True Blood, Season 2 Episode 9

P1We open the episode with a quick recap of what happened in episode 8; with Luke just blowing everyone up. Outside, Bill tells Lorena it doesn’t matter if they ever meet again, –he tells her that regardless of immortality, she is dead to him. Lorena says “I wish you hadn’t said that,” and turns to leave, first walking, then jogging, then zoom! and she’s gone. Luke repeats his famous line, and boom! Bill races inside, amidst screams, and moans of agony. Luke is plastered all over the floor, there are several bodies littering the floor, smoke and rubble make it impossible to see anything, and Bill searches and calls for Sookie. Eric dove over Sookie in an instant, and covered her from the shrapnel, but was himself hit everywhere on his bodies by fragments of silver. Eric tells Bill that Sookie is safe, only stunned, to get the humans; two of the Soldiers of the Sun have arrived with crossbows and other weapons to kill the stunned vampires. Bill runs after the two and catches one, who swears he didn’t think Luke would do it, but Bill growls ‘too late’ and bites him anyway. Cue the theme song! If you’re not excited now, then Jace Everett’s kickin song will have you grinding your own couch in no time.

Inside the blown up nest, Isabelle is among those to immediately begin helping the wounded, while Sookie lays stuck under Eric. She rolls Eric off her, declaring he weighs a ton and she couldn’t breathe; once he’s off her, she hollers for Jason. Jason stumbles out of the hallway, shaking bits of vampire or person off his hands, and gives her a thumbs up. Eric groans, and Sookie turns back to him, he tells her pitifully that he had to shield her, and Sookie tells him to hurry up and heal, but he says he can’t, because it’s silver. She offers to get Godric, but he grabs her, and says “no time.” He tells her to suck it out, but Sookie tells him she can’t, “…it’s too gross, and it’s… you.” Eric groans that he’s dying, he flops back, and wheezes, so Sookie straddles him, cursing, and begins sucking a piece of silver shrapnel out of him. She spits it out, and he points again “other one…” Sookie groans, and says, “You’re kidding me!” but bends over, and begins sucking another piece out. Eric turns his head to the camera, and grins. Oh, you bad boy.

P3Outside, Bill tells the boy he bit to tell the cowards who sent them that a vampire showed mercy when they had none, and releases the kid. Inside, Jason stamps out a bit of flame on the floor, and looks at half of Luke’s hand, on the floor, softly saying, “Luke.” Aww. Isabelle approaches Godric, and he asks, “Who’s dead?” Isabelle tells him Stan (aww, bummer, I liked Stan; he was cute), Paolo, Catherine, and two human companions. Bill approaches Sookie and Eric on the floor, looking disgusted, and asks, “What’re you doing?” Sookie tells him, and Eric comments, “she was superb.” Bill explains that Eric was in no danger, and already healing; Eric smiling, says, “A tiny falsehood.” Sookie looks back and forth between them, and Bill continues, saying that the bullets would have forced their way out by themselves, and now Eric has forced her to drink his blood. Sookie starts hollering “No!” –a few times, pretty irate, and Bill continues that now, they’re connected, and Eric will be able to sense her emotions. Sookie hollers “You big lying a-hole!” at Eric, who says, “Bill, you’re right, I believe I can sense her emotions.” This made me crack up. That, and that the whole time they’re having this discussion, chunks of someone is falling off the wall behind Bill.

Sookie hits Eric in the stomach, and goes over to Bill, and swears she’ll never do anything for Eric again, then calls him a monster. Bill tells Sookie that it’s not her fault, while Eric gets up, and says “I think I’m gonna cry,” with no small amount of sarcasm. Isabelle calls for everyone’s attention, and Jason more firmly calls for everyone to listen up, while Godric tells them all to go to the Hotel Carmilla, where security has been alerted. People limp off, Sookie tries to clean Eric’s blood off her, and Bill gives Eric a dirty look, and Eric looks quite pleased with himself despite the circumstances. Godric looks around at the mess for a moment, before leaving as well. At the hotel, Bill sits looking moody, when Sookie comes out of the shower, declaring she should kick herself for being so stupid. Bill admits that Eric did take bullets for her, and that at least they came out of it alive. Sookie says she knows better than to believe anything Eric says, and grossed out, says, “I sucked his chest, what is wrong with me?!” while Bill looks like he’s about to puke. He tells Sookie Eric has had a thousand years to practice deceit, that he lied to prove his power to Bill, and that Eric only counted on her goodness, so there is no shame in that.

