True Blood Season 3 Episode 9

Everything is Broken

About halfway through the episode, I was definitely wondering about this title; not everything seemed broken. But by the end of the episode, oh yeah, pretty much everything was FUBAR’d. The loss of Talbot pretty much pushed Russel Edgington completely over the edge. This episode didn’t have a lot of Bill and Sookie in it; what we did see of them was the after-sex Olympics; shower, argument, and then Bill has some weird visit to Lala-Land in which he almost attacks Sookie’s er… friend? He’s unable to resist Claudine, who at some point, supposedly tells Bill what Sookie ‘is’. They’re trying to build up this big deal about what Sookie’s supernatural status is, and meanwhile, Bill is lying to her about his involvement with the vampire Queen of Louisiana. He might not be lying about not knowing what Sookie is, but he’s definitely lying about the innocuousness of his fat file on Sookie.

I don’t think Sookie bought his explanation, but when she finds out, she’s going to be soooo pissed off. Speaking of finding things out, Sookie also discovers that her ne’er-do-well cousin has a son, who is also a telepath. Hadley runs off to go into hiding with her boy, leaving Sookie to puzzle things out on her own. Over in Shreveport, Eric flees the scene of Talbot’s murder, while Edgington arrives, freaking out and screaming, naturally. He scoops up poor Talbot’s leftover goo into what looks like a big candy dish and heads off to Fangtasia, where Eric is coming clean about the death of the Magister to Nan Flanagan and her team of giant angry vampire police. Russell spies on them for a bit, and monologues to Talbot’s candy dish about the unfairness of the situation, before heading off to wreak some serious havoc.

Crystal is causing serious drama for Jason, and she’s just white-trashing it up hardcore. After her boyfriend barges into Jason’s house, Jason comes home to find Crystal and her guy screaming at each other, and Crystal tells the guy that gave her a black eye that Jason raped her! Wha…?! That should have been his first clue that not all’s well in Hotshot. At Merlotte’s, Hoyt admits he still has feelings for Jessica, while confessing to her that his new girlfriend is annoying as hell. But Tommy butts in, and that’s that. Tommy has been giving Sam a lot of trouble, and Sam eventually snaps, when Crystal’s daddy calls him a pussy. Fist-fight ensues, and Sam wins, to put it mildly; to put it honestly, he almost kills the poor bastard. Half the supporting cast takes off to take Crystal’s daddy to the hospital, leaving Jason behind to feel like an asshole.

But he gets his shot at redemption when, holy shit!, Franklin appears to harass Tara. Egads, he somehow lived! I saw brain matter flying everywhere! In any case, after being blasted with wooden bullets, Franklin is dead now. Jason popped him with some of his leftover wooden bullets, from his time spent with the Fellowship of the Sun. Elsewhere, Eric receives his ruling regarding Edgington, the Magister, and Sophie-Ann: the Vampire Authority wants the whole mess to just disappear. And they don’t care how Eric gets it done, and on top of that, they aren’t offering any help. Well, at least, that was their attitude before Edgington appeared on the news to rip out a guy’s spine, and pretty much instantaneously destroy all Nan’s hard work.

The last three episodes are coming up, –and there’s some definite weirdness going on with the new waitress FYI. Something strange is going to happen with Arlene’s baby. Check out the promo for the last few episodes of the season.

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