True Blood Season 3 Episode 10

I Smell a Rat

Dun, dun, dun! Last night, it was the  big reveal. Sookie is a faery; no wings, just some ‘light’, –metaphorical or otherwise. Sookie thinks it’s lame, but Bill is dead serious when he tells her why that’s such a big deal in supernatural circles: because every ‘supe’ believes the Fae were wiped out by vampires. Vampires are especially attracted to faeries because their blood is intoxicating, –think of it as like, vodka to people who have only ever had water in lives that lasted centuries. You can see how they might be particularly anxious to get some faery juice. Sookie’s true nature isn’t the only thing revealed in this episode either. And once again, you’ll have to bear with me; as the finale draws nigh, the show is all over the place, and larger and larger scenes are dedicated to subplots. In fact, we don’t really see too much of Sookie in this episode.

Jason, plagued with guilt after killing another vampire, reminisces on his guilt about killing Eggs. First he tells Sookie, who urges him to tell Tara the truth, and when Jason finally does, all hell breaks loose. Or it will, as soon as we get to see the next show. And as for Jason’s new girlfriend, and her screwed up family, Lafayette saves her daddy. Who in turn, slaps Crystal for feeding him ‘vamper juice’, the two have it out, and he warns her that Jason won’t accept her real nature. Crystal reveals her second nature to Jason at the end of the episode: she’s a were-panther. And speaking of Lafayette…

His new boyfriend definitely isn’t on the up and up; after Jesus convinces Lafayette to do V with him, the two go on a magical journey through time. As it turns out, almost all their ancestors were into magic, and were practitioners of various cultural craft. Jesus’s grandfather practices black magic, –something close to Santeria, from the looks of things. The way Jesus is acting, and such, I dunno guys, I think he’s dirty. He’s a witch or a wiccan, as is Holly, who tries to medicate Sam with herbs for lowering his testosterone. Sam’s had some past problems as well; who knew sweet Sam was such a bad guy? The flashback scenes indicate Sam’s responsible for two murders, one in cold blood.

And Sam’s little brother? Oh boy, well, he’s not really bringing any surprises to the table. As it seems to be turning out, Tommy is just as white trashy as his shitty parents. He attacks and almost kills Hoyt in the parking lot, over jealousy for Jessica. But that’s okay, because it kinda brings the two closer together, and I think that Hoyt and Jessica may FINALLY be getting back together. And just another quick note about Jason, but he’s kinda revealed his whole “don’t screw with me” attitude. I love it when Jason stands up as a man, it’s like watching a puppy turn into a rabid dog. He kicked Bill out of his house, because Bill’s acting all butthurt, like he’s the only one who gives a shit about Sookie. Hello! Jason is her brother, and he cares about her too!

Sometimes, I just want to shake him. Jeez. And the rest of the crew at Merlotte’s, ugh, Arlene finally tells Terry that her baby is Rene’s and about her fears that the baby will be evil. Terry tries to convince her that he’ll raise it as his own, and that the baby won’t be evil. But then Arlene turns around goes to Holly for some Wiccan solution to pregnancy. I think it brings up a lot of pro-life/pro-choice debate… that I won’t be going into. The point is the deceit, it’s not right to go behind your man’s back to get rid of a baby, especially if he genuinely wants to treat the child like his own. Terry looked like he was fixing to punch her in the face for a minute there though.

Eric is definitely starting to go bad too; first, he goes around get all his affairs in order, to sign over all his earthly possessions to Pam, should he be killed by Russel Edgington (who has, by the way, gone completely insane). Sookie goes to Eric for answers but instead gets kissed, then ends up chained up in his little torture chamber. And the preview promises more craziness: Tara apparently goes to the cops to report Jason, putting Andy in a bad position, and the shit really hits the fan. Two more episodes! Eeeek!

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