P5Sookie tells Bill again, that she tried to spit most of his blood out, but some of it must have gone down, and the worst of things was that he’d always know how she felt and where she was. Bill looks grim, and says no, that’s not the worst. He explains, with much difficulty, that she shouldn’t be surprised if she starts feeling attracted to Eric. Sookie looks disgusted and makes a face, when she says ‘to Eric?’, and states that it’s impossible because she can’t stand him. Bill tells her it is possible, it’s a consequence of the blood, and would have happened sooner or later, that Eric was determined to form the bond with her. Sookie angrily states that she could kill him; not just as an angry comment, but as a suggested solution; Bill states, “I concur.” At Bill’s house, Jessica nd Hoyt are discussing her problem; Jessica states that she might get used to it, that there might be an operation, and Hoyt reminds her that intercourse isn’t the only way to have sex, but Jessica says she wants to have intercourse. Jessica tells Hoyt he should break up with her, but Hoyt says “Hell no, that thing that grows back is just a thing,” and he tells her he isn’t perfect either, that people, even his friends, laugh at him, but she never has. He goes on, and tells her he never wants to hear her talk about breaking up, and Jessica promises she won’t.

Hoyt tells Jessica that she means so much to him, that he wants her to meet his mama. Oh gee, that sounds like fun. Jessica gets all happy and excited, but Hoyt warns her that his mama hates vampires, and she might ask her a bunch of personal questions, or might not talk to her at all, which would make her lucky. No shit. Jessica tells him she doesn’t care what Hoyt’s mama does, that he’s introducing her to his family, and she never even hoped for that. Hoyt tells her that he’s proud that she’s his girl, and Jessica gives him a kiss. Aww, how cute. Jessica pulls away and yawns, tells Hoyt the sun’s coming up, so she has get in the damn cubby hole. Hoyt offers to go down there with her, but she tells him it’s not very comfortable. Hoyt says he’ll build them a tricked out double-wide, and Jessica says that’s so romantic. More romantic than a tricked out single wide? Hoyt promises to sit right there until she falls asleep, and Jessica tells him he’s the sweetest boy in the world, and too good to her; Hoyt says “Ain’t no such thing.” Aww, could you just die? Jessica goes into her little hole to sleep, and Hoyt sits down and sings to her.

P7At Sookie’s, Tara and Eggs are at breakfast, all bashed up with bruises on their faces. Maryann wanders in and asks how much they drank this time, but Tara tells her nothing, and Eggs agrees. Maryann says maybe they dropped some acid, since it was floating around, and calls them hippies; Eggs looks over, pissy and tells her that isn’t funny. Tara confirms, and says it’s embarassing, but Maryann gets all hoity toity, and declares she’ll never understand people getting embarassed about pleasure and laughter, or be ashamed of letting go. Tara says because she’s never been so out of control, and Maryann goes off again, stating that control is just a social cage for blocking out individuality, –Tara argues that there has to be some control or everything would just be chaos. That suits Maryann fine, and Eggs agrees that he likes a little chaos. Maryann comes over and sympathizes, “Of course you do,” hurray for chaos. Tara, however, doesn’t back off, and tells her flat out that she doesn’t want to black out, and Maryann asks if that’s really what she thinks is happening, and that she thinks they only rose to a higher state of consciousness.

