True Blood Season 3 Episode 2

Beautifully Broken

Episode summary time! As I’m sure we all remember, last week’s episode ended with vampire Bill surrounded by a pack of werewolves. Well, Beautifully Broken starts off with Bill, lots of blood, gore and a group of naked werewolves. Apparently Bill can kick some serious ass. Not a bad start, you know, if you take out the disgusting ear biting scene.

Then Bill’s white knight rides in to rescue him. Kidding, it’s Russell Edgington, the vampire King of Mississippi. The king confesses he sent the werewolves to “escort” Bill to his mansion. He then shoots one of the remaining werewolves after he learns they drained his “guest.” Afterward, Bill and the king ride away into the moonlight in a totally not gay kind of way. Once at the mansion, Bill is taken to a guest bedroom to cleanup – still clueless about what the hell is going on.

Eventually we come to Bill having dinner with the king, and FINALLY we learn why Bill was kidnapped. Apparently, Edgington wants to marry Sophie Anne and combine their territories (and power). But, the Queen of Louisiana has refused him, so the King is now turning to Bill for dirty info he can use to force the Queen’s hand. The King has also brought Bill’s ex-lover Lorena into the mix. She barely speaks a sentence before Bill engulfs her in flames.

Back in Bon Temps, Lafayette stops Tara from killing herself via overdose, Tara’s mom bursts into the room and babbles on about hell and Jesus, Lafayette bitches her out and leaves to take Tara to the hospital. On the way there Tara tells Lafayette to stop because she threw up all the pills. He stops and they have a heart to heart. Later on the two of them visit Lafayette’s mom, who is a giant sack of crazy. Lafayette and Tara have another heart to heart and all is well (or so it appears).

Now over at Fangtasia, Jessica and Pam have a girly vampire bonding moment in the bathroom (oh I love you Pam) while Eric and Sookie have a “disturbingly human” chat about saving Bill from the super secretive werewolves. Sookie then leaves sobbing, and Eric has a flashback featuring Nazis, werewolves and Godric.

But what about Sam? Our favorite shapeshifter finally finds his real family and learns that his mother gave him away at birth hoping that he would have a normal life. Unfortunately, she kept Sam a secret from his little brother Tommy, which results in the latter trying to kill the former.

As for all of our other lovely characters – Andy is treated like a hero in town, but is stuck trying to keep the guilt-ridden Jason from confessing his crimes. Later on, the two find themselves investigating a meth deal in Hot Shot. Then we move on to Terry, who is trying to convince Arlene that she can trust him.

By the end of the episode Tara meets a new vamp (who looks way hotter now than he did in The Tudors), and later the two of them kick some racist hick ass in one awesome fight scene.

The episode then ends with Sookie, Eric and a big bang.

Promo for next week’s episode: It Hurts Me Too

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