True Blood Season 3 Episode 12

Evil’s Going On

Oh my friggin’ god. This is it. Finally. Sadly. Joyously. Orgasmically. Whatever. The season finale of True Blood. Holy shit, I am just beside myself with anticipation. Not to watch the show, I mean, I was, but more or less, just so excited to be here, and screaming the summary into your needy, hopelessly addicted faces. RAWR! It occurs to me that three cups of coffee, and two hours of sleep, probably doesn’t add up to concentration and calm in the early morning hours. But that’s okay. HBO is all about the hype for TB, I mean, there was an actual formal countdown. Or ‘Countdown’ I should say, since it was actually listed in the DirecTV Guide as a feature.

They totally screw with your head too, “8 minutes to the True Blood Season Finale”, “3 Minutes to the True Blood Season Finale”, and so on. Egads. By the time it rolled around, I was ready to pass out from anxiety. So the big answer: No, Eric doesn’t die. Despite his own designs, and those of… others. But first things first! Eric, Bill, Sookie, Pam, are all hanging out, and then Russell and Eric go outside to die. But Eric sees a vision of Godric, telling him not to kill Russell and to save himself. Sookie goes out to save Eric, who later convinces her to save Russell as per Godric’s wishes. Sookie gets to babysit Russell with a little help from Alcide Herveaux while the vampires take their daily siesta. While Godric may or may not be there, clearly Eric feels inclined to honor his memory, at least up to the point of allowing Russell to survive, though imprisoned in concrete for at least 100 years.

Bill is presented with an opportunity as well; now that Eric has had Sookie’s blood, he later claims, he must dispose of Eric. He dumps him into the concrete as well, orders Pam’s death too, then rationalizes it all to Sookie as his way of protecting her from vampires who can’t control the allure of her blood. But Eric isn’t easily dispatched; he shows up and reveals that Bill was sent by Queen Sophie Ann to claim Sookie, and part of his scheme was allowing the Rattrays to beat her almost to death, so he could feed Sookie his blood. Uh-oh. Sookie rescinds her invitation to Bill, and completely shuts him out of her life. And Eric doesn’t exactly get a warm welcome either, despite his desire to let Sookie in on the big secret.

Well, Pam survives her assassination, and Eric comes back home to her, but Bill… well, he doesn’t handle the news so flippantly. He invites Queen Sophie Ann back to his home on ‘false pretenses’, claiming he has Sookie and intends to hand her over to Sophie Ann. Well. Instead, he actually wants to either kill her, or kill himself, now that he’s been locked out of Sookie’s life for good. The two go at it, and meanwhile an upset, lost Sookie Stackhouse searches for meaning by her Gran’s headstone. Claudine answers her, and the two light up, and head off to Faeryland… you know, like, they get all bright, and then disappear.

In the midst of all this, there are the subplots. Well. Tara is still feeling betrayed by everyone; Sam reveals he’s a shapeshifter to her; she discovers her mother is sleeping with the local Reverend, and finally, she can’t take anymore. She chops off all her hair, tells Sookie goodbye, and drives off. I’m not sure she’s coming back, but I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next season, and whether Tara will appear in it. Her cousin, Lafayette Reynolds, is definitely not doing too good. He’s seeing a lot of spooky visions, and his glimpse into Jesus’s true face wasn’t the first. He sees Sam’s hands covered in blood, –a glimpse of Sam’s troubled past, and the chokehold that Rene stills has on Arlene. Lafayette panics and calls Jesus, who explains to him that maybe their recent outing into history via the V-train, was what opened Lafayette up to the suppressed, magical side of his life, –plus, Jesus admits that he’s a ‘brujo’, Spanish for the masculine ‘witch’.

And speaking of Arlene, well, she’s still pregnant, and though she’s not exactly thrilled, Terry is beside himself with joy, especially after Sam apologizes. The thing is, Sam isn’t exactly a reflection of Terry’s good mood. He may actually be reverting back to his old, bloody ways. When he finds out that Tommy robbed his safe, and ran off, he takes off after him… and then apparently shoots him. But they never actually show that. The show ends on that note… damn it! Poor Tommy… Anyhow, there’s more than that, –there’s Jason, who really screws his chances of being a cop when he tips off the dealers in Hotshot about the impending DEA raid. Filton.. Felton… Fenton? Felton! Felton Norris kills Calvin and shoots one of his er… relatives I guess, (Uncle Daddy Calvin WTF?) then steals Crystal and runs off. But Crystal makes Jason swear to take care of her people. Later, Jason admits to Andy that even though he messed up, he still feels like he did the right thing. The show ends on a sweet note, then Alan Ball thanks us for watching, and gives us a sneak peek into what might be coming up in season 4. Which I will be telling you all about soon, so keep your eyes peeled. …Not literally. Ew.

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