True Blood, Season 2 Episode 7

P1Andy didn’t give up after all! He’s still running through the woods, drunk as a skunk, and still falling repeatedly on his face. In the clearing at the big orgy, Eggs is manhandling Sam, and slams him onto a rock. Tara leans over, with completely black eyes, tells him to give in, and licks his face. Sam asks what Maryann did to her, but Tara is too tweaked to notice, and besides, –Maryann is now the bull creature with huge slimy claws, and she’s dancing Sam’s way! Suddenly, Andy breaks into the clearing and sees all this weird shit going on; gun in hand, he accidentally fires a shot into the ground. All the mindless zombies at the orgy suddenly start screaming and flipping out, –Sam gets the chance to escape, and does, first head-butting Eggs, and then flat out punch Daphne right in the face, –hey, you might not advocate hitting girls, but that crazy bitch deserved it. Sam is running through the trees, with the nasty Maryann bull creature behind him doing some kind of weird ass, “I have a mask on my head and an expensive dress on” running motion, that isn’t quite running. Sam turns into an owl and flies away, while back in the clearing, Andy watches the townspeople spaz out.

Cue the intro music! Jace Everett is getting us in the mood for what’s to come, with Bad Things, –and this episode is going to chock full of awesomeness after all the cliffs they left us dangling off of in the last episode. Andy tries shouting and telling the naked townspeople all to freeze, but they ignore him and wander off. Andy spies his cousin, Terry Bellefleur, with Arlene, and without pants on. Andy tries to turn him around, but Terry grabs his hand, twists, and punches his wrists. Arlene claps, cackles, and bounces up and down while Terry screams something like a battle cry. Andy lays there, miserable and in pain, hollering like a stuck pig, while the two lunatics frolic off. In the Fellowship of the Sun’s basement, Sookie calls out to Godric, if he’s there, to let them know that she and Hugo were sent by Isabelle and Eric, to save him. Hugo starts getting all sissified, because he really is claustrophobic, –or maybe just worried about getting caught. Sookie ignores his rant and looks at the neat little board games down there, such as “Send Them Back to Hell” and “Jesus Christ Vampire Exterminator”, –I wonder if the game is based on the movie! Hugo starts freaking out more, and Sookie tries to calm him down.

P3Hugo suggests, once he’s done with his pussified panic attack, that maybe Stan is trying to bump off Godric and be the new sheriff, since the Fellowship idiots knew exactly who they were the minute they walked in. Sookie doesn’t think Stan would do something that crazy, but Hugo disagrees, –Sookie gets sidetracked, worrying that Bill will come crashing through the church any second, since she knows he sensed her fear. Hugo asks why she’s worried, and Sookie tells him, that they’re about to kill an ancient vampire, and who knows what else they’re capable of. At the hotel, Lorena is fighting to keep Bill in the room; all the ex’s will know this fight when they see it. In the human world this is the “how long can I keep him here before he calls the cops?” fight, but I guess with vampires police aren’t an issue, so it could go on forever. Bill reaches behind Lorena and tries to open the door, but she throws him down and pins him to the floor with a high heel firmly planted over his heart, –and you know, she’s talking all kinds of shit. Bill throws her up off him, and she falls on the floor while he runs for the door, –she gets there first though. Instead of renewing the game, Bill asks why she’s there, and she answers that she’s missed him.

Yeah, bucket loads, it looks like.  Flashback! It’s Los Angeles in 1935, and Bill is reading books, –oh no! Not books! Lorena returns from a music, bitching about how cheerful they are, –duh, –and she’s brought him home a present, one of the chorus girls, and blonde as well. The drawn on pencil thin eyebrows are making my stomach turn. Now both women are wearing them! Lorena introduces Francis the chorus girl, to Alfred, the rich tormented vampire who is actually Bill. Francis starts dancing the music on Bill’s little record player, and it’s cute but absolutely not sexy. Bill crankily turns the player off, and Lorena excuses him, because he’s “in one of his moods.” Probably guilty for killing all those people and wallerin’ around in their blood, but, nothing serious. Lorena starts to glamour Francis for him, but Bill stops her and tells her he meant what he said, “No more!” –oh, looks like Bill has given up his wild lifestyle! Lorena tries to seduce Bill with food, and while, usually it works, when it’s a person that’s the food, maybe there are hidden angles. Bill almost gives in, but tells Francis to leave before he bites her.

