True Blood Season 3 Episode 8

Night on the Sun

This episode is very busy, and we’re starting to see some climax that’s been building up for the last seven episodes, –and for all that the last episode didn’t deliver, we got maximum payoff for last night’s episode. We start up exactly where we left off, with Sookie screaming when she wakes up from her coma, face to face with Bill. There’s a break-up scene, tres sad, and we cut to intro. Already, the show is getting heavy. We’ve seen in past episodes the individual acts of other characters, which create a social butterfly effect, and inevitably end up affecting the entire community; things are coming to a head, so it’s hard to just follow a main thread without including bits and pieces of subplot here and there, so forgive the narrative for going a little crazy at some points.

While Bill and Sookie deal with their break-up issues, the people close to them do what they can to help, i.e., give unsolicited advice…. you know, the common curse of every bad situation. But the real star of the show tonight is Talbot. Everything in the episode almost, revolves around his inevitable demise. Russel’s been busy dealing with killing an important vampire official, taking over the state of Louisiana, marrying his long-time rival, managing his werewolf thralls, trying to ‘acquire’ Sookie Stackhouse, and a bunch of other issues, –so he barely has time to pacify poor Talbot. And now, Russel’s leaving a very calculative, revenge-focused vampire to watch over the person he cares about most, while he goes to Bon Temps to find Sookie and Bill, with a crazed Debbie Pelt and a few other weres. Eric sends Hadley, Sookie’s cousin, ahead of Russel to tell her the king is coming to get her, and to not trust Bill.

Meanwhile, Bill is discovering what Jessica’s been up to while he was away, –in his misery he tries to release her, but Jessica needs him, to teach her how to be a good vampire, I guess. The two are there to protect Sookie after Alcide goes back to Jackson, Mississippi. Russel abandons his attack on Sookie’s house when he senses Talbot’s death, –he was just about to win too. The subplots are getting pretty crazy too; one of the things that’s been bothering me most (obviously because he’s the sweetest guy ever!), is that Terry still doesn’t know about Rene being the real father of Arlene’s baby. She has a nightmare about Rene; he tells her that the baby is going to be just like him, and carry on his ‘work’. Although Arlene wakes up to find a supportive Terry, she still doesn’t tell him what’s going on.

Tara is both traumatized by her experience with Franklin, and I think, a little surprised by just how much she wanted to survive that experience. Though Lafayette is her main source of comfort, she still can’t bring herself to talk too much about what happened. Franklin, who is most likely deader than a doornail after having his brains splattered, still shows up in Tara’s err.. daydreams. Lafayette is dealing with his own problems though, –his mom shows up out of nowhere, to tirade around his house. After a time, Jesus shows up to take her back to the hospital, and he and Lafayette mend their blossoming relationship. I really hope Jesus turns out to be a good guy, because Lafayette deserves someone nice.

Also, in the wide world of subplots, is Jason Stackhouse, whose amazing ability to attract trouble anywhere and everywhere he goes, continues to amaze. Crystal shows up at his house with a black eye, and he goes off to confront her people, –who are actually busy looking for her at Sam Merlotte’s establishment. Confrontation-happy Tommy Mickens, Sam’s kid brother, who just got into a near fist-fight with Hoyt over Jessica, almost jumps on the weirdos from Hot Shot who show up looking for Crystal at the bar. Poor Sam, dealing with a teenager, –all the vampires, maenads, werewolves, angry shifters, –nothing compared to the awkwardness of trying to relate with a juvenile delinquent… who just so happens to be able to turn into a mean-ass pit bull.

Everyone is super busy, and the episode ends with Sookie and Bill having sex on the floor, with shotgun shrapnel laying around, –chunks of the house, broken glass, all over the floor. Didn’t even bother to clean up first, jeez. I don’t what it is, but having sex in a dirty house is just so nasty. So maybe they’re getting back together? But what about the romantic moment she had with Alcide? Will Debbie ever get to a methadone clinic? Will Jason ever learn to avoid women with baggage? All those questions and more… will eventually be answered. Maybe.

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  2. I hope Bill gets his ass staked, he's such scum and Sookie is sooo stupid for STILL going out with him! Dumb blond.

  3. Psh! Bill is just dealing with complicated political issues, and Sookie, while not the sharpest tool in the shed, does what she can.

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