True Blood, Season 2 Episode 8

P1We finally meet the modern Godric, while Sookie buttons her dress. Apparently, Godric knows Gabe, who says, “Godric, it’s me,” right before Godric snaps his neck. Gabe slumps to the floor, and Godric tells Sookie she shouldn’t have come, just as Eric arrives, and goes on his knees before his maker; Godric tells him he shouldn’t have sent humans to come for him, that he was aware of their plan, and explains to Eric that Hugo betrayed him. Sookie tells Eric that Hugo is with the Fellowship, and Eric asks Godric if he needs to feed, but Godric doesn’t require much blood anymore. An alarm buzzes, and lights flash, which means that the shit has hit the fan upstairs. Godric tells Eric to save Sookie, but Eric doesn’t want to leave him. Godric insists, as does Sookie, and Godric tells Eric not to spill any blood on the way out. Eric obeys, and leaves Godric there. And cue the theme song! Oh boy, this episode promises to be full of crazy action, and I don’t know about you, but I am stoked!

After Jace Everett serenades us against a backdrop of southern culture and lust, we see, OMFG, that Jason Stackhouse is alive! He’s alive, alive, alive! Do a happy dance! He sits up, and that crazy Newlin bitch has shot him with a paint gun. He lays there, repeating that he’s saved, and it was God that saved him, while Sarah hollers for him to grow a brain cell. Hey, watch it now, only people who know Jason can pick on him, –like us! Jason calls her a crazy bitch, and she starts screaming at him that she gave him everything, and bla bla bla, and he is worse than Judas! Jason stares at her and says, “Why, what’d he do to you?” Sarah lets out a maniacal laugh, and says “Fuck you!” before shooting him in the balls with her paint gun. Now that was uncalled for! Before she can shoot him again, Jason asks what the hell is going on, and why she told her husband, Steve Newlin, about their affair. But that’s not why she’s pissed; she comes right out and says, “We have your sister!” Uh oh, you’re gonna piss him off.

P3Sarah tells him while pointing the gun at him that Stackhouses ain’t nothin but heartless, two-faced, vampire fuckers. Ooh, that’s some nasty language from the Barbie-Bible-Bot, and Jason snatches the gun out of her hands and knocks her over, telling her not to ever talk about his sister like that. Jason hollers at Sarah, while he jumps in her little gold cart, that if he finds out any of them so much as touched Sookie, he’s coming back “an’ it won’t be with no FUCKIN paint gun!” Oooh, the crazy bitch made him mad! Jason takes off, leaving Sarah Newlin’s stupid ass crying in the ditch. Steve Newlin is speaking loudly on the PA over the obnoxious alarm, that the church is on lockdown, women with children are being herded into classrooms, all able-bodied men and personnel are being supplied with stakes and silver. Eric and Sookie are trying to sneak out, and Sookie suddenly asks why Bill isn’t there. He tells her that Bill would kill everyone because of his irrational attachment to her.

Sookie asks if Godric is Eric’s maker, rhetorically, and he tells her not to use words she doesn’t understand. Sookie says Eric has a lot of love for Godric, and he tells her not to use words he doesn’t understand. Aww, poor Eric. Eric watches as the doors to the church are closed by a group of men, who almost lock the door, before Eric goes around the corner. Sookie goes to stop him but Eric leans in all close and good god… all sexy like he does… and says “Trust me.” Sookie’s eyes get all big, and she stands back while Eric goes out for some play acting that will absolutely disturb you. He hangs his head forward, hunches his shoulders a bitch, and speaks in a southern accent, telling the guys at the door that Steve sent him to man the door. When they notice he doesn’t have a stake, or silver, Eric attempts to glamour one of them for a stake, but one guy sneaks up behind Eric to stake him. Sookie hollers “Stake!” and Eric scatters them like feathers in a light breeze. They fall over and run off, but one guy almost gets a stake through the neck, before Sookie tells Eric he doesn’t have to kill the guy. Eric drops him and opens the door.

