True Blood Season 3 Episode 4

9 Crimes

After a two-week hiatus, we’re finally back; and I’m finally back, to share the latest episode of True Blood with you. And I’ll be damned if they didn’t put on a damned good show for us, –I suspected it’d open back up with a bang, and wasn’t disappointed in the least. The show often does not run parallel to the books, which makes me happy, because if it did, I’d basically have been reading the script for the last couple of years. Boring! Well, in this episode, Bill tells Sookie that they’re finished; last week, as you’ll recall, Bill swore fealty to Russel Edgington, Vampire King of  Mississippi, and now he’s sealed the deal by cutting all ties with Sookie. Over the phone, too, my god, harsh. That’s like, one degree better than an email break-up, and one degree worse than asking a friend to do it for you.

Sookie doesn’t give up though; she believes Bill is being forced to cut her off, so she enlists the help of Alcide’s sister, Janice, to get her looking more ‘Lou Pine’s friendly’. After they show up, uninvited, to Debbie Pelt’s engagement party. Debbie Pelt, Alcide’s ex, isn’t exactly happy to see them, but soon forgets as her branding ceremony gets underway, –and guess who the guest speaker is? Russel Edgington, who we quickly discover has been maintaining an alliance with a nasty pack of Nazi werewolves for decades. When the wolves get a taste of vampire blood, they shift, and Alcide, encouraged by the shifting around him, starts to shift too, urging Sookie to run.

Meanwhile, Bill gets back into being bad, and Franklin, Tara’s nasty new friend, apparently, puts the Vicious in Sid Vicious, –and it looks as though he’s found his Nancy. Hopefully, Tara will manage to dispatch him with slightly more efficiency. Lafayette is getting all cool and shit with Eric, after he shows up at a V-deal gone bad, to bail Lafayette out of trouble with some KKK rejects.

Sam is dealing with his own problems; his family is living in his parking lot, and his new baby brother is trying to break into his safe. Sounds like an introduction on the Jerry Springer Show: “Will Sam Merlotte kick his long lost family out of his parking lot, call the police, or let these con artists mooch off him further?” Sam offers them a place to live, but enforces some rules first. Oh and speaking of con artists, and thieves, Sophie Ann, Queen of Louisiana, has caused serious problems for Eric, –but mostly Pam, who is currently being held in custody and tortured, after the Magister raided Fangtasia looking for V.

Pam pinned it on Bill Compton, trying to save Eric from the crime of treason, –which he nearly committed by telling the Magister he was set-up by Sophie Ann. If Eric can’t get Bill back to Louisiana and confessing in two days, Pam dies. Bill, Pam, and Eric aren’t the only ones in trouble with the law; Jason has managed to once again, give in to temptation, and create a can of worms for himself. Instead of actually qualifying to be a police officer, he simply blackmails Andy into hiring him. On top of all this trouble, Arlene is being bitchy, and feeling bad about not telling Terry she’s actually carrying the child of a crazed serial killer. She’s even more irritated and bitchy now that Sam’s hired Jessica to pick up the slack in the restaurant.

Phew. Suddenly, I see why they called this one ‘9 Crimes’, –everyone’s getting into trouble, –oh and uh, because of the awesome song at the end of the show. And FYI, the next episode is going to be fabulous, –did you see the preview?! Eek! Lots of screaming, and freaking out. That’s how we like it in the South; drama, drama, drama. Oh, and with lots of vampires and werewolves.

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