Tara points out that they’re all beat up, and that there’s nothing “higher” about that, except for that they must have been high; she goes on to say that her mother used to black out for months at a time, she’s a black out expert. Maryann asks “Are you?” and without missing a beat, Tara answers “Certified.” Maryann asks what about the saints of India, and the mystics of other religions, who would black out and do all kinda crazy shit. Eggs and Tara stare at her, and Eggs asks “What about em?” Maryann says that everyone thought they were crazy, –Tara says they were, but Maryann disagrees, as if Tara was 12 and arguing with her about gas prices. Maryann gets all blurry eyed and says they were ecstatic, dissolving into infinity and losing themselves with god, etc.. Eggs and Tara continue to stare at Maryann as if she’s nuts, and she gets up and goes to the fridge to retrieve some vodka and tomato juice. She pauses, looks down on them, and says a few bumps and bruises are a small price to pay for bliss; then she offers them a Bloody Mary. Sure, why not, it’s only about 8:00 in the morning.

P9At the sheriff’s department, Bud Dearborn is walking through the jail while everyone hollers to be let out, and by everyone, I mean half the town; one cell full of women, one cell full of men, and Sam Merlotte, hollering that Bud has no evidence, and no right to keep him locked up. At the hotel, Sookie is just waking up beside a sleeping Bill. She leaves the room, and knocks on Jason’s door, telling him she can’t sleep; Jason admits he can’t either, and lets her in. They sit, talking about how things were at home, and why Jason was at the Fellowship; because it seemed to him, before they tried to kill him, that they liked him for himself, and that they stopped him from thinking about other stuff. Sookie asks him what he means, but he won’t say. Sookie asks him with all the hateful things he was learning over there, if he didn’t once stop and ask himself what Gran would say. Jason cuts her off, and says he won’t talk about Gran. Sookie asks why, and Jason tells her it’s because he doesn’t want to feel anything.

Sookie tells Jason that they have to talk about Gran; they can’t stop talking about her, remembering her, or loving her even if it hurts too much, because Gran would never have stopped loving them. Jason agrees, and Sookie tells him that they have to keep her alive in their hearts, and prayers. Jason asks, “And Mama and Daddy?” and Sookie takes his hand and tells him that’s right. A tear rolls down Sookie’s face, and Jason says sadly that their whole family is gone, everybody who counts, and they’re all alone, all that’s left. Jason is beginning to cry too, which means Sookie’s crying, Jason’s crying, –god damn it, I’m crying, are you crying? Sookie tells Jason that they have to grow up, stick together, and be good to each other, otherwise they’re letting their parents and Gran down. Jason nods, and turns to sit across from Sookie, and tells her he’s sorry about everything he ever did to her, that he’s a dumbass, a fuckup; Sookie tells him he wouldn’t be if he used his brain instead of just letting it take up space in his skull; she tells him that’s not dumb, that’s just lazy.

P11Jason sniffles and tells Sookie he’ll try, and she tells him she’s sorry too, that she always loves him, even when she wants to stick his head in a bucket and kick it round the yard. Jason tells Sookie he loves her too, even though he wishes she’d cook for him more, and was normal, and had a normal boyfriend. They lean back, and Sookie turns on the TV; Sarah and Steve Newlin are on the news already, facing Nan Flanagan’s accusation that they kidnapped a prominent member of the vampire community, but the Newlins argue that Godric came to them. Nan Flanagan states that “yeah, because everyone wants to be burned at the stake,” and goes on to say that they use their religious institution as an anti-vampire terrorism enclave, and Steve interjects that the Constitution gives them the right to defend themselves. Nan states flatly that they attacked vampires first; during all this, Steve has a bright red welt on his head from being shot by Jason’s paintball gun. He accuses back that vampires killed his father, and Nan Flanagan comes back fast, saying “That’s an allegation. This is a fact: You and your church armed a suicide bomber that killed vampires and humans.” Unfortunately, Sarah Newlin is the one to talk next.