P5Outside, a bunch of deranged Soldiers of the Sun are coming up the walk with bows and wooden arrows; the guy on the ground tells them that the arrows are wooden, and they’ll never make it. Sookie tells Eric to go through the sanctuary, and off they go! As they’re about halfway down the aisle, Eric asks where the exit is; Sookie points it out, and Steve Newlin appears, saying there are several exits, but the easiest one takes them straight to hell. Sookie and Eric stop; behind them, a mob streams in through the doors, carrying stakes, and silver chains. Sookie tells them to let her and Eric leave, to save theirselves, that no one has to die. Steve tells her “The war has begun, you evil whore of Satan!” Woo, that’s harsh. Steve says vampires cast the first stone by murdering his family, that the lines have been drawn, and they’re prepared for Armageddon. Sookie tells them that Godric escaped, and is sending for help, but Steve says he isn’t concerned with Godric, that any vampire will do for their grand celebration, and they’ve got one right there, –pointing to Eric. No! Not Eric!

Eric looks at Sookie, and tells her he’ll be fine, before stepping up closer. Steve Newlin giggles like a lunatic, and tells the mob that there -will- be a holy bonfire at dawn. Back at Bill’s hotel room, Lorena has poor Barry the Bellboy pinned against the door, while Bill sits looking miserable. Lorena declares Barry “room service” and though Barry tries to explain that he doesn’t do that kind of thing, Lorena spins him around and that shuts him up. Bill once again feels Sookie’s fear, and says her name aloud, while Lorena bitches and moans about how Sookie is like an alarm clock you can’t switch off. Well, if you’re ancient and don’t know how to unplug it, yeah, it might be hard to figure it out. Duh. Lorena looks at Bill and says he can have the first bite, but Bill hisses at her that he isn’t hungry. When Lorena bites Barry, she’s shocked because Barry tastes different, and she asks what he is. While she’s distracted, Bill grabs a TV and smashes her over the head with it. Barry slumps to the floor, and before Lorena can get up again, Bill smashes her flat with the TV. Daaaamn, that shit looked like it hurt.

P7Bill grabs Barry and carries him off, while on the floor, Lorena is laying with her eyes wide open, and bleeding out of her head. In the next room, Hoyt and Jessica are “doin it” and Bill bursts in, –Jessica screams and hides under the sheets, while Bill looks away a little freaked out. Before Hoyt can say anything more retarded than, “those were screams of pleasure!”, Bill tells Hoyt to take her, put her in the truck, and drive her back to Bon Temps right now. Hoyt falters for a moment, and asks “Now?” Bill hollers “now!” and runs out the door, slamming it behind him. Back in Bon Temps, Lafayette is reading Tarot for Tara, and comes up with the Lovers, upside down, and explains to her that the negative meaning calls for a sacrifice of the heart, and she’ll need to make a choice. Tara protests that it might turn out well, …right? Lafayette asks her if she wants to see the future, and just as he’s about to flip the Justice card, Eggs walks in, telling Tara he needs to talk to her. Lafayette gathers the cards, saying that he’s off to go clean or grill something.

Eggs is all upset because he’s blacked out again; he remembers being in the car, and then he wakes up two hours later, sleeping on the ground by the lake, freezing cold with no idea how he got there. Poor baby. He asks Tara what the hell is wrong with him, –like she has a clue? Tara tells him it’s okay, and calls to Lafayette if he’s okay to close up, before she hauls Eggs off to take him home. At the Fellowship of the Sun, Jason speeds into the parking lot, and up to the church holding his paintball gun, where he tells the guys outside that he’s a cadet with the Light of Day Institute, in order to get into the church, and that it was Steve Newlin who called for him. They let him in, with one guy, who suddenly asks, “Is that a paintball gun?” Jason smacks him upside the head with it, knocking him down, and says, “Yeah it is.” Woo, go Jason! Kickin’ ass! Jason drags the unconscious guy out of the way, and stashes him. Outside Merlotte’s, Sam is sleeping in his Jeep, one paranoid step away from wearing a tin foil hat. His cell phone rings and he lurches awake, gun in hand. Jesus Christ, don’t shoot yourself, lunatic. He finds the phone, but it says “Merlotte’s” on the caller ID. He answers the phone; whomever is calling from inside his bar makes a gross, breathy sound and hangs up.