P5Lorena calls him a wet blanket, and she wonders why she bothers; Bill retorts the same, “Why do you?” and instead of answering, she suggests they move back to the south, which might pulled him out of being depressed. Bill tells her he isn’t depressed, he’s seeing clearly for the first time in years, and that he can’t stand the sight of her. Odd, –it’s only been nine years since he was butchering people cheerfully with her. Most serial killers take longer to experience a change of heart. Lorena is hurt, as much as a cold bitch like her can be, and tries to keep Bill from leaving, –he gives her the long speech about how he doesn’t want to kill innocent people anymore, and so on. But Lorena tries to tell him he’ll outgrow his conscience, and they’ll get through it, “together.” Bill grabs her and tells her he’ll never be what she wants him to be, and walks off. She grabs a lamp and throws it at him, but he catches it. Back to the future; Bill tells Lorena from the sofa that if Sookie is hurt, he’ll hunt her down and stake her. Lorena says in awe, “It’s true, you’re in love with a human,” –awww, someone’s feelings are hurt. Lorena tries to laugh it off, but we know she’s really just a big sissy.

On the hill above the Fellowship of the Sun church, Eric stands looking down with Isabelle, and states, “You’ve got to be joking me,” –he thinks their army is pathetic, but Isabelle tells him not to underestimate them, since they’re all nuts and gaining support, –and willing to die. Eric says that can be easily arranged, but Isabelle doesn’t wan to attack them until they know if Godric is there. Eric brings up Hugo and Sookie being inside too long, but Isabelle says there’s no sign of alarm, and she’d know if Hugo was in danger. Hmm, now why isn’t she feeling Hugo’s alarm bells going off? Taken hostage, trapped in a basement with a vampire? Sookie’s bells are ringing, and Bill has an excuse from gym class, –he’s fighting an angry ex this evening. But Hugo doesn’t have an excuse. Uh oh. Eric asks Isabelle why she finds human companionship fulfilling, and she tells him because humans feel more, maybe because their lives are temporary. Eric remarks that they don’t “keep well”, –ew, –and asks whether she finds the prospect of him growing old, and icky repulsive. Isabelle says no, she finds it curious, like a science project; oh, isn’t she sweet?

P7Isabelle asks Eric how Bill feels about his interest in Sookie, and Eric grumbles and says he isn’t interested in Sookie or how Bill feels, and that his only interest is finding Godric. Isabelle, all sly, just says, “of course,” but Eric tells her not to look at him like that, and changes the subject back to Godric’s inexplicable capture by the lunatics from the Fellowship of the Sun. Stan thinks it’s possible, Isabelle says, but she thinks it’s hard to believe that anything could overpower him. Eric agrees, not anything human. In the church’s balcony, Jason and Sarah are cuddled up, and Sarah is bawling again. When Jason asks why, she tells him because she’s happy, because now she knows she loves Jason, and he looks at her, finally, like she’s lost her mind. Uh, yeah, obviously. Sarah, overjoyed, gets up and tells Jason they have to go tell Steve! Just because she broke her marriage vows, doesn’t mean she’s ready to throw all her beliefs “out th’ winda!” Jason tries to stop her, seeing as how Steve has an armory in his house, and there’s the lock-in.