Rather than say anything that makes sense, Sarah Newlin says, “We are fighting for God’s green earth, and daytime, and Christmas,” –Steve’s trying to talk now and interrupt Sarah’s delusional rambling, but she continues, “and Easter Eggs, and all that is sacred and good. We are fighting for–” Before she can say anything else, Steve fills in the blank with “human rights.” Then the Newlins start bickering, because Steve interrupted Sarah, and Nan Flanagan looks as though she just saw two retards fighting over a white crayon, and asks, “How can you have a meaningful dialogue with these people?” Steve tells Nan she needs to read some St. Paul, and Sarah tells her she hates her hair. Jason, watching, tells Sookie, “There’s a witch, and a son of a bitc,” then tells the TV, “Fuck you Newlins.” Amen. Sookie agrees. At Merlotte’s, Arlene delivers an order to a table, where a woman with a digital camera asks to see the freezer where the dead body was found. Arlene tells them it was a walk-in refridgerator, and to go find some roadkill cuz they ain’t eatin there. She takes their food back, and a big cranky man asks Arlene for silverware. She tells him to get himself, and answers the phone, hollering at her daughter that all she needs is the microwave to make lunch.

P13Lafayette approaches, and Arlene tells him she’s ‘shit scared’, after what happened to Daphne, even though she was clumsy, stupid, and mean, she wouldn’t wish that kinda death on a possum. Arlene downs the shot that Lafayette hands her, and reminds him of the other body in the parking lot, frightened that maybe there’s some kind of curse flying around. Lafayette tells her if she watches out for him, he’ll watch out for her. She asks when it’s going to end, but Lafayette just shakes his head, and Terry calls ‘order up!’ from the back, followed by an “I think…” Arlene tries to talk to Terry, but he avoids her, and ignores her. Arlene starts to cry, and asks if what they did was so terrible, –but Terry hollers no, and tells her not to cry, and says “I didn’t mean to be… peculiar… at you.” He explains that he just doesn’t know what they did, and Arlene asks if they had sex, but they both agree that neither of them can remember. Terry asks if that’s good, but Arlene is just happy he isn’t mad at her, and Terry says, he can’t remember the last time he had sex with anybody.

Arlene asks Terry for some sugar, but some bitch hollers for corn in the dining area, ruining the whole moment. Arlene gives Terry a cute look and a “see you later”, then goes on to take the orders out. Tara and Eggs enter Merlottes, all bouncy and happy with themselves, but Lafayette takes one look at Tara’s face and rushes over to look more closely at the bruise. Tara tells him that Eggs didn’t do it, but he’s pissed, and is full on ready to kick his ass. Tara gets between them, and Eggs lunges forward to get Lafayette, hitting Tara in the process, but Lafayette is on his ass, and the two leave. The crowd at Merlotte’s claps, and the irritating bitch with the camera takes pictures. Lafayette asks what the fuck they’re looking at, but the laughing and cheering continues. At the Fortnberry house, Maxine is fixing Hoyt a cheese and potato chip sandwich, and bitching at him about running off to Dallas, and leaving her worried sick. Hoyt is just as agitated, and tells her to go ahead and speak her mind.

P15Maxine asks Hoyt why he’s messing with vampires anyway, and says that they’re devils. But Hoyt interrupts, and asks her why she has so much hate in her. Maxine looks shocked, and denies it, but Hoyt gives examples of everything she hates, such as Methodists, Catholics, African-Americans, –she tells him that’s supposed to be a secret, –and a whole number of other things, like red shoes, and checkered curtains and bait, and good god almighty, Maxine is all kinda cranky, damn. Hoyt finishes by saying every girl he ever liked, and the more he likes a girl, the more Maxine hates them. Maxine says she just objects to him having a girlfriend that will kill him and eat him, –that actually does kind of make sense,–but Hoyt states that she doesn’t even know Jessica, and says again that she is just “full of hate!” Maxine says it’s not her fault, and it’s just the way she was raised up. Mhm, never heard that one before. Hoyt tells her that Jessica might be a vampire, but she’s the one for him, and that Maxine has no say over that.