P9Sam gets up, and decides to check his bar out, calling ‘Hello?’ as he opens the door, and walks around, carefully. He heads back to the kitchen where the cooler door is ajar, and finds Daphne laying there, propped up against boxes of produce, with a gaping hole in her chest. Hmm, funny how, dead Daphne doesn’t look much at all like Live Daphne. “Jesus Christ!” Sam says, and runs off ot hide his gun and get some garbage bags. With her body half covered, Sam gives up, and grabs his phone. He dials the number, but as soon as the call goes through, he hears cars outside and sees the flashing blue lights that mean the cops are here already. At Sookie’s, Maryann hums to herself while she cut up and cooks Daphne’s heart. Yum! I especially like the part where she rubs it like it’s going to come to life any minute and hop under her dress for some wicked nasty hanky panky. In the sanctuary section of the Fellowship of the Sun’s church, Eric is laid out on the altar, restrained by silver chains that make him sizzle in place. Steve Newlin rambles about the connection between Jesus being betrayed by silver, and vampires being harmed by it.

Sookie hollers “That doesn’t make any sense! How can you people listen to him?!” but the mob doesn’t listen, and watches in morbid fascination while Eric offers himself for Godric and Sookie’s freedom. Just as Steve Newlin is remarking on how neat it would to tie Sookie to Eric and roast them together, Bill rushes in, hollering for Sookie. But Steve puts a gun to Sookie, and tells Bill if he takes another step he’ll kill her. Bill in turn tells Newlin that if he shoots Sookie, everyone in the room will die, and repeats to release Sookie. Steve tells his mob to put chains on Eric as well, but suddenly, Jason pops up and shoots the gun right out of Steve’s hand! Nice shootin’ Tex! Jason hollers, “Let her go, fuckwad!” and pegs Steve again, right between the eyes! Steve screams and curses while the mob drags Jason down, but while they’re distracted, Bill rushes forward and scatters everyone restraining Sookie, who in turn, frees Eric, who is looking plenty mean. Eric grabs Steve and slams him down by the throat, and Sookie hollers for Eric not to kill him.

P11Jason feels differently though, screaming, “Kill the motherfucker!” angrily. Luke is in the tumult as well, looking around all confused. Steve tells Eric to go ahead and kill them, to martyr them before God, because they are willing to die. Suddenly, all the vampires of Area 9 show up, looking ready for action and mad as hell. Stan, in the lead, hollers for Steve Newlin, and Steve, on the floor, is all, “huh?” Stan asks if he expects them to sit on their thumbs while his little army prepares to lynch them, and promises “we’ll kill you first, just like we did your father.” Steve screams “Murderer!” and struggles in Eric grip. Stan orders the vampires to kill everyone, and faster than you can actually see, the vampires each take a human and prepare to eat them. Before anyone get a bite, Godric stands above them all in the sanctuary’s rafters, and shouts “Enough!” Godric tells his vampires that the people of the Fellowship haven’t harmed him, and asks Steve if they leave the Fellowship in peace, will he do the same?

Steve hollers that he refuses to negotiate with sub-humans. He crawls up on his knees by Eric, and opens his collar, saying “Kill me, Jesus will protect me!” Uh huh, apparently. Godric says that he’s actually older than Jesus, and he wishes he could have known him, but he missed it. Even faster than the other vampires, Godric is off the beam, and snatches Steve Newlin up by his collar, asking which of the people present are willing to die for Newlin’s madness. No one says a word, and Godric tells everyone to stand down, and tells all the humans to go home, tossing Steve aside. Godric remarks that his faith in humankind is stronger than Steve’s. Steve whines for them not to leave him, but they do anyway, walking out and probably thrilled to be alive. Luke walks out with the rest of them, still looking troubled. Godric tells his vampires to “Come,” but Stan steps in front of them, starting to say, “Sir, after what these humans have done to you, –” but Godric cuts him off, and again tells him firmly to “come.”