Sarah Newlin doesn’t get the big picture, but she does remember that she has to do the morning ceremony, and the lock-in thing as a “responsibility to God” before she can fulfill any responsibilities to her heart. She puts her panties back on and reassures him that even though she’ll be standing beside Steve, she’ll only be thinking of Jason. She runs off and leaves Jason with the “Oh, shit,” look on his face. At the hotel, Hoyt and Jessica are in bed, making out, and sex is in the air! Hoyt confides to Jessica that he’s never “done it… with a girl, I mean,” and Jessica, eyes wide, asks “What have you done it with?” Yeah, no shit, Hoyt. What the hell? He says, “myself,” and we all take a breath of relief. Jeez. Jessica says, “Oh so you’re a virgin,” and Hoyt nods like it causes physical pain to admit it. But Jessica admits that she’s one too, and she’s not a slut just because she’s a vampire. But, if she could have gotten away with it, she could have. Hoyt says he wanted to wait to have sex, until he found a nice girl, –but oops! Took him a while, didn’t it?

P9Jessica says she wants to be his first, –gasp! Hoyt gets all excited and Jessica puts down the shades, and drops her robe. Oh boy. Hoyt asks “Now?” but Jessica says nah, she just has to go to bed, since it’s almost dawn, but that they can cuddle. She tells him not to freak out if she looks dead. That shouldn’t be a problem, since it’s an all-the-time kind of thing. They snuggle up and Hoyt, remains in his pants. God, that must be uncomfortable. Back at Godric’s nest, Stan speculates that Sookie and Hugo have run off and maybe joined the Fellowship, but Isabelle tells him to watch his mouth, –Stan says if she cared about him, they’d have been in there hours ago. Eric, in front of them, gets shit from Stan too, but Eric isn’t taking it. He pins Stan and asks if he’s questioning Eric’s loyalty, but goes on to accuse him of murdering Godric. Isabelle stops them from fighting, reminding Eric there’s no proof. Eric turns, and tells them he doesn’t care what they, if Godric’s gone then nothing can replace his loss. A blood tear falls as he leaves. Poor Eric.

At Sookie’s house, Tara and Eggs are sleeping off their wild night of screwing, boozing, pseudo-possession, and nearly killing a man, on the couch. Tara wakes up, and wakes Eggs, asking what the hell they’re doing on the couch. Tara, unsettled, says she doesn’t remember anything after following a trail of clothes into the woods, and Eggs doesn’t either. Eggs thinks it might be the pot, but Tara doesn’t, –even though according to Eggs, Maryann’s weed is “some serious shit.” She probably laces it with cyanide, cowboy. Tara reminds Eggs of the weird place they went yesterday in the woods, that Eggs had been to, but couldn’t remember, –Eggs cuts her off, and tells her it had nothing to do with getting high and passing out. Tara tells him she thinks they need to sober up and lay off the weed, –yeah, because you know, once it’s interfered with work, and made your life hell, making you black out is obviously over the limit. Eggs tries to comfort Tara by telling her she isn’t her mama just because she got too stoned. No, but it does make you an irresponsible imbecile who makes excuses for her actions. A-dur.

P11Tara tells him that sometimes it’s like he can read her mind, but Eggs tells her he just gets her. They kiss and get all cute together. Aww, egghead and the delinquent bitchy woman. So sweet. Sam Merlotte crashes into the bar, pulling a shirt over his head, and heading back to his office, looking around in paranoia to make sure no one’s fixing to jump out and get him. Shit, I would too; the whole town has lost its damn mind. He reaches up into the fireplace, and takes out a cloth wrapped pistol, ready for anything if more shit should be poured onto the fan. Steve Newlin heads down to the basement, calling, “Mornin!” and offers Sookie and Hugo ‘refreshments’, and inquires how they slept. Sookie lets them know that they’re knee deep in shit, and that vampires are coming for them, but Steve, and the lunatic Gabe, stand there and confidently assert they’re ready for vampires, and are “surprised” none have shown up yet. Sookie warns them again that they’re about to get themselves good and dead, but Steve is sure of his cause, and there’s nothing more stubborn than a self-righteous Christian.

