True Blood Season 3 Episode 3

It Hurts Me Too

Heya Truebies, time again for another True Blood recap, this week’s episode was a strange and disturbing one, so brace yourself.

Sookie: The episode opens with Sookie shooting at the werewolf in her home and Eric jumping in front of the bullet in order to keep the wolf alive long enough to get some info out of him. Then he eats the wolf. Tasty. After burying the werewolf, Eric and Sookie discover a lead – Bill just might be in Jackson, Mississippi. Surprise surprise! Except, it’s not.

The next day, while cleaning up the bloody mess Eric made, she suddenly hears someone’s thoughts coming from nearby. She looks behind her, sees a gorgeous man and runs away. He catches her in a split second and after a mini fight, he gets her to calm down by explaining that Eric sent him. And so we finally meet Alcide Herveaux, the sexiest werewolf of all time.

So, Alcide and Sookie sit for tea, and he tests out the mind-reading rumor he’d heard about her. He thinks a message, then she vocally answers his thought, and his very shocked reaction is priceless. Then he explains that his father owes Eric money. So to repay the debt, he agreed to take Sookie to Jackson and be her liaison to the were world so she can discover what happened to Bill.

Later on, Alcide and Sookie go to Lou Pine’s, which he explains is the oldest were bar in Mississippi. While there Sookie hears a werewolf thinking something about some vampire he’d recently messed with, so to get more info, she agrees to go in the back room. Then she puts her hand on him and gets visions of Bill in the car with him and the rest of the guys when they abducted him. Then the scary wolf tries to get all up on her, she screams, very loudly. This brings Alcide running, and a fight breaks out. After it ends, poor Alcide finds out his ex is getting married.

Bill: Last week when Bill set Lorena on fire I was all like “YAAAAAAAAAAY!” But my happiness was short lived, for the fire was put out and she was saved, burnt and crispy, but saved. Lame.

Instead of watching Lorena die, instead we get a flashback. A very very depressing flashback of Bill returning home to his wife and child’s corpse after being turned into a vampire. Bill cries over his son’s body, which was a bad move seeing how he cries blood now. The blood obviously scares his poor wife, who then shoots him and runs away screaming, but Lorena catches her and Bill erases her memory. This is when Bill learned that he must stay away from humans.

After that lovely flashback, Bill tells the King that he has accepted Russell’s offer of joining his side.

Tara: Yea… Tara… Well, the first scene of her in this episode is a sex scene. Not bad right? Wrong. It’s one of the creepiest, most awkward sex scenes ever. Seriously, Tara looked like she was having a seizure and the vamp was grunting and gasping like a drowning fanged pig. Bleh. Afterward, the two of them get their cuddle on and have some sweet pillow talk – until Tara breaks down and runs off. At least we now know the mysterious vampire’s name – Franklin.

Eventually we find Tara at Eggs’ funeral, and other than the funeral crew, she’s the only one there. Until Sookie shows up! Yay! Sookie, being the sweetie that she is, paid for Egg’s funeral. After a bonding moment between them, the two ladies are friends again. Awww.

Sam: We’re back at Sam’s parent’s house where we not only get to see Sam chew out his brother Tommy, but we also see his dad half naked. I think my eyes are still bleeding. Anyway, after some tearful goodbyes Sam leaves for Bon Temps.

Back and Merlotte’s Sam and Sookie catch up, then SURPRISE! Sam’s family walks in. Sam is shocked to see them again so soon, but regains his composure and offers them lunch – which for them is nothing more than booze. Sam isn’t too happy about that, especially since Tommy is underage. Explaining he could lose his liquor license, Sam demands they stop drinking and his dad gets all up in his face. But his mom puts a stop to it all and ushers her family out. Finally.

That night while he’s sleeping Sam’s alarm system goes off and what he finds is a big bird, an empty bag and a pile of clothes (tsk tsk Tommy).

Jessica: Our favorite little redhead is all panicked about the missing body, so she calls Pam. Pam isn’t too happy about the call seeing how she was getting down and dirty with the same stripper we saw Eric playing with before. Luckily it doesn’t take long to calm Jessica down, so before you know it, Pam is on her knees again. Luckiest-stripper-ever.

Much later on, Jessica gets a visit from creepy vampire Franklin. Who just so happens to have been the one to steal Jessica’s dead body. After playing with the dead guy’s head, he then tells Jessica to tell him everything she knows about Bill.

Jason: Hoyt is helping Jason study up for the police entrance exam. After having helped Andy bust a meth lab, Jason now thinks he’d be an amazing police officer. Later in the day, Jason is at work getting shit from Lafayette for sleeping when suddenly Hoyt calls them over. He found a headless and handless body (guess whooo). Oh boy.

The cops then show up and deal with this new body, the sheriff, realizing that a vampire’s got to be behind this, says he’s had it with the supernatural deaths in Bon Temps and promptly quits.

Then, by the end of the episode, guilt-ridden Jason gives up on being a cop.

Arlene: She’s pregnant. The scene with the doctor was yet another awkward one. The doc breaks the news that the baby appears to be nine weeks old, news that does not make Arlene happy. Hmm wonder why? Later on, Arlene tells Terry she’s expecting, he’s overjoyed. But then he would be, seeing how Arlene leaves out that part about the baby being so far along.

Lafayette: Eric heads over to Lafayette‘s house, gives him a pretty new car and talks money with him. That’s about it.

Shortly before the end of the episode two VERY big things happen! First, Franklin visits Tara at Sookie’s house (Jessica has a big mouth). A very creeped out Tara asks him what is going on; he instead asks if he can come in, she says no. Unfortunately, Franklin uses he super vampire powers to mind fuck her into inviting him in. So now the weird and mysterious Franklin is in Sookie’s house. The second big thing is Bill and Lorena. They fight and then THEY HAVE SEX! Very very rough and violent sex, so violent in fact that Bill grabs Lorena’s head and twists it 180 degrees, all the while still fucking her. And that’s where the episode ends.


Promo for next week’s episode: 9 Crimes

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  4. I saw that episode. I want to read the books. The series is making me ask too many questions. I loved season two. Season three is starting to be my new favorite. I liked s3e2. It was eerie, but still pretty cool.

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