P13Stan is not pleased, but does as he’s told, and Eric approaches Sookie to ask if she’s sure she’s okay, but Bill, cranky about Eric’s nasty trick, tells Eric she’s fine, to go with his maker. Jason approaches Sookie and hugs her tight, but she wants to know how the hell he got there, and if he lost his mind. Jason, eloquent as always, tells Sookie it was like Steve “sucked out my brain and planted all his own babies in there.” Uhhhh… k. Steve Newlin says Jason knows nothing, and that on the final day of reckoning, we’ll see who goes to heaven. Jason walks up to Steve and tells he’s been to heaven; “It was inside your wife.” Oh damn! Zing! Jason punches Steve in the face, Bill pulls him away, and Sookie, embarrassed and not actually angry, tells Jason to come on. Jason throws his ring at Steve, and says “Honesty my ass, shithead!” still cursing as they leave the church.

At Merlotte’s Kenya, the bitchy disbelieving deputy, and Sheriff Bud Dearborn, equally annoying and disbelieving, are telling Sam they can’t tell him where their anonymous tip came from. Sam asks them why he’d put a dead body in his own cooler, and asks whether the call was from a woman. Kenya asks if it was true that Sam was having a relationship with the deceased, and Sam admits that it was true. When they start questioning him as to why he wasn’t more emotional about her death, he tells them that he and Daphne broke up. They get into their theory that Sam must have been “pretty angry”, and so on, and Sam tries to tell them that they have to trust him, because there is more to what’s going on. Kenya brings up the other dead body that’s shown up on Sam’s property, and Bud mentions the third waitress that has been killed. Sam is outraged, since it was Rene Lenier that killed the other two. Sam tries to appeal to them again, saying that they know him; but Bud tells him that there are no records of Sam’s past, and such.

P15Bud Dearborn tells Sam to save it, and tell them what happened that night. Andy lurches in and tells them that they got the wrong guy; Bud asks how Andy heard about what was happening, since he’s not a cop anymore. Andy reveals his radio, and tells Bud that he’s still got it. He tries to tell them that Sam was really the victim, and Kenya jumps up, asking if Bud wants her to get him, but Bud gets up and tries to “reason with” Andy, –even though Andy is telling the truth this time. Andy tells them he saw Sam almost get killed last night, and that the vic in the cooler, Daphne, was one of the crazy people dancing around in the woods trying to kill Sam. Bud explains to Kenya that Andy tried to tell him that he thinks he saw some kind of bull, –Andy goes on, “a bull, with claws, and… a dress!” Shit, it does sound crazy, but yes, a big bull headed monster with claws in a dress did try to kill Sam. Andy explains that he tried to fight them off, but holds up his arms and points to his “war wound.”

Andy turns to Sam and tells him he’s “corroboratin’ here, help me! Tell ’em!” Sam turns to Bud and says, “If I told you that’s what happened, would you believe me?” Bud looks at them both like they’re insane, and Andy grumbles ‘aw, shit.’ At Sookie’s house, Tara is trying to comfort Eggs, telling him he’s not the only one losing time; that she’s blacked out, Arlene has blacked out, and maybe there’s been some kind of gas leak. Eggs asks about Andy Bellefleur, saying that he’s seen them all dancing and screwing and whatnot, but Tara dismisses him as a nutball. Eggs confides to Tara that he has a sick feeling that he did something really bad, but before Tara can say anything, Maryann pops in asks if she’s interrupting. Um, yeah bitch, GTFO. But Eggs explains that they’re trying to piece together everything they’ve been doing for the last couple of days. Maryann says maybe they’ve been enjoying themselves a little too much, and maybe they should ease up on the partying, and take it easy for a while.