Sookie tells him that Jesus would be ashamed of him, but Steve laughs it off, and sits in front of Sookie and Hugo’s cage, attempting to apologize for acting nasty, claiming he isn’t the monster that the vampire loving media makes him out to be. Steve tells them that he just wants to get a couple answers, and then they’ll send them on their way. Hugo blurts out that he’s gotta get out of there, and that his name is Hugo Airs or something like that, that her name is Sookie Stackhouse, and they were sent there by the vampires of Area 9 to find their sheriff. However, Steve heard plenty when he heard the name “Sookie Stackhouse” since her brother is right upstairs. Steve makes the connection, and heads off upstairs with Gabe, while Sookie swears her brother doesn’t have anything to do with this, and asks how they know him. They ignore her, and she turns her wrath on Hugo. He starts whining about them needing to get out, and so on, but Sookie tells him flat out to shut the fuck up. Hugo starts tearing things up, and Sookie sits and sends Barry a message, asking him to find Bill Compton, and tell him where she is, and that it’s a life or death situation.

P13At the hotel, Bill is still awake, refusing to give in to sleep, despite Lorena torturing him. It’s become a standoff; if Lorena sleeps, Bill will take off, and she can’t “allow that”, –her nose starts to bleed, and Bill’s ear is bleeding. He tells her he isn’t suicidal, but Lorena tells him she knows what he’s capable of. Despite Bill telling her it’s foolish to do this, because they’re weakening and “the bleeds have begun”, Lorena stays awake. Bill spies the phone, but Lorena snatches it; apparently, he hadn’t thought of that before. God, duh. He pleads with Lorena, to at least be allowed to call for help, to call Eric since he’s the reason Sookie is in danger; Lorena tells him Eric is also the reason she’s there, and the phone disintegrates in her grip. Lorena tells him Eric wants Sookie, to just let him have her. Bill works himself up for a spaz attack, and we’re back to the Fellowship, where Jason is trying to leave, carrying out all his shit, when Steve Newlin rolls up behind him. Steve cuts him off in his SUV and Gabe jumps out, puts a knife to his throat, and makes him get in the car; they speed away, with Jason captive.

At the sheriff’s office, a dirty, smelly-looking Andy is trying to tell Sheriff Bud Dearborn what happened; his broken arm is in a cast, but that doesn’t stop him from waving it around as he tries to explain. Bud sighs, and looks at him like he’s insane. At Sookie’s house, Tara and Eggs are still sitting their lazy asses on the couch, watch TV, instead of cleaning up the unholy mess in Sookie’s house, or even asking Maryann and her little servant man what the hell went on last night. Maryann wanders in the house with bloody feet, still wearing last night’s dress, and dragging a dead rabbit with her. She’s cheerful enough, and says ‘Good morning,’, despite looking like she’s been killing things with her teeth, which she mostly likely has been. Tara and Eggs stare at her, and ask if she’s okay, but Maryann tells them she’s been sleeping outside, and communing with her animal spirit, then shows them her dead rabbit, “Yummy!” Tara looks like she’s about to gag, and Egg is close behind her, with a “no shit…!” Tara says “Poor bunny,” but Maryann reminds her in a maniacal tone that, feeling sorry is just an excuse not to celebrate your own happiness.

P15Maryann drapes herself over a chair, the bloody dead rabbit still dangling, and asks them what they did last night, since they’re all “glowy.” Tara doesn’t know, but says they “just hung out”, and asks Maryann if she threw a party, and reminds her that it’s Sookie’s house, –Maryann tells her that Sookie will be happy when she gets home, since Tara took such good care of the place. Maryann wanders off, calling for Carl, while Tara stares at her, and states, “She’s so fuckin weird.” I’m sorry, but trashing my roommate’s house, and bringing home dead shit in the morning is grounds for eviction. Then again, Tara is obviously not firing on all cylinders. In the woods somewhere around the Fellowship, Gabe has Jason with a knife to his throat, while Steve stands there looking like he’s about to cry, hollering at Jason for betraying him. Jason, has no idea that Steve is talking about his sister, and thinks this is all over him screwing Sarah. Jason says he’s “so sorry”, but Steve says he can’t believe he chose “them” over Salvation.