Maxine tells Hoyt that he is breaking her heart, and Hoyt hops up and tells her that he let her run him around because he didn’t want to hurt her feelings, but those days are over. He goes on to say he wants Maxine to meet Jessica, but if she won’t be nice, he’ll leave her house and never come back. Maxine tries to appeal to him by telling him he’s her only son, that he’s her baby boy. Hoyt hollers that he isn’t a baby, he’s a grown ass man. He takes half of his sandwich and storms out, leaving Maxine sniffling at the table. At the hotel, Sookie turns over in bed, and a finger traces her shoulder. Oh my frigging god, she laying next to Eric in bed, and they’re both butt nekkid. Could someone please give me a cold compress? I think I just might faint. They resume a conversation about why Sookie thinks she’d be a terrible vampire, and why Eric thinks she’d make a good one. Sookie says because she doesn’t feel right without a tan, she’d rather be alive than undead, and that she doesn’t feel right about them always killing people. Eric points out that she killed a man, but Sookie reminds him that was for self defense, not lunch.

P17Eric tells Sookie that she’d adapt, and trade the sun for the moon and stars. Sookie says she wants them all, and Eric smiles and says she’s greedy, Sookie agrees, and Eric says he loves it. Good god, he’s all kissing her hand and whatnot. Someone, fan me! Eric sits up on the pillow and tells her she has the right temperament for a vampire, and Sookie asks if it’s because she bloodthirsty, high maintenance and old as dirt. Eric agrees that she’s bloodthirsty, but Sookie says “I am not!”, and Eric says, “Everyone thinks you’re a darling, don’t they?” Sookie concurs, and says “I am a darling.” Eric bets that she’s ruthless when it comes to the people she loves, such as her friends, her brother, and him, –from somewhere in the room, someone says “Bill.” Sookie sits up and asks, “Where’s Biil?” Across the room, Lorena leans over in a chair, half shadowed, and asks why Sookie cares, since she’s already abandoned him. Sookie argues that she hasn’t and she loves Bill.

Sookie falls back on the pillows, and Eric tells her that he used to think she had no sense of humor; Sookie admits that she used to think Eric was cold hard stone, and empty inside. Eric asks her what she thinks now, and she says he’s a big faker, that he’s deep, he feels, and there’s love in him, –Eric replies only for Sookie, and they start making out. Lorena leans forward in the chair and says “You don’t want Bill, he means nothing to you.” Sookie sits up again and says no, but Eric pins her, and tells her this is the beginning, while Lorena chuckles in the background. Sookie doesn’t resist, she just continues making out with Eric. Anna Paquin, and everyone else that has ever made out with Alexander Skarsgard are lucky, spiteful bitches; this is my final verdict. Sookie wakes up next to Bill, looking pretty shocked. She cuddles close to her dead man, and is perhaps reminding herself that she loves Bill, not Eric. At the sheriff’s office in Bon Temps, the jail cells have overflowed into the office; people are handcuffed to the chairs.

P19Maryann strolls in and the people chained to the chairs are overjoyed, thinking she’s come to get them out. Maryann giggles, and says “We had a good time, didn’t we?” They all happily agree, and Maryann approaches the desk, calling “Hello?” Maryann calls for Sheriff Dearborn, who’s back in the holding area tossing another wench into the cell with all the other women.  Sam hears Maryann calling and flips out, while everyone else cheers for her. A fly buzzes around Sam’s face, then climbs into the vent. Sam takes a closer look, and gets an idea. In the lobby, Bud Dearborn offers Maryann some coffee, and she remarks that he looks exhausted; apparently, they’ve been arresting people all day and night. Maryann shakes her head and comments, “Major crime wave.” Bud tells her they’ve been out doing crazy things, mostly misdemeanors, but it’s stuff he’s never seen before, not in over forty ytears on the job. Maryann offers to talk some of them down, so that Bud can let a few of them out. He tells her he’d be grateful, and asks what he can do for her; Maryann asks about Sam, and Bud tells her he can’t let Sam out because he’s a suspect in a homicide case; he offers to take her back there, but she tells him she knows the way.