P17Tara and Eggs look at her like kids who just got caught stuffing peanut butter inside a VCR. Maryann claps, and says, “Hey! Snack’s ready!” and her little minions follow her into the kitchen where she serves them what she calls “Hunter Souffle.” Tara carves into it, and the nasty damn thing is all red and nasty looking, and leaking good. It looks like the stuffed what was left of the dead Eddie goo in there and put a crust over it. Shit, I wouldn’t eat that if somebody put a gun to my head. Eggs shovels a forkful of the nasty looking red shit into Tara’s mouth, and she goes, “Mmm, is that rabbit you caught in here?” and Maryann answers, “Among other thing.” Fuck that gross shit, ew, god damn. She didn’t even tell them what else was in it! You know like, the human heart of one of Tara’s co-workers. They both start shoveling dangly bits of carnage into their mouths, and honestly, this scene can’t be over fast enough. It looks like they’re eating guts and roadkill, and all kinda nasty shit. *puking sounds*

At the Area 9 nest, vampires, donors, and the like, mingle amongst one another, and they line up one at a time to welcome Godric back into the nest. Stan, next in line, welcomes Godric back, and tells him they’re all very relieved. Godric nods, and Stan walks up; Jason was behind him, and he approaches Godric nervously, and tells him he’s real sorry for what the Fellowship put him through. Before he can leave, Godric tells him that he helped save many lives that day, and that he has friends in the area whenever he’d like to visit. Jason says thanks, but tells Godric he doesn’t think he’ll be coming back any time soon. Jason walks off, and almost runs into Eric, who says “Hail the conquering hero,” by way of greeting. Jason practically blushes and says “Nah, I ain’t no hero,” but Eric says he is in that area, –but reminds him that in his area, they know Jason well as a buyer and user of vampire blood. Jason looks terrified, but Eric says they can call it even, as long as Jason doesn’t do it again. Jason confirms, and Eric says, “Good boy,” and sends Jason along, looking very pleased with himself.

P19Jason wanders off, while across the room, Sookie thanks one of the vampires in the nest for the outfit she let Sookie borrow, and confronts Bill about his avoiding being alone with her all night. Bill says “Nonsense,” but before he can go off an any spiel, Sookie asks him where he was while she was held prisoner in the Fellowship’s basement. He almost says, “It’s complicated,” but before he can finish, Sookie demands a real answer. He starts to tell her he was “held”, and Sookie asks if he means kidnapped, and if it was Eric, who wanders over at the sound of his name, and asks Sookie if she was speaking well of him. She asks why she should, when he let her walk into a trap, and he starts to say if he had known, –but Sookie cuts him off, with a “You did know.” Oooh, busted, Captain Smooth. Sooke continues, that because it was Godric, he’d have risked anything; Eric explains that the bond between a vampire and maker are stronger than anything, and perhaps one day she’d find out. Bill looks pissed, and there are stares all around for a moment.

In Bon Temps, Hoyt and Jessica continue to make out as they walk into Bill’s house and close the door. Hoyt tells Jessica “whoa,” and reminds her Bill might not like them doing “this stuff” in his house. Jessica giggles and says Bill will never know. Yeah right; if vampires can hear as well as they can, then they can probably smell sex too. Jessica expresses an interest in wanting to “do it again”, so they strip, and get ready to screw on that one couch, where all the screwing takes place. Icky. When they start screwing again, Jessica suddenly tells him to stop, because it hurts, and Hoyt finds blood again. Jessica looks upset, as it slowly dawns on her hymen “grew back.” She paces, beginning to cry, when Hoyt finally figures out why she’s upset. Hoyt tries to comfort and tell her that it’s beautiful because every time will be like their first time. But Jessica isn’t going for it, she tells him that it’ll hurt like hell, that she’s a deformity of nature, she’ll be a virgin forever, and she turns away to cry. That would really suck, poor Jessica.