Jason gets confused, and asks who “them” is, but Steve tells him to just drop the act, that he knows who Jason is, and who he works for. Jason, stupefied, asks, “the road crew?” Steve tells Jason he thought he was stupid, but good at following orders, –poor Jason, that wasn’t nice, –and now he finds out that Jason is “snakier than a snake in the grass.” Steve tells him, despite Jason’s ignorance, to say a prayer, that he’s going to hell, today. Steve takes off in the SUV after telling Gab to “take care of him.” Gabe pushes Jason ahead of him, and follows, telling him to “start walking.” Oooh, Jason’s in trouble, but I dunno, –Gabe is old, and Jason’s pretty tough. At the lake, Daphne sits, playing in the water, when Sam walks up behind her, and points his gun at her head, with the hammer back. Daphne recognizes his smell, and says, “Hello, Sam.” Creepy bitch. Sam tells her he’s been looking for her, but Daphne isn’t surprised. She tells him she isn’t afraid to die, but Sam knows she’s afraid of Maryann.

P17Sam asks Daphne if Maryann putting those scars on her back was how she got Daphne to be her whore. Daphne states it isn’t whoring if it’s done for love, Sam mistakes her for talking about him, claiming she and Sam “had fun,” and Sam hollers at her. Sam tells her he trusted her, and asks her how she could do this to her own kind. Daphne says she used to be just like Sam, “scared, stupid, full of shame,” but Maryann saved her and gave her a whole new life. Yeah, and Sam is the stupid one. Daphne tells him that next to Maryann, he’s a flea, and Sam asks why if he so insignificant, is Maryann going through the trouble of trying to catch him. Daphne tells him, because he got away from her once already. Daphne explains that Maryann can only get inside humans, not “supes”, –supernatural creatures, –and that eve though she can force them to shift, she can’t get inside them, so they have to go to Maryann of their own free will. Daphne tells Sam that Maryann loves a challenge, but Sam tells her he’s not a challenge, he’s a person. Daphne strips, and jumps in the water, inviting Sam, but he asks her angrily, what Maryann is; Daphne says, “She’s god, dum-dum!” Hmm, an interesting hypothesis, although the theory is a little bit of a stretch, since she calls Maryann “God”, not ‘a god.’ Generally, the Christian god isn’t represented with horns and claws.

In the basement, Hugo is hollering to be let out, because he needs to pee, but when Sookie offers him a water bottle, he smacks it away. She tries taking his hand to calm him down, and when she does, she sees inside his head; scenes of Hugo “repenting” with Steve Newlin in the church, eavesdropping on Bill, Sookie, and Eric planning her infiltration of the church, and then his phone call to the church to let them know about the plan. Hugo shakes Sookie off, and she says, “you’re the traitor!” Oooh, uhm, -duh-. Back at the lake, Sam tells Daphne carefully, looking like he’s trying to repress the urge to jump in and choke her to death, that Maryann isn’t God. Daphne says cheerfully, that Maryann is as close to God as they’ll ever get, that she’s been called all kinds of things, but that she’s really a maenad. This is where the whole mythology thing takes a left turn down the path of incorrect: Daphne tells him that maenads were followers of Dionysus, the god of wine, also called “the horned god.” Ah… not really. Sam makes the connection with Satan, –also not correct, but then again, not everyone is a big Greek mythology buff.

P19Daphne says Satan and Dionysus are all a kind of energy, –not really correct either. She then goes on to explain that it’s lust, excess, violence, anger, “all the fun stuff,” and that Maryann controls it and brings it out in people, and that Maryann is also immortal so there’s no point in fighting her. Sam asks if he gives himself up, will Maryann go away? But Daphne says probably not, since she’s having so much fun. She tries to cozy up to him, but Sam pushes Daphne away, and walks off. In the basement, Hugo is telling Sookie about why he’s a chickenshit pussy, and how he came to betray everyone; he tells her that he used to be just like Sookie, supposedly. Then told her that she wouldn’t know, that he started missing work, being unable to leave them at dark. He tells her that he begged Isabelle to turn him,  so they could be together as equals, but he says, they don’t want their human lovers to be equal. He says Isabelle was just using him, just like Bill is using Sookie, and goes on to say what a big trophy a telepath must be for a vampire; that vampires don’t care about anything but their own kind, and that’s why he joined the Fellowship. He goes a bit too far with that one, and Sookie tells him to shut up, and asks why, if the Fellowship cares so much, is he still locked in the basement.

