now. Sookie comes closer, and almost touches Tara’s face, asking what happened to her. Tara snaps at her fingers, and tells her, “Get me the fuck out of her you stupid cunt, or I will kill you.” Ooh, damn. Sookie backs up, and Lafayette tells her that they’re losing her. Sookie leans in again and looks into Tara’s mind, but sees only black nothing, –well, black nothing with shimmery stuff around the edges. She tells them it’s all dark in there, and Lettie Mae freaks out a little, asking if Sookie can see in her head. Tara hollers “stop trying to rape my brain!” and Sookie explains that she can’t see anything, that Tara’s gone. Lafayette tells her not to say that, getting more upset, and Bill tells her that she’ll have to go further into Tara’s mind than ever before. Tara sees Sookie’s wrist, and asks casually if she tried to kill herself, then says she doesn’t blame her, with Sookie’s fucked up life.

Ooh, Tara is a vicious bitch; I mean, she was a vicious bitch before, but now she’s really building up steam. Sookie leans closer, and looks into Tara’s mind, further, and sees snapshot images of the night they first tried to kill Sam, and Maryann dancing by the fire. She pulls back, and tells them there’s something she can’t cross; an abyss. Bill suggests he glamour her, and Lettie Mae starts to object, but Bill tells her it might help. Sookie says she doesn’t want to hurt Tara, and Bill reminds her that leaving Tara like that would be worse, for them, and Tara. While Bill starts in with his soft hypnotism routine, the mob is dancing around a car, while holding Sam in place on top of it. Suddenly, a road flare flies through the air, then another, catching the attention of the mob. Suddenly, Jason stands up, shirtless, wearing welding gloves, and a gas mask, waving road flares, laughing manically. He says, “It is me, the god who comes, and now I am here!” Uh huh.. Mike Spencer asks if he’s really the god who comes, and Sam signals Andy that they need horns, –Jason tells Andy to go get them, then bellows that Sam Merlotte is his offering.

P23Jason hollers that they can all go home. Jane Bodehouse looks put out, slumps and says “Really?” Jason confirms, and says that Sam Merlotte is the best offering ever, then gifts them with, “ummm… great weather… and… good crops! Now leave!” Terry Bellefleur calls bullshit, and says the god has horns. Just in time, Andy holds up a branch behind Jason’s head, and Jason bellows again. Sam slides off the car, bows sort of, and says, “Oh lord, smite me,” but Jason can’t hear him. Sam says louder, and slower, for Jason to “smite” him, then turns around. Jason, or the god who comes, says quietly, “I don’t even know what you’re saying man.” Sam, frustrated, hollers over his shoulder at Jason to, “smite me, motherfucker!” Jason gets it, and hollers “I smite thee, Sam Merlotte! Diiiiiiiiiiiie!” Sam convulses then disappears into thin air, his clothes landing in a heap. Jason and Andy freak out, along with everyone else there. Jason, the god in welding gloves and a gasp mask, says “There! Happy?” Terry answers, well, yeah. Jason tells them to tell their leader he is pleased, then orders them to leave.

A fly buzzes around Terry’s face then flies off. The crowd cheers, and disperses, carrying off Sam’s clothes to Maryann. Won’t she be surprised? Jason and Andy look around for Sam, wondering what the hell happened, and suddenly, he appears butt-naked except for a cooking apron, using fire extinguishers on the road flares. He tells them he’ll explain later, and to help him put the flares ut before they start a fire. Jason and Andy look properly miffed, and Andy kicks back a swig of booze, then claims that’s the last drink he’ll ever take, then hands Jason the bottle. At Lafayette’s, Bill is still trying to glamour Tara and he commands her to let Sookie in, who holds Sookie from behind. Bill tells Tara to do as he says, but Tara coldly replies that she isn’t his fucking slave girl. Lafayette tells Tara to listen to Bill, and Lettie Mae prays while they try again. Bill somewhat successfully manages to glamour Tara for a moment, and tells Sookie to go into her mind now. Images and lost memories flood through Tara’s mind, while the black in her eyes shrinks.