P21In Dallas, at Godric’s nest, Bill and Eric pass in the hallway, and Bill grabs Eric’s arm to have a word with him; Eric tells him he doesn’t like being touched, and Bill tells him, “Believe me, I don’t like touching you.” Well, gosh, I hope not. Almost everyone is pretty sure Bill is straight. Looks like Bill is going to confront Eric about calling Lorena. Bill tells Eric that his contact with Sookie will end immediately, and Eric retorts that’s hardly for Bill to say. Bill says that calling in Lorena, because Eric can’t win Sookie for himself, was a “feeble and desperate” move. Eric turns around, smiles, and asks him if he’s picking a fight. Bill tells Eric flat out that Sookie will never be his, that he is powerless, and to just accept it. Oh, but it looks like something interesting is about to happen; Isabelle is dragging in her human lover, Hugo, who looks all kinda fucked up. She knocks him flat on his face before Godric, and tells them that Hugo was the one who betrayed them. Jason watches from the crowd. Godric asks Isabelle if Hugo is her human, she admits yes, and when Godric asks if she loves him, she is silent for a moment; there are traces of blood on her face from where she’s been crying.

Isabelle admits she did love him, and when she starts to cry again, Godric says it appears that she still loves him. Isabelle says she does, but that Godric is still her sheriff, and he can do with Hugo as he pleases. Godric tells them that the human is free to go; and Jason looks like he’s got some thinking to do. Stan angrily says “What?!” from somewhere in the crowd, and Godric firmly repeats himself. Godric tells Hugo to go, and don’t return, because it isn’t safe for him there. Stan argues that “this is a travesty”, and Godric reminds him that this is his verdict, and calls for Eric to escort him out, and see that he is left unharmed; Isabelle follows, perhaps to say goodbye. So sad. Sookie approaches Bill again, asking what “that” was about; Bill assumes she means Godric’s verdict, but Sookie said she meant what the deal was with why he was talking to Eric if he kidnapped Bill. Bill admits that it wasn’t Eric, but before he can say more, Jason comes up, and taps Bill, quietly asking “Mr. Compton?”

P23Jason asks if there’s somewhere he can talk to Bill in private, but Sookie tells him now isn’t the time; Jason insists, and says if he doesn’t say it now, then he never will. Bill agrees to go talk with Jason, and the two men leave Sookie there looking irate. At the sheriff’s office, Bud leads Sam to a cell, while Sam tries to tell Bud that he really isn’t the guy they want. Bud tells Sam that if it’s true that something’s after him, then jail is the safest place for Sam to spend the night. They get to a holding cell, and Jane Bodehouse is in jail, with no pants on, offering Sam a hug, and Mike’s in a cell too, claiming he was arrested for sodomizing a pine tree, though he doesn’t remember it, he claims it must be true because his pecker has all kinds of scratches on it. Kenya tells Sam it was a hell of a night, and must be a full moon, –Sam surreptitiously remarks that he’s pretty sure it’s not. Bud Locks Sam up, and tells Mike to leave Sam alone. Outside at the Area 9 nest, Bill asks Jason what he wanted to talk about.

Jason tells Bill that he wants his forgiveness, and that he knows Bill loves his sister, and that there’s no reason why he shouldn’t be able to, and admits that he’s let his own stupid, ignorance stand in the way. Bill looks a little uncomfortable, but tells Jason thank you, but he’s also indebted to Jason for helping him rescue Sookie. Jason says that after all he did to fuck everything up, it was the least he could do. Jason says he was sorry that it took him so long to wake up, but Bill says Jason did, just in time. Jason looks like he might cry, and then wraps Bill up in a big hug; Bill looks a -lot- more uncomfortable, but does his best to hug Jason back. Jason asks awkwardly if that was “okay for you” and Bill, about a hundred times more awkward, says “it was fine.” Inside, Isabelle almost approaches Godric, then turns and walks off; Eric instead approaches, and tells Godric that Hugo has been dispatched with a warning not to stop driving until he reaches the Mexican border. Eric tells him he’s arranged for an extremely rare AB- human for Godric, but Godric thanks him, and tells him he isn’t hungry.