Maryann sits Bud Dearborn down and works her crazy vibrator magic on him; his eyes turn black. She takes his keys and tells him to stay. She heads back, and all the people in the holding cells holler for her, but she shouts that she wants Sam Merlotte. Mike Spencer points out Sam’s cell, but he’s gone. Maryann growls through her teeth that now, she’s really irritated. Well, I guess all those times she cut out people’s hearts, and did all that other crazy shit, she was in a good mood. She lets everyone out, still looking plenty cranky. At Merlotte’s, Maxine sits across from a nervous Hoyt, and an equally nervous Jessica, looking stony and full on ready to be a bitch. Jessica calls Maxine pretty, a vast overstatement, and declares that she’s happy that she came, though Hoyt puts in, “even if you were twenty minutes late.” Maxine uses not being able to decide on what to wear as her excuse. Hmm, I guess it was a choice between this ugly ass blue tent, or that ugly ass red tent.

P21Jessica sympathizes, and mentions red shoes, which makes Maxine twitch, and Hoyt bow his head a little lower. Maxine goes on to bitch about the traffic. Hoyt tries to change the subject by asking her what she wants to eat, or if she wants any more sweet tea, but Maxine says she isn’t hungry or thirsty. She leans over and tells Jessica that Hoyt is a very good boy; Jessica says she already knows, and Hoyt tells Jessica that she’s just as good as him. They start getting cute and giggly, until Maxine tells Jessica she wishes she could meet her people, to see what her family was like. Hoyt tries to interject, but Jessica explains that she was made a vampire against her will, and she has no family anymore, except for Hoyt. Maxine kicks into raging menopausal bitch mode, and says she’s sorry, that wasn’t fair, but that Hoyt has a bright future, and by bright, she means in the sun. Maxine goes on, to say that is Jessica thinks she’s just going to let her son wander around all hours of the night with an orphan vampire, then she has another thing coming. Jessica hisses and her fangs pop out; Maxine leans back.

Jessica growls and says that’s up to Hoyt, and Maxine crankily retorts that she will fight for what’s best for her boy, and Jessica says she will too, and that she can give Hoyt everything a human could. Maxine says, “Not hardly,” and Jessica asks, “Like what.” And here’s Maxine’s big nasty bitch comment of the night: She answers, “Babies.” Jessica begins to cry and runs toward the door. Hoyt stands up, pissed off, and says, “Well now you did it,” but Maxine, hard headed bitch that she is, tells him he’ll thank her one day. Hoyt throws money on the table, and says ,”Not today,” and turns to leave with Jessica. His mama calls after him, asking when he’ll be home, and Hoyt hollers never! The couple walk out, leaving Maxine there alone at the table, looking like a moron. She grabs Hoyt’s half empty beer, and takes a long drink, asking Arlene for another as she passes by. At Sookie’s house, a fly sits on the kitchen table watching Maryann, Tara and Eggs do shots and play cards. Someone knocks; Maryann calls for them to come in, and it’s Lafayette and Lettie Mae.

P23Tara sassily calls them “aliens”, and right away, shit turns ugly. Maryann asks who the big, sexy black man is (my phrase, baby, not hers), and Tara and Lafayette answer. Maryann invites them to join in, and Lafayette says no, Lettie Mae answers that they’ve come to take Tara away from them. They ignore them, laugh, and Maryann offers Lettie Mae a drink, asking her what she likes; Tara answers, “vodka, whiskey, hairspray, antifreeze,” while Eggs shakes his head and chuckles “damn.” Oooh, somebody needs to come up in there and do some heavy duty bitch slapping all around. Lafayette asks Tara what the fuck is wrong with her, while Maryann teases Lettie Mae with a bottle of vodka. Lafayette says he feels her, that she’s a soulless bitch, and Maryann dismisses the insult. Things get really nasty, and wicked when their eyes go black, and Tara jumps on her mama. Eggs follows, thinking that somehow, his skinny black ass is gonna whoop Lafayette; hell no. Lafayette stomps Eggs into the ground, but Tara is busy beating on her own mother. When Tara jumps attacks Lafayette, they get their chance; Lafayette throws Tara over his shoulder, and they run from the house.