P25The black in Tara’s eyes melts away and then they are normal. She blinks, looks around, and says, “Oh my god, I’m crazy,” then begins to cry. Sookie comforts her, and tells her that it wasn’t Tara doing those things. Tara sees her mother, and begins to sob, and tell her she’s sorry. Lettie Mae tells her too, that she knew it wasn’t Tara. Lettie Mae thanks Sookie and Bill. Sookie gets up, and tells them she needs air, before she goes outside, and Bill follows her. Lafayette joins Lettie Mae and Tara, and hugs them tight, but suddenly, Tara remembers Eggs, and jumps up to run and go get him. Lettie Mae locks the door, and Lafayette holds onto Tara, telling her no. Outside on the porch, Sookie tells Bill about the ordeal from her perspective; every part of Tara was gone, totally replaced, and that she thought only vampires could hypnotize people. Bill tells her honestly that human minds are very easily manipulated. Sookie tells him it’s all coming from Maryann, that even though she eats human hearts, she wants more, their souls. She tells Bill about the chant.

Sookie repeats some of the chant to Bill, and he suddenly remembers it from a book he read a long time ago, about a creature he thought was only a myth, but now believes Maryann might be one. Sookie asks what Maryann is, and more importantly, how to kill her. Bill admits he doesn’t know, but does know one vampire who might, and if he is going to make it to where she is by daylight, he’ll have to leave right then. Sookie wants to go with him, but Bill tells her he has to go alone, but he’ll be back by morning, –whatever the hell that means. How exactly does he plan to be there by dawn, yet make it back to Sookie by morning? I’m a bit confused. He tells Sookie he can do more good for the normal people left in town, if she stays there. Sookie admits that he’s right, and points out that look at what happened the last time she left. Bill asks if she can do, whatever it was she did to Maryann, again. Sookie says she doesn’t know, that she doesn’t know what she even did.

P27Bill says all right, and tells Sookie to keep her friends safe, and makes her promise to stay away from her home. Sookie promises, and they kiss, before Bill turns and leave so fast, it makes a breeze that blows Sookie’s hair back. Woo, ain’t he fast?! At Bill’s house, Hoyt’s having a hell of a time keeping his mama locked up; Maxine is tugging at his pants while she hollers to be let loose, and he tries to lock all the doors. Jessica sits on the stairs looking tired, and about to lose her cool. Maxine calls Jessica a “devil slut” and Jessica growls that she’s getting real tired of this shit, and Hoyt hollers at his mama to treat Jessica with respect or he’ll lock her up in the cubby hole until Vampire Bill gets home. Maxine mocks him, saying that now he thinks he’s Dirty Harry, “since you’ve been dipping your penguin dick in that vamper tramp!” Hoyt looks humiliated, and Jessica snaps forward, gripping the bars on the stair rail. Maxine tells Hoyt that him and his daddy were both “half-men”, and Jessica stands up, coming down the stairs a bit more. Hoyt tells her to calm down, while Maxine continues to instigate the situation.

Jessica’s fangs come out, and she warns Maxine that she doesn’t have much control over her actions, and that she hasn’t eaten in days. Hoyt is suddenly very worried, and asks “Seriously?” Jessica lunges for Maxine, and Hoyt tries to pull her off his mama, but Jessica flings him away, and asks Maxine for one good reason not to drain her dry. Maxine tells her she doesn’t have to give her nothing, and Jessica snaps and bites her. Hoyt panics, and hollers “Fuck! No!” Elsewhere, Bill is walking into a modern castle, very pretty, and the security guard at the gate tells him the queen is expecting him. Bill heads down the narrow walkway, with water on both sides, and enters a foyer where the entrance is decorated with white coral and shells. He greets the queen, and says, “Your Majesty,” and whatever he is looking at, must be interesting, because all we can see is a very pretty foot with blood dripping down it.

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