P25Eric tells him he has to eat eventually, and that he doubts the Fellowship had anything to offer. He turns serious though, and asks Godric why he wouldn’t leave when Eric first came for him. Godric tells him they didn’t treat him badly, and that he’d be surprised at how ordinary most of them are. Eric says that they do nothing but fan the flames of hatred for vampires, but Godric tells Eric to be honest; vampires are frightening, and that after thousands of years, they still haven’t evolved, only gotten more brutal, more predatory. Eric looks a little bit pained, but Godric goes on, to say that he doesn’t see the danger in treating humans as equals, and that the Fellowship of the sun arose because vampires never have. Eric asks Godric if that’s why he didn’t fight when they took him; Godric admits he could have killed all of them in minutes, and asks what that would have proven. Eric looks both a bit sad, and deep in thought, almost slightly ashamed. At Sookie’s house, Tara and Eggs sit in front of a disgusting mess of red gross shit, and giggle to each other.

Things start taking a weird turn when they begin telling each other how invincible they feel; Eggs rips his shirt off, and says he feels like nothing can hurt him. Maryann is watching from the doorway with a glass of wine. Tara says “Oh yeah?” and tells him she fucking hates his guts, and Eggs grabs her throat, grins, and tells her she isn’t even trying. So they stand up, smile at each other, and Tara hauls off and smacks him. They all start to laugh, including Maryann, and Eggs asks for “more” so Tara punches him, –a pretty good one too, they’re either using film editing, or Rutina Wesley must work out! They continue laughing, and Eggs stands up, and asks her if that’s all she’s got, –so Tara kicks him right in the balls. Damn. Eggs sits up, and his eyes have gone completely black; he tells her it felt good, and lightly touches her face, before hitting her hard enough to make her spin round. They’re still giggling; Tara comes back for more, and tells him to do it again. This time he backhands her, and she goes flying back once more.

P27Tara’s eyes have gone black, and she tells Eggs she wants him, before she knocks him back on the floor, and they start fucking right there in the foyer. Egads.  Outside the nest in Dallas, something interesting is happening. A man gets out of a car, and heads toward the house. Sookie is talking with another woman present, when a brunette in a whore-red dress enters; ooooh, it’s Lorena, there to stir up the shit pot. She walks up to Sookie and introduces herself; other vampires and humans begin to stare, but Sookie politely introduces herself as well. Lorena says, “You’re what all the fuss is about,” and Sookie says “Excuse me?” Uh oh, watch about, shit is about to hit fan! Sookie asks who she is, and Lorena says they have a “mutual friend”, –Sookie guesses Bill, and you can tell, she’s starting to get pissed. Lorena tells Sookie it’s funny he never mentioned her to Sookie, since she “practically made him what he is today.” Bill spies Lorena talking to Sookie and hollers her name; Lorena answers by saying she was just getting to know his plaything. Ah shit, Sookie’s getting angry!

Sookie looks at Bill, and asks if Lorena is his maker; Bill tries to explain that Lorena released him years ago, and no longer has any hold over him. Lorena says she wouldn’t go that far, since she spent two wonderful nights with him in their hotel room. This cracks me up, –Lorena asks Sookie, “Did you know your boyfriend hit me over the head with a 52-inch plasma television earlier tonight? Everyone says they’re so light and thin, but let me tell you, when wielded properly, it’s quite a weapon.” Yeah, no shit. Sookie looks at Bill and asks, “You did?” but Bill isn’t having any bullshit, and tells Lorena that she needs to leave. Lorena ignores him and tells Sookie that she hopes Bill doesn’t pull the same “shenanigans” with Sookie, as he did with her, and that there’s no excuse for domestic violence. God, what a dumb word. Hard to believe a vampire would say that word out loud. Bill states that what Lorena fails to mention is that she was holding him prisoner there. Lorena blows him off, and tells Sookie they were just catching up, and that Sookie must have been worried sick.