Sookie gets sassy then, and tells him flat out, that to the Fellowship, he is nothing but “a fang-bangin’ traitor,” and when he starts hollering for Gabe, Sookie smirks, and points out just how important Hugo is to them. At the door to the Fellowship, all the crazy vampire haters are getting together for the lock-in, and Sarah is greeting them at the door. Steve approaches and tells her he needs to talk to her in private, about Jason Stackhouse. Oh shit! Sarah Newlin falters just a little bit, and follows him inside. Gabe is driving Jason through the woods at knife-point, and Jason is trying to tell him there’s been a mistake… and this is where Gabe screws up. He moves the knife to snatch Jason up by the hair, and then talks shit about Jason’s mama, and his sister. Ooooh. Jason’s eyes get all big, and he spins around, and knocks Gabe down, telling him not to EVER talk about his sister. Gabe spits out some blood, and ding ding! round one goes to Jason Stackhouse, and to instigate round two, Gabe calls Jason a “sister-fucker.” Jason screams, and rushes Gabe, the bigger guy, and picks him up at the legs, slams him down on the ground, and the fight is on! Jason wins, of course, calls Gabe a “dickbrain”, kicks him in the nuts, and heads off to find out what the hell is going on.

P21Lafayette is making good on his promise to sell the blood that Pam gave him; while he does his make-up, he manages to sell half a vial. At Merlotte’s, Arlene rushes into work, while Tara and Eggs play kissy-face over the bar. Arlene asks where Sam is, but Tara tells Arlene he took the day off with “Little Miss Employee of the Month”, –ooh, friction. Arlene is overjoyed, and whisks Tara off to the ladies’ room to talk to her. Lafayette is in there, still doing his makeup, and Arlene asks why he’s in there, if it says Ladies on the door, –Lafayette, with his sassy ass, asks why them “skank hos” are in there. Arlene gapes, and Tara calls him a bitch. As Lafayette leaves, Tara asks how his leg is, and when he says “great”, Tara narrows her eyes, and promises him they’ll talk about that later. Lafayette leaves, and Tara closes the door. Arlene, freaking out, tells Tara she’s afraid she did “somethin reeeeal bad.” She explains that she and Terry are dating, but that she couldn’t get him to do anything with her, despite all her seductive methods, and Tara tells her to get to the point. Arlene tells Tara that last night, she tried getting a few drinks into Terry to loosen him up, and that everything was going good, until she blacked out.

Arlene says she thinks she might have ‘had her way’ with Terry, and Tara gapes, asking if she thinks she date raped Terry Bellefleur. Arlene admits that there were “telltale signs” that they did something, –gross, but that she can’t remember a thing. At the bar, Lafayette pours himself a drink, looks Eggs up and down, and says, “Damn,” and reflects on how unfair it is that now that he’s trying to stay out of trouble, it keeps walking in his door. Eggs tries to introduce himself, and shake hands, but Lafayette just stares at him, and remarks that nothing good can come out of something that pretty. Lafayette asks, “Tara’s Eggs?” as Tara approaches, remarking that it really doesn’t sound right, since his name is Benedict, why not have people call him Ben. Lafayette suggests “Dicked,” and Tara snaps, “behave.” Lafayette says, “Satan in a Sunday hat,” which, as you’ll recall, is a family saying when something is too good to be true; Lafayette continues, “Satan in a beautiful ma’fuckin’ Sunday hat.”