Tara is pushed screaming into the car, and they speed off. Eggs, hollering too, runs after her, but Maryann holds him back, promising that Tara will return, and bring them with her. The fly, who saw it all, buzzes away. At the Hotel Carmilla, Nan Flanagan herself is bitching everybody out; all the vampires of Area 9, Eric, Bill, Sookie; asking if they have any idea of the “fucking PR mess” they’ve created, that she has to clean up. Nan states that she should drain every one of “you bastards.” Haha, nothing more sassy and evil than a vampire PR agent with a lot of speeches to write. Eric tells Nan that Stan planned the raid of the church without their knowledge, –Sookie is staring at Eric, and Eric looks her way, –and Nan replies nastily, “Really, everyone that’s known Stan in the last 300 years knew he had a kink about slaughtering humans, but you, his nest mates, his sheriff, had no idea.” Isabelle asks how they were supposed to know that Stan meant it this time, but Nan cuts her off, telling her that wasn’t her problem, and looks pointedly at Godric, stating “yours.” Eric gets tight inside, and tells Nan not to talk to him that way, but she tells Eric not to talk to her that way.

P25Nan wants to get to the point; she asks Godric how he was taken, and Godric says that one of them would have been taken sooner or later, so he offered him. Everyone is shocked, especially Eric. Nan asks why, Godric asks, “why do you think?” and she answers that she thinks he’s out of his mind. Then she brings up the traitor, and Godric quickly says, “irrelevant, only a rumor,” and promises to take full responsibility. Nan agrees, and Eric calls her a cold bitch. Nan turns her head, and honestly, she’s so stiff and steely, you expect her neck to creak. She tells Eric flat out, “Listen, this is a national vampire disaster, and nobody at the top has any sympathy for any of you,” –she turns to Godric, “Sheriff, you fucked up, you’re fired.” Godric nods, and agrees, suggesting Isabelle should take his place, since she had no part in his disgrace. Isabelle tells him to fight back, and Eric hollers that Nan is a bureaucrat, and that he doesn’t have to take shit from her. Nan asks Eric if he wants to lose his area, and Eric tells her she doesn’t have that kind of power. She replies, sassily, “Hey, I’m on TV. Try me.”

Isabelle speaks up, trying to shoulder blame for not containing Stan, but Godric stops her, and tells Nan he removes himself from all positions of authority. Sookie speaks up on Godric’s behalf, and tells Nan that she should thank him, from stopping what might have been an exponentially worse PR mess, and she should be thanking him. Nan asks if she should thank him for getting kidnapped, attracting a suicide bomber, piss poor judgement, –and Eric jumps up, ready to eat Nan. Isabelle puts herself between Eric and Nan, and Godric stops him, telling him it doesn’t matter. Eric and everyone else, sit back down. Nan asks to be told everything about the bombing, and Godric begins. Back at Merlotte’s Maxine is still boozing, whining about Hoyt to her friend, when Maryann enters, a wind blowing at her back, making her look all evil and nuts. She announces that “The god who comes demands his sacrifice! Where is Sam Merlotte?” Everyone’s eyes go black, and Arlene answers that Sam hasn’t been there all day; Terry calls from the bar that he was planning to leave a while ago.

P27Maryann does her best impersonation of Linda Blair, and shouts, “Find him and bring him to me! BRING HIM TO ME!” Roooooar! And stuff. At the local hotel, Andy is sitting on the floor boozing when outside a fly lands on his door knob. A second later there’s a knock on the door, and Andy anxiously opens the door, cracking it open to find Sam standing ther butt ass naked. Sam says, “Heard you were here,” and Andy lets him in. At the hotel, Nan declares the whole situation a fiasco, and declares that they’re lucky she doesn’t send them all to the magister. She tells Godric to come to her room to fill out the forms, but he replies that he first has something to say. “I’m sorry,” he begins, “I apologize for all the harm I’ve caused, all our lost ones, human and vampire. I will make amends, I swear.” Sookie looks at Godric, then Eric, but Nan tells Godric to “take it easy, it’s just a few signature.” After Nan leaves with her small entourage, of whom are mostly likely bodyguards, Eric stands, and tries to appeal to Godric to change his mind.