P29Lorena says things got “heated”, and goes to touch Bill’s face, but Sookie snatches her hand, and warns her not to touch Bill. Ooh, cat fight! Lorena calls Sookie feisty and giggles, then tells Sookie she’s nothing but a blood bank, and she can’t win. Sookie holds her head up and tells Lorena she’s already won; Bill chose her, and yet, Lorena won’t give up, “don’t you have any shame?” Bill sees where this is going, and tries to get Sookie to stop. Lorena tells Sookie to listen to Bill, and crosses the table to him, saying “William and I love each other, –” but Bill pushes her away, tells her she’s nuts, and to get out. Bill holds Sookie back, apparently, Sookie’s willing to punch Lorena right in the head, haha. Sookie tells Lorena that even if she does love Bill, he doesn’t love her, and they both know it. Lorena’s fangs pop out, and she tells Sookie to take what she said back, –Stan looks pretty amused, –and Sookie screams at her “Go find someone else you fucking bitch, you’ve lost this one!” Oooh, cold. Lorena knocks Bill back, –Jason comes running, but Lorena snatches Sookie, and is just about to nail her, when Godric grabs her by the throat, and removes Lorena.

Godric tells Lorena slowly and firmly to retract her fangs now, and lowers her so that she has to look up to him, as he says he doesn’t know or care who she is, “but in this area, and certainly this nest, I am the authority. Do you understand?” Lorena says, “Yes, sheriff,” and looks afraid that he might rip her head clean off. Godric releases her throat, and says “This human has proven herself to be a courageous and loyal friend to our kind, and yet you treat her like a child does a dragonfly, pulling off wings for sport. No wonder they hate us.” Lorena, on the verge of tears, and angry, tells Godric that Sookie provoked her. Godric tells her “You provoked me. You disrupt the peace in my own home. I could snap you like a twig… and I haven’t. Why is that?” Lorena answers that it’s his choice. Godric says, “Indeed it is. You’re an old vampire, I can tell. You’ve had hundreds of years to better yourself, yet you haven’t. You’re still a savage, and I fear for all of us, humans and vampires, if this behavior persists.” Godric calls for Bill, since he knows Lorena, and Bill sounds guilty when he admits he does.

P31Godric orders Bill to escort Lorena from the nest. Sookie tells Bill to go ahead, and Godric turns back to Lorena. He tells her to be out of his area before dawn, and Lorena walks off, Bill following her. Outside, Lorena tells Bill she doesn’t know how it got this way, that she can’t help still loving him, that he knows she does, and now, her loving him has become nothing but a constant humiliation. Bill tells her that the pain she suffers is self-inflicted, and Lorena asks when they will see each other again. Bill tells her never, as blood tears run down her face, and she says that they are immortal; their paths are bound to cross eventually. Bill just stares at her. Inside the nest, everyone chats, even Jason, when the mysterious stranger comes down the stairs and enters the main living area. Holy shit, it’s Luke! Why’s he there? Jason recognizes him and goes up to him to ask why he’s there, but Luke tells him to stay away, and go. Suddenly Luke calls out to everyone, and asks for their attention; he tells them his name is Luke McDonald, that he’s a member of the Fellowship of the Sun. Vampires start to get up and move closer, when Luke says he has a message for all of them from Steve Newlin; Luke unzips his coast and reveals silver bullets, silver chains, all hanging over explosive strapped to his body.

The lights on the bomb flash red and green, and Sookie gasps, but before she can move any further than a step, Luke pushes the button on the detonator in his hand. And that’s where they leave us! OMG, how unfair! Don’t worry, in a couple of days, I’ll tell you what happens. <3

By annimi

Ashley writes for,, and other sites in the Darksites Network. She's involved in several seedy and disreputable activities, smokes too much, and spends her late nights procrastinating for work on her first novel.


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