True Blood Season 3 Episode 11

Fresh Blood

First off, the song that this episode is named after, Fresh Blood, by The Eels, is badass, –I’ve liked it since like, before it was cool, dude. Seriously! I did! Anyway, there’s one episode left in the series, and of course, they make us wait for two weeks before we get to see the finale. I’ll be absolutely losing my mind, in the meantime. Getting on with it; Bill immediately heads off to rescue Sookie from Eric’s dungeon, but Pam is there, waiting for him with the usual piss and vinegar running through her veins. Despite the fight Pam puts up, Yvetta, of all people, pops up to save Sookie from the dungeon. Awww. Girl bonding.

Once again, there’s not a lot of Bill and Sookie screen time, –lots of bubbling subplots, –but what does happen is pretty crazy. After Bill and Sookie escape, they discuss their lives after a ‘new beginning’. Meanwhile, Eric is off convincing Russell Edgington to spare him, in exchange for the ability to walk in daylight, –with the use of Sookie’s blood. They show up right in the middle of Sookie and Bill’s lovey dovey time, and snatch her. Eric has a plan though; after the two drink from a helpless Sookie,  –Bill watching from the sidelines, also aware of said plan, –they go for a walk. Outside. In the daytime. Eric handcuffs himself to Russell, and they start to fry. Hopefully, his plan is to outlast Russell, because if Eric dies, I swear to god, I’ll lose my frigging mind.

In the land of subplots, things are getting pretty crazy. Jesus might just have shown Lafayette his true face; and it isn’t pretty. It’s like, goblin-esque, with green and such… Creepy. Lafayette kicks him out, nicely, and then has some pretty screwed up V-induced nightmares later on. We probably won’t get to see the whole story until the fourth season. Over at Jason’s house, Crystal is explaining herself to Jason, about the fact that she turns into a big ass panther. Jason freaks out a tad, and goes off in search of answers. He finds Kitch and realizes, he’s on V, –the new steroid. But since everyone’s on it, and no one will care, –Jason is helpless to do anything but accept the death of his football record. He heads back to Crystal, who insists they somehow stop the DEA raid coming to Hot Shot.

At Bill’s house, Jessica and Hoyt are sharing a special little reunion. She comes clean about killing the trucker, and Hoyt accepts her, by offering her his own blood. But weird things are going on behind the scenes of Hoyt and Jessica’s little make-up thing, –Summer has run to Maxine Fortenberry, Hoyt’s mama. They begin scheming to get Hoyt back to Summer, and in the preview… you’ll see Hoyt’s mama with a big ass sniper rifle looking thing. Hopefully, Bill will get back to help Jessica before something horrible happens.

Tara’s having an emotional crisis after she learns that Jason was the one who shot Eggs; she heads to Merlotte’s to confront Andy. But I think, personally, her heart might have softened a little when Andy breaks down and cries over what he did both to Tara, and Eggs. She stays behind at the bar to talk to Sam, who is obviously having one hell of a bad evening. He stumbles into his own bar, cussing and freaking out. He tells off Terry, poor guy!, then Arlene, and Holly, and pretty soon, Tommy trips one of Sam’s nerves too. Sam fires him, and tells him to get the hell out of his life, –which comes back to haunt him later, while Tommy is breaking into his safe. But in the meantime, Sam is busy having angry drunken sex with Terry.

Oh and Arlene? She tries real hard to lose her baby, with special tea from Holly the Wiccan, but… after waking up with Terry in an emotional wreck, and blood all over they head to the hospital. Arlene is relieved, and ready to comfort Terry, but the baby is still alive. While Terry is overjoyed, Arlene is miserable, and still determined not to have Rene’s child. The child she believes is going to bring the same evil into the world. Proof that ignorance kills, and a woman’s fear can be stronger than her desire to protect her own offspring. All right, that might be a bit harsh, but I do believe Arlene is turning into a massive twat.

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