Godric tells Eric to look into his heart, and Eric knows, but still argues; Godric replies simply, “on the roof,” and follows Nan out. Bill tells Eric they have a score to settle, but Eric tells him not now. Bill disagrees, says “yes, now,” and punches Eric right in the face, then asks if he’s made his point. Eric weakly replies that it’s done, he’s a part of Sookie now, and tells Eric to get out of the way. Bill moves, and Eric leaves. Bill stares at Sookie, then wanders into the other room, flexing his hand; Sookie appraoches, stands in the doorway, and announces that she’s going to find Godric. Bill argues that none of this has anything to do with them, that Godric isn’t her problem; Sookie reminds Bill that without Godric, she wouldn’t be there. She tells him that Godric is in pain, and suffering, that she has to do something for him. Bill asks whether she thinks they’ve done enough for Dallas yet, but Sookie tells him that he of all people should know how Godric feels. Sookie asks Bill, “What if in 1800 years, you were Godric?”

P29Bill says all right, but demands that he go with Sookie; she tells him she refuses to let him take that chance. Bill tells Sookie that she’s tenderhearted, and he can see she feels obligated, but asks, in all honesty, what she can do for him. Sookie tells him she doesn’t know, she just has to be there. She asks Bill if he understands, and he replies that he does, kisses her, and Sookie leaves. On the roof, Sookie lingers by the stairs, while Godric tells Eric that 2,000 years is enough, and Eric says he cannot accept that, it’s insanity. Godric tells him, “Our existence is insanity. We don’t belong here.” Eric shouts, “But we are here!” They go back and forth; God ric says it’s still not right, and Eric answers that Godric told him that there is no right and wrong, only survival or death. Godric tells him that he told a lie, as it turns out. Eric tells him that he will keep him alive by force, and Godric asks, even if Eric could, why he would be so cruel. Eric begins to cry, saying in his own language, “Godric, don’t do it.” Godric answers, the same, “There are centuries of faith and love between us.” Eric begs him, repeating ‘please’ in his language. I have to stop for a moment, because this part makes me bawl.

Eric falls to his knees, and begs Godric again, who stands while the sky begins to lighten behind him, and repeats, “Father, brother, child,” as he did when he first offered to turn Eric, a thousand years ago, and asks Eric to let him go. Eric says, “I won’t let you die alone,” but Godric says he will, and Eric sobs once more, while Godric places a hand on his head, and says, “As your maker, I command you.” Eric stands and walks toward the stairs, where Sookie waits; she takes Eric’s hand and promises to stay with Godric, as long as it takes. Eric leaves, and she goes to Godric, who says “It won’t take long, not at my age.” Sookie tells him that the whole Feelowship of the Sun part wasn’t very smart, –way to go Sookie, nice bedside manner, –and Godric says he knows that now, but that after so long, he doesn’t think like a vampire anymore. He asks Sookie if she believes in God, and she says yes. Eric asks, “If you’re right, how will he punish me?” Sookie tells him that God doesn’t punish, God forgives.

P31Godric tells Sookie “I don’t deserve it, but I hope for it,” and Sookie tells him we all do. Godric asks if Sookie will care for Eric, and she says she isn’t sure, “you know how he is,” and Godric smiles a little, and says he can take the blame for that too. Sookie says, “Maybe not, Eric’s pretty much himself.” The sky lightens more, and Godric faces the sun. Sookie asks if he is very afraid, and Godric says “No, no. I am full of joy,” –Sookie starts, “But the pain,” and Godric interrupts her to say, “I want to burn.” Sookie tells him, “I’m afraid for you.” Godric starts to smoke a little, and he smiles at Sookie, and says, “A human with me at the end, and human tears; 2,000 years, and I can still be surprised. In this I see God.” Sookie backs off, and cries softly, tell Godric goodbye, as the sun sets him aflame. He burns in blue fire, closes his eyes, smiles, and vaporizes into ash on the wind. And that’s where they leave us! Sitting here, crying like ninnies, waiting to see what the hell happens next. By the way, if you’re wondering why you’re getting so many direct quotes from Godric, it’s because he dies pretty fast in the series, so everything he says is important.

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