P23Before they can get into it, Andy, lookin’ all kinds of fucked up, slams into the bar hollering for Terry, and threatening to kick his ass. Tara asks him what happened to his arm, and Terry starts a little, and tells her he won’t talk to her, that she is a devil worshipper, and that he saw her last night, her and everyone else. He continues hollering for Terry, but Arlene tells him that Terry ain’t there; when she offers to call him, Andy hollers “Fuck you, zombie woman!” Good god, poor Andy. Sam approaches, just as freaked out as Andy, and this time, for once, is sympathizing with the fat drunk guy. Eggs calls ‘hey’ to Sam, and Arlene tells him he looks like he saw a ghost, while Tara looks at him concerned. Poor Sam is inches away from boozing it up with Andy. At the hotel Carmilla, Hoyt decorates the room with rose petals, candles and soft music plays as Jessica slowly starts to wake up to find a rose on the pillow beside her. Aww, what a sweety. He shows her the candles he got at the gift store downstairs, that are supposed to be “blood scented”, but he says they smell like soup. Huh, that sounds both interesting and gross.

Hoyt asks Jessica if she likes them, and Jessica tells him the room is perfect; he sighs in relief and admits that’s what he was going for, since she’s perfect, and he wants her first time to be perfect, and –God almighty, finally, Jessica interrupts him before he can start jabbering like a nut, and tells him to just take off his pants. He grins, sheds his pants, and hops on the bed with Jessica. In the woods somewhere near the Light of Day Institute, Jason Stackhouse is running down the dirt road at night with Gabe’s knife, when a car approaches behind him; it’s Sarah, driving like a bat out of hell in the go-cart/golf cart thingy. She gets out of the car, and Jason tries to explain Steve and Gabe have lost it, when she shoots him! OMG! Noooo! Not Jason. I was just about to fall out of my chair. That damn Barbie bimbo bitch shot him! Daphne meanwhile, is standing on the dock at the lake where she and swam had their first swim, when Maryann approaches behind her. Daphne tells Maryann she missed her, and Maryann says, “Thank you for your service.” Hmm, not exactly words of love, but –oh shit! A zombified Eggs steps up, and stabs Daphne right in the chest. Maryann grins while Daphne dies.

P25In the basement, Gabe comes down the stairs to the cage, looking pretty mean, and beat up. Hugo begs to be let out, but Gabe, as predicted, punches him in the face, and calls him nasty names, while he continues beating him up. Even though Hugo betrayed her, Sookie jumps on Gabe’s back, and hollers for him to stop. Gabe slams her into the shelf, and begins choking her, when he threatens to ‘show her what she’s been missing’, Sookie screams, and Bill’s eyes widen where he is, sitting without sleep, with Lorena, still at the hotel. Bill starts looking around; he grabs a wooden table, and throws it at the evil bitch, before, but Lorena grabs a piece of the table or chair or whatever, and is at the door at the same moment, with the wooden leg aimed at his back. She threatens to end him if he opens the door, and they flash back to their last fight, when Bill left her in LA, in 1935. Bill begs her to let him leaves, because he doesn’t love her, the guilt over killing for her, is too much to bear, and when he tells her she’s the one afraid of being alone, she throws him down, smashing a wooden table. Bill picks up a piece, and threatens to kill himself if she doesn’t let him leave.

Lorena begins to cry, and tells Bill she can’t live without him; before Bill can kill himself, she stops him, and says, “As your maker, I release you,” while blood tears run down her face. Aww, poor baby. Sad, despite her being a psychotic murderess. At the door where Lorena has Bill pinned, back in the present, he asks what she has to gain, since she’s already released him. Lorena tells him he has no future with Sookie, and that one day, he’ll see Lorena keeping him from her as an act of love. A knock at the door, but Lorena covers Bill’s mouth. Lorena answers and it’s Barry the Bellboy! He tells Lorena that Sookie is being held in the basement with Godric at the Fellowship of the Sun; and while Bill is still pinned by Lorena, Eric overhears from the room across the hall, and is out of his door and gone before Barry even sees anything. Lorena snatches him inside, just as Barry is telling Sookie telepathically that this is the last time he does her and her vampire friends any favors. In the basement of the Fellowship, Gabe is trying to rape Sookie as she struggles to get away, screaming and kicking. Suddenly, Gabe is up in the air;Godric holds him up, dangling him off the floor as though he weighs as much as a towel. He looks a lot different in fluorescent lighting, –but still pretty. That’s where they leave us!

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